Tired of the way the world is? Poverty, starvation, war, exploitation, racism, oppression. These are issues that influence all our lives directly or indirectly. And we are the sorry victims of the mess in the world. Right? WRONG! It is time that we took responsibility of how things are in the world because it is our fault. And if we as individuals dont take responsibility and leave it up to the people who are supposed to take care of things, progress is going to be very, very slow and probably the world will never be better because new problems are always arising and in the meanwhile century old problems have not been solved yet. Problems like starvation can be easily solved and should have been solved by now, but because resources are not being shared properly, 20\% of the worlds population is enjoying 80\% of the resources. So lets get to the point now. How are we gonna take responsibility? Raise funds? Donate? Volunteer? You dont have to do any of those things. It would be good if you did, but there is an alternative which can be done from the comfort of your home. And this is what I wanna call THE GREEN REVOLUTION! The green revolution is a practical way of how you as an individual can make a difference in the world without having to do much and it has benefits for you as well. Of course when the world is better, you will also benefit, but other than that it also has other benefits.

BE A VEGETARIAN! How does that help make the world a better place? Grain that could be used to feed starving people is being used to feed livestock instead so that we can have our very necessary burgers and stakes and what not. According to information compiled by the United States Department of Agriculture, over ninety percent of all grain produced in America is used for feeding live stock - cows, pigs, lambs and chickens - that wind up on dinner tables. In their book Population, Resources, and Environment, Paul and Anne Ehrlich found that to grow one pound of wheat requires only 60 pounds of water, whereas production of a pound of meat requires anywhere from 2,500 to 6,000 pounds of water. The process of using grain to produce meat is incredibly wasteful. If Americans reduce the amount of meat consumption by just 10\%, it would free up enough land to grow 12 million tons of grain -enough to save the millions of children and adults starving to death on our planet each year.

Also we will decrease unnecessary killing of animals, which is not such a bad thing to do if you think about it, when really we can survive without meat. There are other even better sources of protein. A 100-gram portion of meat contains only 20 grams of protein. (Another fact to consider: meat is more than 50\% water by weight.) In comparison, a 100-gram portion of cheese or lentils yields 25 grams of protein, while 100 grams of soybeans yields 34 grams of protein. But although meat provides less protein, it costs much more. So besides getting a better source of protein from a vegetarian diet, it also saves you a lot of money.

With all these diseases around like recently the avian flu and so on, it would reduce our chances of contracting such diseases.

It is healthier. Our society in my observation has become carnivorous, you hardly see people eating vegetables anymore because they have a choice of tastier meat. Therefore becoming a vegetarian will automatically cut out a lot of unhealthy additions to our diet, for example fast food, processed meat, red meat and etc. Also fewer toxins are put into the body and health problems such as cancer and cholesterol related problems will definitely decrease.

It makes you more calm, relaxed and peaceful. Because of the energy plants give out, it nourishes our system and gives a different kind of energy then when we consume corpses of animals, which makes us more aggressive in nature. Just like how different stones and crystals give out different energy.

If it really is impossible for you to give up meat entirely, at least have one day in a week in which u dont eat meat. It makes a difference!

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