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Are you a Dutchess County resident who's tired of paying higher and higher local taxes and fees while our county services remain underfunded?

Join these Town of Clinton residents-- Jonas Aarons, Glen and Sarah Love-Burger, Chris and Ellen DiFrancesco, Ed and Linda Faber, Larry Freedman, Suzi Hieter, William Lenehan, Judy Malstrom, John and Barbara Manning, Jan Mills, Richard and Joyce Morse, Robert and Johanne Renbeck, Howard and Pauline Shapiro, Bernie and Donald Siefert, Joel Tyner, and Art Weiland-- in their efforts for tax fairness in our county-- before it's too late.

Sign the 2004 Fair Tax Plan Petition!

Some of our county's leaders this year are unfortunately contemplating these five ways to balance our 2005 budget:

1. Jacking up the county's mortgage tax (e.g., $475 more for a $200,000 home)

2. Jacking up the county's property tax (a 4\% hike on top of this year's 8\% hike)

3. Keeping the county's sales tax higher than it should be (another two years of the 23\% hike voted in two years ago)

4. Jacking up the county's vehicle registration fees (an extra $10 for vehicles under 3500 pounds; an extra $20 for vehicles over 3500 pounds)

5. Jacking up county LOOP bus fares 33\%

[Note as well that a number of county services remain drastically underfunded-- there are 40 senior citizens across the county on the waiting list for home care because our county's Office for the Aging isn't adequately funded, and there are 40 MTBE spills across the county that people living in those neighborhoods aren't being warned about because our county's Health Department isn't adequately funded (besides the fact that our homeless are turned away from shelter hundreds of times a month)!]

There's a better way find the revenue necessary to avoid the local tax and fee hikes noted above and fund county services adequately:

The richest 2\% of county residents should pay an extra 1\% on the income they make over $200,000 a year (that is, someone making $210,000 a year would only pay an extra $100 a year-- 1\% of $10,000).

The Wall Street Journal this year noted that 96\% of small business owners make less than $200,000 annually-- this plan would actually help, not hurt, small business owners in our county.

Newsday, many Nassau County business leaders, the Chair of the Tompkins County Legislature, and many in Monroe County have endorsed similar plans there; Rockland and Tompkins County Legislatures started study commissions to look at similar revenue alternatives to property tax hikes-- it's high time we moved in the same direction here.

Don't forget-- our County Legislature got permission from Albany two years ago to unfairly hike our county sales tax 23\%...There's no reason we can't ask Albany for permission to make the tax system here in our county fairer in this way as well.

Yonkers and New York City have local-level income taxes, with revenue collected by Albany through state income tax forms that is then given back to those localities-- it wouldn't be hard to add our county to that list (with only an income tax surcharge on the wealthy).

Last year Albany raised taxes on the wealthy to avoid hefty local tax hikes, and
New Jersey slashed property taxes there this year, paying for it with a miniscule tax increase on the wealthy in that state.

Note-- the richest 1\% of Dutchess County residents are now getting more than $90,000 a year in federal tax breaks compared to what they paid four years ago ( while the rest of us are getting killed with excessive property taxes that are still more than 70\% higher than the national average, according to the Citizens Budget Commission.

The richest 1\% of New Yorkers are now paying about half the income taxes to Albany as they did three decades ago under Rockefeller (when our local property taxes weren't nearly so high-- real shift to local level hadn't begun yet-- see

The fact is that the way our tax system is NOW, that we middle income New Yorkers now pay literally about twice the state and local taxes that the richest 1\% of New Yorkers pay as a percentage of income because of unfair tax shifts to the local level over the last few decades-- it's high time we worked to restore at least just a bit of progressivity and fairness into our tax code, according to the Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy, as Assemblyman Kevin Cahill himself has repeatedly pointed out in his speeches at Dutchess County Democratic Committee Issues Forums over the last few years.

63\% of Americans think upper-income people are paying too little in federal taxes [Gallup poll April 2004:]...and there are several polls of New Yorkers from Garin, Hart, Yang, Global Strategies Group, and Zogby over the last few years that say the same thing.

