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This petition is about Craig `the lion man` Busch who is currently being pursued by disgruntled Auckland builder Rob Reece for an investment of $400,000 that he is said to have failed to pay back. Reese and Busch met 5 years ago and started the almost partnership. The two co existed quite happily until 5 years later when Reece announced he was suing Busch for the unpaid debt. Busch says in his defence, `It takes time to build up a steady business and the debt amount was exaggerated.` But Reece wants money, and if he cant get it hes threatening to take the lions. Bush says he has done everything to settle there dispute, and has even offered to pay the money back in full but Reece refused to sign legal documentation, something Reece denies.

In conclusion, I, and many others, believe that Mr Reece was out of order and should not have the right to take the lions from their surrogate father as they would have a better life with Mr Busch who has raised most of them from (approximately) 10 days old, and really, I think that people should stop and think about the well being of the lions instead of a row about money, dont you?

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Latest Signatures

  • 25 November 2015100. K Wa
    Negotiate fairly with consideration for the plight of the animals, who would suffer terribly if taken from Mr Busch. I've seen it happen before. Don't let it happen again. Let those who care, keep.
  • 03 October 201599. Shyamal C
    Hi New Zealand
  • 30 September 201598. Vrisha C
    ROB REECE SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!
  • 08 April 201597. Jonathan James
    Keep on Craig ! Life isn't always simple and you know it, keep focus ! I'll always support you
  • 16 March 201596. Jayde B
    i strongly agree with this argument written by my friend and i think that if you dont do that to children why do it to animals. because if a man didnt pay off his debts then he wouldnt lose his kids so why should it be different with animals. they have fe
  • 02 March 201595. Sarah D
  • 11 August 201494. Genna Davis
    I'm from the UK and admire so much about what Craig has done to improve the lives of these big cats. Keep craig at Zion!
  • 12 July 201493. Deirdre D
    Craig is an honest good working man and does not deserve this treatment his work is outstanding and reece should leave him be.
  • 09 June 201492. Rachel Archer
    This is great!!!(petition) i hope that it returns and that Reece dude knows how much of an A$$ hes been! BRING BACK THE LION MAN!!!
  • 21 April 201491. Julie H
    Stay strong Craig
  • 15 April 201490. Bonnet X
    bravo pour ton oeuvre, graig!
  • 29 March 201489. Yashika D
    LION MAN ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 02 February 201488. Jocelyn Baird
    I support this petition
  • 27 December 201387. Penny V
    Give this guy a break. What he does for the sake of big cats is admirable. Mr. Reece wants noteriety not care or concern for big cats!
  • 15 December 201386. Peggy Lac
    I support this petition
  • 02 October 201385. Email Protectedcdatafunctiontryvarsaijrclbdocumentgetelementsbytagnamescriptlbblengthprevioussiblingalgetattributedatacfemailifasrparseintasubstrforjalengthjjcparseintasu
    bring the lion man back
  • 02 October 201384. Rebecca S
    I support this petition
  • 08 September 201383. Rhonda B
    I think craig does a wonderful job and everything should be done to save this park
  • 05 September 201382. Ashleigh Schaefer
  • 31 July 201381. Sue E
    I agree
  • 29 July 201380. Hayley M
    I support this petition
  • 25 July 201379. Nicki D
    I'm for Craig don't take his family!!!!
  • 10 July 201378. David Johnm
    dont take the lions
  • 21 June 201377. Koen M
    Animals above money
  • 19 June 201376. Dean M
    Australia is behind you mate
  • 05 April 201375. Jude T
    Let Human Dad & Cat Children Be Reunited ASAP Before They All Die Of Broken Hearts
  • 11 January 201374. Alex Bartonu
    The lions should NOT be taken or used as a wepon agensted Craig !!! The lions are in the best place in the world with Craig LEAVE THEN ALOWN !!!!!!!

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