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Bipolar is an extremely misunderstood and often debilitating illness which eats into the lives of its sufferers daily.
The recently screened documentaries on BBC 2 featuring Stephen Fry's brave disclosure of Manic Depression and his personal battle with the illness were so exquisitely and sensitively portrayed that they can not have failed to raise consciousness about this condition.
It is high time that Bipolar was brought out of the shadows, and this petition is to thank Stephen Fry for doing this so beautifully. Thank You

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Latest Signatures

  • 14 December 2015200. Roberta W
    i sometimes wonder if bp is really with me but finally was able to feel part of a community which has very valuable life experiences to share
  • 13 November 2015199. Ken T
    very informative
  • 10 November 2015198. Lisa Miranda
    You are a true inspiration. Without you I would never have been diagnosed myself
  • 14 October 2015197. Lesley Blankenship
    Thanks i no longer feel alone and feel part of a group of clever and intelligent people
  • 05 September 2015196. Rebecca Walton
    Thanks so much for all you do.
  • 25 August 2015195. Dawn Sutton
    Thank you, you made me cry but helpful insight into my husband's illness.
  • 24 August 2015194. James B
    Sound program. Could Do with it releasing on DVD
  • 11 August 2015193. Rachael C
    Big Big Thanks
  • 09 August 2015192. Rach Lozano
    Thanks for enlightening my family to what I've been going through
  • 09 August 2015191. Mike M
    thanks, maybe now we wont get looked at like psychos when trying to explain to people what it is to suffer from BP
  • 29 July 2015190. Duncan P
    As sensitive and warm as one would ever hope to experience. Many thanks you brave fellow. Xxx
  • 21 July 2015189. Nicola S
    Thank you.
  • 13 July 2015188. Poppy H
    Thankyou Stephen. It really enlightened me to the suffering she goes through. and NOW i can try & help her more. Keep on being the great man that you are.Thankyou x
  • 02 July 2015187. Asam B
    Dear Stephen, thank you so much for making the film. It must have taken a lot of strength and greatness to come out and be so public with your feelings and personal life. Yours is a contribution that will be remembered by not only people that suffer the s
  • 14 May 2015186. Turloch O
    Nice for general education, any chance on talking specifically to the 4?million UK sufferers? What could help Stephen Fry?
  • 01 May 2015185. Clare Mckenzie
  • 03 April 2015184. Nancy A
    Thank you for a sensitive documentary, which has so clearly helped to bring bipolar to the forefront of the public's mind. On a more personal note, it has helped me to think about my own condition, and my acceptance of it, and also to discuss it more open
  • 26 March 2015183. Shaker Jackson
    Well done that man.
  • 22 March 2015182. Sara S
    I am a Samaritan and am hope that Stephens documentary will now be used in training volunteers. We often only see people when suffering from a 'down' was useful to understand more about the 'high'. And anything which encourages public debate & un
  • 01 March 2015181. Brainsugar Lowe
    An excellent ambassador for our cause! I thought this was a well articulated programme that will help to erode the stigma of this difficult and dazzling illness.
  • 20 February 2015180. Philippa H
    it takes courage to speak of personal mental health issues
  • 18 February 2015179. Candice W
    my mum is bp, thank you for helping others understand it
  • 15 February 2015178. James P
    Thank you for making me realise that my condition (clinical depression) is part of me and for your honesty and bravery in highlighting such a stigmatised subject. I already admired you and now I am full of appreciation of your work and your struggles. Bes
  • 10 February 2015177. Neil B
    I support this petition
  • 02 February 2015176. A T
    Fantastic programme, bravely done. xx
  • 18 January 2015175. Sarah A
    I support this petition
  • 27 December 2014174. Danny Ferrell
    An extremely important landamark for raising the profile of issues surrounding mental illness and encourage people to explore different ways of coping.

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