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Dear,Navi Pillay

We write to you on behalf of the Copts residing in Egypt and all around the world. We represent Egyptian Christians in Egypt and the one's who have migrated from Egypt as a result of the discriminatory conditions within the country. Presently, Christian Copts (15\% of the Egyptian population) are subject to human rights violations perpetrated through discriminatory state policies, unofficial government sanction, and the often unchecked violent attacks of Islamic fundamentalists within the country. We urge that action must be take to stop the culture genocide of Egypt's on the hand of the Islamic fundamentalists that live within the country
Despite rhetoric of equality, the Copts continue to suffer from political and civil under-representation.
The religious intolerance that pervades society is found on all levels of the Egyptian political and governmental structures. As such the Coptic community has been the target of unchecked violence and is left destitute of appropriate recourse measures within the country.

We respectfully request that the deteriorating conditions facing the persecuted Christians of Egypt be forcefully addressed to President Mubaraks and Egyptian Government. In the midst of the characteristic elusiveness of the Mubarak regime, we ask that specific reforms be addressed.

The latest incidents were an assassination attempt on the life of Bishop Kirollos in southern Egyptian town of Nag Hammadi, Six Copts were killed and many were wounded as they came out of Church after celebrating the Coptic Christmas Eve midnight mass on Wednesday 6th January at 11.15 PM.

This despicable atrocity committed against peaceful Christians who were coming out of their place of worship and were getting ready to go back home to celebrate Christmas with their families, cast a gloomy shadow on this year's celebration of the Birth of Jesus Christ by Coptic Christians in Egypt and all over the world, and caused an uproar and international waves of disdain against hatred filled violence especially against the innocent and the peaceful Coptic Christians.

One eye-witness said that those killed were mostly young men in their early 20s. He said that most people were killed or wounded near the church, but that the cars went around shooting in other areas, resulting in two more death, besides the wounded. It was reported that among the dead was a young man and his fiancŠ¹ and a 14-years-old boy.

Another witness criticized the absence of security. "Security came as everything was over, instead of trying to catch the criminals; they were interrogating us about the description of the cars." This video shows the shootings.

Muslim mob violence against Coptic Christian inhabitants, businesses and churches and Christian women abduction became a daily routine in Upper Egypt and many other areas of the century. Coptic families were thrown out of their homes, which were occupied by Muslims. Egyptian police force not only had nothing to protect peaceful Christians but also detained many how marched in the victims funeral. Our friends and families who still lives in Egypt had reported that Egyptian police had attacked and destroyed many Christians homes and businesses.
+160 planned major attacks on the Christians since 1972
+ Over 4,000 Copts were killed or injured, millions fled for their lives and material losses in the tens of millions of dollars were suffered
+ 75\% (120 out of the 160) of incidents took place on Fridays, after the Muslim prayer in mosques where Muslim religious leaders are preaching hate and vicious attacks in the name of religion on all non-Muslims.

We are asking for your help to put an end for the systemic and daily persecution ,major human rights issues are being broken in Egypt everyday. Please help.

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