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It's within self truth when it becomes evident that the central government has far too long interfered into the business of the provinces using power to manipulate the people of Canada to achieve undemocratic institutions to benefit themselves against the nature of liberty; the leaders have committed treason deemed to be un punishable in a system where no politicians cannot face imprisonment by crimes of impeachment; where government refuses to reform to allow such acts of accountability and the Queen refuses to step in to put an end to such acts as control by the government to end this system and declare that all people are equal; where no man will not be forced to face political discrimination and no equal suffrage to ordain that Canada has chosen to repeat ably push legislation without the consent or referendum by the people; the government has chosen to ignore the wishes by refusing to end appointments of every senator, every judge, to force political will to benefit corrupt officials; to divide and conquer of all regions and prevent a stable society; the fruits of the provinces are redistributed to steal from hard-working people to maintain a system where the poor continue in reliance to maintain an economic state of disparity to keep the power of the corrupt government

The test of the will of the people is to destabilize undemocratic institutions currently placed in the central government. It's inherent that the corrupt government of Canada allows a Constitution to benefit only some of the society to force a new identity by implementing English-speaking Canadians to learn French while maintaining status quo in Quebec. It's the current governing structure of Canada and her government the people demand to be dissolved to protect our democracy by the will of the people to end political persecution of all political ideologies whereas; we demand that government be reformed to give the powers of the government back to society to protect our freedoms, our customs, and our freedoms; all undemocratic institutions will not be replaced with renewable style governance to limit the authority of the central authorities of Ottawa; whereas upon this declaration we the undersigned demand the following changes to the political system:

- we demand the senate of Canada be reformed to a Triple E Senate by giving all provinces equal say

- we demand the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Constitution dissolved

- we demand that government implements an impeachment process whereas; all corrupt government officials will face criminal trial at the Supreme Court

- we demand that major legislation be put to a referendum to give the people of Canada equal say to determine the course of the cultural spectrum

- no man, monarch, or any politician will not be above politics

- what economy is made by me does not belong to you; we demand self sustain ability whereas; the redistribution of wealth will not be except in times of emergency response according to disaster funds be ended

- we demand that the provinces determine their own laws, and proper criminal sentences whereas; the RCMP will not serve only as a federal police force similar to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States; whereas the provinces will not commit provincial police forces for self governance and the protection of the citizenry

- we demand that the government re-evaluate the laws of immigration and strongly consider immigrating people that reflect more of the cultural, religious faith, and traditions of the nation

- we demand a Political Progression Act whereas the central government will not be allowed to move too far left or too far right; whereas any violations of the Political Act be deemed as a criminal act and be subjected under the laws of impeachment

- all the Judges of the Supreme Court are subjected to election and not appointed by the federal leaders

- we demand that all taxes be re-evaluated and subject to change whereas we demand lower taxes

- we demand that all Canadians are given free will to determine the type of health care received whereas; the citizens will not have a choice to reform the current medical health care or adopt a two-tier health care system

- we demand an end to government monopolies where we believe that society should be allowed to enjoy the benefits of free economy without interference, or competition by the central authority

- we demand an end to state funded public broadcasting where this is an act against free market economies and creates a monopoly that allows government to use such institutions to propagate propaganda to enforce against one political philosophy and other nations

- the defense of the nation should be strengthened to protect us from foreign invaders and to pull our weight in the international alliances we share in NORAD, NATO, and the United Nations

- we demand that our head of state or the representative be elected and not appointed by the governing officials or monarchs

- we demand that the citizen has a fundamental right to defend our own property with lethal force if necessary; whereas the gun laws should be reviewed; and we demand that every citizen should have property rights

- every province should have a private militia

The way Canada has been governed has been deemed unsatisfactory by the people and we demand those changes in the name of liberty and justice be implemented whereas the corruption within our government has relatively gone unanswered except to push back release dates to give government time to justify their criminal activities. So be it that it's the right of the provinces and the people to Declare our Statehood in order to create more self governance; whereas the government refuses to recognize our right to self sustain ability of the provinces; it will be the right of the people to demand independence and to ignore the Clarity Act

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