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To Whom It May Concern:

Please accept the enclosed petition as the first step in a series of challenging in the Campaign for DePaul Initiative, which I hope to successfully launch as a student driven initiative in the upcoming academic year. This campaign will seek to empower the student leadership to take responsibility to the University community and primarily urge our senior student leadership, in particular our Student Government Association, to seek an advanced reform to help solidify our student body and create plausible student leadership that will help shape DePaul University as it enter its own university wide initiative, Vision Twenty12.

The enclosed petition challenges the 2005-2006 Election Operations Board and the 2006- 2007 Student Government Association Administration. The petition highlight certain guidelines that were approved by the Senate, and not followed by the EOB in the election process, which by SGA statute lays the foundation for an appeal. Please review this petition closely, as it details many inconsistencies in our student government and it details the perspective that I have taken as an incumbent Senator on the reformation that can help shape DePaul Universitys student government and ultimately improve the quality of our senior student leadership.

I look to contact certain administrators in the coming week to discuss a meeting date in regards to a proposal and presentation that I have drafted for a new model government and implementation process. f you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at my email, [email protected]


Anthony Jason Emmanuel Henderson- Davis
Senator for Intercultural Awareness and Affairs\
Office of the Senate
Student Government Association
DePaul University



Petition Against the 2005- 2006 Elections Operations Board &
the 2006-2007 Student Government Association Administration

Drafted by:
Senator Anthony Jason Emmanuel Henderson- Davis

A petition submitted in fulfillment of the requirements challenging the Elections Operations Board of the Student Government Association of DePaul University

DePaul University, Chicago, IL
26 June 2006


By: Sen. Anthony Jason Emmanuel Henderson- Davis

This petition seeks redress the issues that have been prevalent in the Student Government Association of DePaul University. This petition outlines numerous violations that were made in the process of the 2006 Elections and those made by the Election Operations Board and the improper nature of the actions made by the 2005-2006 Administration to remedy the concerns voiced on the issue. Please accept this petition as the first step in a new student driven initiative of the Campaign for DePaul, which will help to support the student perspective of the ideals and values of Vision Tewnty12.


Whereas, the incumbent Senator for Intercultural Awareness and Affairs, Anthony Jason Henderson, on behalf of the constituency represented, seeks to challenge the Election Operations Board of the Student Government Association of DePaul University and seeks an injunction on 2006- 2007 Administration and the Congressional Session.

Whereas, this petition is hereby filed on the Twenty third day of June in the year of Two Thousand and Six, stating the Election Operations Board, which governed the Presidential and Vice Presidential tickets, accompanied with the Executive Vice Presidents of Academic Affairs, Operations, Student Affairs tickets and the Senators of DePaul University tickets, were thereby violated the bylaws, the Election Operations Board Bylaws of the DePaul University Student Government Association, that were drafted to govern the election proceedings.

Whereas, the Senator exercises the right afforded to members of the DePaul University Student Government Association, and that of the Senators respective constituencies, this petition is presented to preserve the integrity of the Student Government Association as well as protect the rights and address the concerns of the Student Body.

Whereas, the following infractions and violations on the Election Operations Board Bylaws occurred:

While careless in their duties to the Student Government Association General Body, failed to produce information on candidacy and policy information to the General Body [Student Government Association, DePaul University, Election Operations Board Bylaws, Article II, Section C].

The Election timeline was inconsistent with the established criteria set out by the Election Operations Board Bylaws, prescribing that all materials be prepared and presented within an allocated amount of time, that was established but not followed [Student Government Association, DePaul University, Election Board Bylaws, Article III, Section A]. The Election Operations Board failed to properly inform the general student population with the availability of the election timeline. The information as the Senator recalls was made available a week before materials were due, and two weeks before elections. The Election Operations Board Bylaws outlines the time in which information is supposed to be distributed, and the Senator quotes, the timeline, the application and the election procedures will be available no later that the second General Body meeting of the Spring Quarter [Student Government Association, DePaul University, Election Operations Board Bylaws, Article III, Section A, 2].

The candidates failed, at the failure of the Election Operations Board, to properly provide campaigning materials in accordance with respect to the guidelines outlined [Student Government Association, DePaul University, Election Operation Board, Article VI, Section B].

Election guidelines, while not properly outlined but subtly promoted, did not meet the requirements of the Student Body, stating that all campaign materials be made available to the student body at large.[Student Government Association, DePaul University, Election Operations Board, Article V, Section A, 4].

The controversy at the present strikes at the very heart of the student body and their ability to elect a properly mandated leadership. Over four thousand students attend the University in the Lincoln Park campus, and out of that four thousand, only an average of about 300 students voted.

