Guyer High School, Denton Texas
The Guyer High School students have opened a school store in which we sell different foods (Sonic, pizza, Arbys) while also selling drinks (coke, sprite, Pepsi). The proceeds go to different school functions such as prom and BPA (business professionals of America). The store also gives an insight into the business world, yet certain people feel as if we are not following state guidelines. Considering the fact that since the beginning of the school year The Cats Meow has had to change its menu countless times due to state guidelines. In the beginning the store had candy, chips, and drinks. The state ended up telling us that some of the foods we sold did not meet that Texas State Nutrition Guidelines.

1. Chips have to be 1oz. or less and cannot contain more than 7.5\% grams of fat.
2. Candy has to be 1.5oz. Or bigger.
3. Drinks can only be 12 oz. or less and cannot contain more than 30grams of sugar/8oz. of fluid.
4. Pastries cannot be 3 oz. or more.
5. Fruit juice or juice products containing less than 20 percent real fruit or vegetable juice.

When this began we took many of the candies and chips out of the store and decided it was better off not to sell them. The store began to sell Sonic, pizza, and other foods on different days which met the states requirements. Well the cafeteria manager and vending machine guy began to complain about losing money and that our food was not meeting states requirements. Thats when the Denton ISD Nutritionist name Robin Wantland came to the school unannounced telling us that we could not sell our foods and that eventually we would need to shut down. Considering all our food meets states requirements, so she couldnt shut us down due to our food selections. Yet she found a way to shut us down, she told us that all students needed food handling permits to handle the food. Even though all the food from Sonic, arbys are packaged and wrapped before it reaches Guyer. So no student touches the food.

We have run out of ideas, we dont know how to fight anymore. Food handling permits cost $30 and for 50 students thats just asking to much.
We are trying to fight this but they are not making it easy.
If you feel you have something to say to Robin Wantland, please feel free to email her at

[email protected]

I have already emailed her countless times and still have not received an email, this is what I said

Robin Wantland,

It has come to my attention, that in the last few days you have made a trip up to Guyer High School. I heard about what you had to say about the food/candy that was being sold, and personally on your part that is very hypocritical. If you look at the other schools (DHS, RHS) you will see that they sell the same foods as Guyers student store.. I have personally made a trip to all three schools and honestly Im appalled of the over sight you have made. At Denton High I have seen that they sell chips over 1 oz, Skittles, Reeses, and even fun dip, which I heard you had such a problem with. Think about this question how can a fun dip be worse for you when it only has 14 grams of sugar, when a Hersheys Special Dark candy bar has 35 grams of sugar? From going to school to school, I have seen that Guyer has at least attempted to meet the Texas state standards, and yet you say they arent in code, or healthy enough? If you feel it necessary to attack a school store even though all they do is make money for the school and teach students a brief introduction into the business world then thats what you have to do, but do not attack one school when there are other schools who dont even try to meet the standards.

Sadly the schools stores arent the only problem, while walking through Guyer I saw funnels cakes, and cinnamon rolls being sold in the cafeteria. Honestly I dont think that would meet the standards of the state, do you? Like I said before, do not be so hypocritical, treat each school the same and if you feel it necessary tell the stores of the things that need to be taken off the menus. But do not tell the stores to get rid of anything that meets the States standards. Also you say that the school stores need nutritional facts on all food products being sold, which isnt such a bad idea, the only problem is that the cafeterias doesnt seem to have facts on posted on their products. The complaint of the stores food being cold is completely false considering the food is sold out before it can become cold, while on the other hand I have had many complaints from faculty and students about how the cafeterias food is mostly cold.

While at the school I also heard about the argument that the workers of the store need a food handling permit, considering the students do not handle the food directly this is completely ridicules. The students wear gloves and the food sells out before it can become to cold. So in the end, your argument truly has no ground and is completely pointless.

Honestly if youre going to try and shut down any of the school stores for breaking your supposed guidelines you need to take a look at the cafeterias and read over the Texas State Nutritional Guidelines because obviously you have been misinformed on how to do your job. Guyer High Schools Cats Meow has met every standard, and if you really have a hard time with that go look at Denton High or Ryan High. Also look at the cafeterias and see if there are any nutritional facts ready for students or if any food (cinnamon rolls, and funnel cakes) meet the states requirements.

Parker Neilon
Junior at Guyer High School

We will continue to fight this for as long as we can, but if you feel you can say something or do something that might help us in ANY way please do.

Guyer High Schools Cats Meow

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