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Latest Signatures

  • 12 December 201550. Martin Benitez
    I agree with this petition. Address 58 Highview RD; Fishkill, NY
  • 09 November 201549. Douglas M
    We don't really expect fairness from autocratic extortionists Address town of Poughkeepsie, NY
  • 01 November 201548. Jade H
    xxxxxxxxxxxx Address 41 hook rhinebeck ny 12572
  • 05 June 201547. Peter Sc
    Time to act Address 8 circle Dr Hyde Park NY
  • 11 April 201546. Rev R
    The current system needs to be changed and I support the Dutchess Cty. Fair Tax Petition Address 175, Nevis Rd., Tivoli NY 12583
  • 09 April 201545. Margaret Lewish
    fairness also means basic needs met for all Address POBox193, Pine Plains, NY 12567-0193
  • 25 August 201444. Linda Nilesf
    I support the articles in this petition. Address 359 Mountain View Road, Rhinebeck 12572
  • 05 August 201443. Jennifer C
    I support the fair tax initiative Address 143 Cannon St. Poughkeepsie NY 12601
  • 08 May 201442. Martin B
    I agree with this petition. Address 58 Highview RD; Fishkill, NY
  • 27 February 201441. Joan D
    I agree with this petition.. Increased taxes and unemployment are forcing many people to move.... Address 67 Channingville Road, Wappinger Falls
  • 05 October 201340. Margaret Vonv
    I support the fair tax initiative. Address 143 Cannon St. Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
  • 25 April 201339. Marian Gt
    Please help our lower & middle classes Address 1413 Hollow Rd, Clinton Cor's NY 12514
  • 10 March 201338. Cary K
    It's about time we got taxed fairly Address 1 Wildey Road, Barrytown, NY 12507
  • 02 December 201237. Steven P
    The wealthiest taxpayers should pay higher income taxes to help state and local goveernments Address 18 Cramer Rd., Rhinebeck, N.Y. 12572-1104
  • 03 November 201236. Deborah Si
    So sad that we can't afford to live in Dutchess County any longer. A place where I have lived all my life and I love. Will have to relocate next year when we retire. How sad. Address 3 Howard Blvd, Hyde Park, NY 12538
  • 12 September 201235. Elizabeth Bailey
    fair tax petition Address 63 broadway hopewell jct ny
  • 19 August 201234. Patricia Gl
    I believe this is the fairest way at the present time to fund necessary services provided by the County. It will cause the least inconvenience to those who can most easily bear it. Address 27 Meyer Avenue, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603
  • 04 July 201233. Manfred H
    We need to have some fairness in our tax system Address 22 Spruce Street, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
  • 28 June 201232. William S
    I support the Dutchess County Fair Tax initiative Address 65 Gifford Avenue, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
  • 23 March 201231. Paul H
    people should pay their fair share Address 19 Jordan Ct poughquag ny 12570
  • 23 December 201130. Adam B
    Please be honest Address 124 raymond ave, poughkeepsie
  • 09 January 201129. Todd W
    Let's make the tax code fair for all! Address 221 Mill Street, Apt. 4, Poughkeepsie, 12601
  • 29 April 201028. Douglas Cs
    There has been too much shifting of tax to those less able to pay. The wealthy gain most from our government, so they should pay a larger proportion for it. Address 44 Schultzville Rd., Staatsburg, NY 12580
  • 11 February 201027. Marge P
    Yes Address 19 Sunset Blvd. Hopewell Junction, NY 12533
  • 19 July 200926. Daniel T
    The rich should pay their fair share of taxes Address 4 Geering Way, Fishlkill, NY 12524
  • 11 July 200925. Michael C
    If taxes in this county goes any higher, I'll be forced to sell and move!! Address 257 Browns Pond Road, Staatsburg, NY 12580
  • 06 June 200924. James Hm
    stop stadium construction Address 86 Marple Rd. Extn, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603-1614

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