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THEIR VOICE has a call out to every citizen in the great state of Texas to help strengthen child predator laws. If you have witnessed firsthand the curiosity, innocence and sheer exuberance of a child, you have the power to prevent and protect children from the devastating effects of assaults that forever change their lives. How? Join hands with us in strengthening child predator laws by supporting the Texas Child Predator Act of 2007?

The Texas Child Predator Act of 2007 will:

1. Review the sentencing guidelines for sex crimes against children. Increase the penalty of child sexual assault to life in prison or a split sentence of mandatory minimum 25-year prison sentence followed by lifetime supervision with electronic monitoring.

2. Increase sexual offender registration and reporting requirements. Designate failure to register or harboring and assisting a predator as a third degree felony.

3. Abolish the statute of limitations on child sex crimes.

4. Add the charge sexual performance by a child, Section 43.25 Texas Penal Code to the Civil Commitment law as established in Art. 4, Title 11, Health & Safety Code, Chapter 841.

For detailed information on each of these points and to find out how you can help, please visit www.THEIRVOICE.org and click on "Texas Child Predator Act of 2007".

Sexual assault is the most common serious harm that a child can experience (1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys). A quarter of a million children are sexually assaulted every year in Texas (National Crime Victims Research and Treatment, 2000). Yet in 2003, there were only 45,000 sex offenders on the Texas Department of Public Safetys Database.

The Council on Sex Offender Treatment estimates that only 20\% of these crimes are ever reported. Much research has been done as to why victims stay quiet. The best answer is simply because they are children. They do not know what else to do. The trauma of the crime and the ability of a pedophile to scare victims into silence causes a multitude of destructive behaviors on the part of the victim as he/she deals with the pain alone.

Rhonda Kuykendall, Executive Director of Their Voice Speaking for Victims of Child Sex Assault writes, Children who are sexually abused will show no outward signs no black eyes or bruised cheeks. For the victim, their signs are fear, mistrust, aggression, prostitution and drug addiction and with every misdeed that they commit it only reaffirms their belief that they were to blame from the very beginning. Someone who is able must be their voice.

On average one pedophile assaults over 100 victims. In Texas, a sex offender can be sentenced for as little as 5 years for aggravated sexual assault. Although an offender may receive a 5-year sentence, this does not mean that he/she will serve 5 years. In some cases, offenders will only serve as little as half of their sentence. If we continue to leave sentences up to a judges discretion, offenders will spend less time in prison and society as a whole is at risk. If one pedophile assaults over 100 victims, then keeping one pedophile in prison will save over 100 victims.

Please be THEIR VOICE in Texas. Thank you in advance for your support. We must not wait for more crimes, such as the Lunsford case in Florida or the Groehne case in Idaho, to occur before we stand up and take action!

You may also send completed TEXAS Petitions to: Their Voice, Attention: TCPA of 2007 Petition, 4216 Penn Lane, Richmond, Texas 77469.

Additional copies of this petition can be obtained at www.theirvoice.org.

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