The University owes the student body the greatest amount of respect and fortitude in manners of student government. The seriousness of this situation demands this University to take action, action that dictates that the prevalent need for change is critical to the development of the student body.

To disqualify an election and candidates is a grave decision, one that must be taken with the utmost concern for the rights and expectations of the student body. It is this reason- no less of a reason than the ultimate legitimacy of the entire system of student self- governance.

While the Senator does not wish to cast dispersion upon the Election Operations Board and their judgment, though the Senator has taken an active interest in order to lean, examine, and freely explore the very important issues raised by the circumstances of the 2006 elections. The Senator acts only in the interest of the student body at large and the parties to which this controversy should not equate. While exercising discretion, the Senator, asks the Administration to look deep in the heart and soul of the student body and understand what this government is established to do. The spirit of this University rest in a dictation of leadership and that leadership is filtered through the ranks and embodies the student body, as well as the ideals of a truly democratic system, one in which our University supports.

Whereas, the petitioner and Senator seeks the following:

Immediate administrative decision(s) that present a decisive based on the aforementioned interpretation made on public record. Considering the punitive value of such a weighty decision, the Senator proposes a number of special recommendations.

Special Recommendations include:

An administrative decision made for development of a strategic plan made for the reform of the Student Government Association of DePaul University.

A special election held to elect the President and Vice President and Congress. This election is projected for the second month of the 2006-2007 academic year with the temporary administration in place.

A Special Task Force which outlines the following:

The authority of this decision should be vested in an advisory board or Special Task Force, established, and approved by the Office of Student Affairs, one that is student driven and supported by the sub division of Student Development, head by Vice President Burke. The effectiveness of this student body is vested in a rich history of sacrifice and dedication. The student leaders looks to a solidified body that supports the agendas that seeks to improve our University and that is what should influence an the greatest decision possible to objectively reform our student government.

The Student Body sees the Student Government Association, or rather hopes to augment the increasing excellence and leadership amongst our student body and our student leaders. The volume of reliance our long-term agenda in our government has been minimized. The minute nature of some leaders in our government has limited our influence and effectiveness.

In pursuing this change, a special Task Force on Student Government Reform, is recommended as a way to inspire change and affect change in a tremendous effort to solidify our student leaders and their views. A central conclusion can be drawn that this petition demands a redress of grievances, which have been coupled with this issue, but have been long standing and critical to change in our student governance.

The Senator applaud the past work of our student government and the Senators predecessors, and the Senators hope is to see a plan for continued progress by the University in making informed decisions on reform and communal change.

The Senator hopes to see the Student Government Association, as a diverse, core model of institutional value that is reflected in opportunities available for student engagement with the University administration and senior student leadership.

The decision made by the Administration in the interest of our Student Government Association will be imperative and is key to giving stake to DePaul Universitys ambitions and achievements.

With the Special Task Force, the hope is cooperation for collaboration with the President, Executive Vice President, Provost, and various student leaders, helping to develop initiatives to address the challenges at highest priority. At the outset, the Senator wishes to make it clear that there is an understanding of the progress to require mutuality and plurally, reciprocity between the Administration and student leadership of our student government.

This decision will be an opportunity to present the University with an opportunity to demonstrate leadership in addressing complex changes on building a stronger, world-class student government association. We as a university must sustain a vigorous and persistent commitment to leadership and civic engagement to core values.

The Senator seeks to maintain an established sense of mutual responsibility to uphold the social, moral, and intellectual standards of excellence and the need to inspire the discovery of the student government full potential. The highest level of trust between the student body and the leadership of the student government and University administration is essential to inspire a spirit of cooperation and understanding.

Whereas, the Senator seeks to implement the action of this petition with or without the backing of the Administration. The Senator seeks to remedy the fast growing opposition that has existed and persisted in the Student Government Association and plans to set a legislative and administrative agenda to challenge the current student administration if they remain in office. The demand of this petition is high and a pivotal to the development of our Student Government Association and the Senator feels strongly about the value and integrity of the Administration in regards to this decision.

Let it be resolved, that the Senator for Intercultural Awareness and Affairs, endorses the concerns and demands of the student body, and demands that action be taken against the 2005- 2006 Election Operations Board for their serious lack of professionalism and judgment in regards to their duties and to provide an injunction against the 2006-2007 Student Government Association Administration. Furthermore, the Senator request that a special election be held to allow the student body to fairly elect a student government administration and a congressional body to govern and provide fair legislation to restore our democratic government and structure as a student body and a mantle of student leadership.

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