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We the Undersigned make this plea to Mr. Miyamoto.

The Legend of Zelda series has become one of the greatest cultural icons for the entire gaming community for many many years. Boys and girls alike used to sit down and play one of the greatest role playing games ever created. We descended into a realm so unlike our own and for one moment we could suspend our disbelief and immerse ourselves into the fantasy world of Zelda and Link.

Now, these same boys and girls have grown up to become men and woman and share this same joy and excitement of the Zelda series today along with their children.

Flash to one year ago...August 23rd, 2000

Spaceworld 2000, we bore witness to the next evolution for the Zelda series. A video that depicted Link and his arch enemy Ganondorf squaring off in a breathtaking visual display of what was to become the next generation Zelda on the Nintendo Gamecube.

We were in wonder at the highly detailed animation and graphics that danced before our eyes and it only heightened our sense of amazement of what we were to see in the coming months.

Flash to one year later...August 23rd, 2001

Zelda fans young and old wait to be the first to witness more of the beautifully rendered footage that they saw a year ago. Only it is not to be.

Mr. Miyamoto what has happened? How can the beautifully rendered graphics and animation from a year before become what amounts to a game geared for young children with its cartoonish appearance today?

Nintendo has always seemed to have a idea of gearing their games more to a younger crowd and there is nothing wrong with that. But the next Zelda game should not revert back to the past but should blaze a path for the future of the series.

The Legend of Zelda has always been a PG rated series of titles but it have appealed to not only young kids but teens and adults alike. That is what has made it one of the most successful and longest running games in history. The games always had something for everyone. The never-ending and imaginative line of creatures and characters. The puzzles that had friends calling friends for help and exchanging ideas to find a solution. Yet, you were able to accomplish all of this without the excessive graphic violence, blood, and gore that most game titles offer today.

Most of the fans are already expressing deep disappointment at what will become the next Zelda on the Nintendo Gamecube. People are already comparing it to Parrappa the Rapper or Paper Mario and people should not think this way. Each new game in the Zelda series should give joy to the fans and excitement, not disappointment. I for one am disappointed and feel let down.

Seeing as the release date is around Christmas 2002 Mr. Miyamoto...we humbly make this request.

We request that you and Nintendo please re-think this new cartoonish direction for the first Zelda game on the Gamecube and take the path of the original look of the Spaceworld 2000 showing. Alas, if this is a impossible feat, we humbly request that you consider working on a second version of Zelda based on the Spaceworld 2000 showing that will appeal to all Zelda fans young and old.

Please do not forget the fans that helped make what Zelda is today. This new version of Zelda does not appeal to us.

Thank you.

NOTE: It is the intent for this petition to be delivered and presented to Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto Nintendo of Japan, and/or Nintendo of America. Please use your full name, email, and add any comments you might have. Your email will not be used for any mailing list. If you own or visit any Zelda or gaming site, please send the link for this petition.

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