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"When there are seven regular cast members, it is very difficult for all of us to get our full time in the sun - particularly when there is such a domineering star as Bill Shatner."

For decades now the original Star Trek starring William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and Deforest Kelley has been like a shining beacon of hope to the television viewing audience.

Star Trek postulated a bright shining future free of hardship, bigotry and oppression. It showed us the possibility of a happier time where all are free to explore life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and boldly going where no man has gone before.

But life is not like it is on television. In real life people snipe, argue and are generally jerks to each other, actors especially. Actors have big egos as do all artists. They like being the center of attention and they like the chance to perform and to steal the big scene.

William Shatner aka Hamasaurus Rex is not immune to these urges. Back in his Star Trek days he was a solid leading man. Very strong, very commanding and very much the center of attention. When he walked into a room you knew who the star of the show was.

Yes, Shatner did have co-stars of equal capacity and their names were Leonard Nimoy and Deforest Kelley. Leonard Nimoy was the thinking mans hero. Smart and cool with a mysterious aura surrounding him. Deforest Kelley was everyman. A wry bitter fellow who was secretly bleeding inside for his fellow man.

You put these three gentlemen together and they made magic.

The only problem is that they had four very jealous little second bannanas with egos bigger than their feeble little minds could contain. Their names were Doohan, Nichols, Koenig and Takei. They were supporting characters on Star Trek and by and large they were solid if unengaging. Takei especially had very little in the way in charisma and is by and large a cardboard actor.

Now over the years fans of Star Trek blew up the parts of the ENTIRE CAST to that of equal importance to the leads. Now this idolization had no real basis in reality, they were supporting actors and nothing more. But these actors seemed to think they were part of an ensemble cast ignoring the fact that shows in the 1960s didn't have ensemble casts. Star Trek didn't even adopt the ensemble cast formula until 1987s Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Still we can forgive these actors their delusions. They are after all only actors.

But then when the Star Trek movies ended these actors realized that they would no longer be in the limelight in any way, shape or form so they did what all aged actors hungry for attention do: They wrote their life stories.

Who did these has-beens blame for their lack of success in life?


Shatner became the whipping boy for their ire. Why? Because he was the star of the show and they weren't. Nothing more and nothing less than that.

Well Doohan, Nichols and Koenig got their petty jealousy off their chest and moved on with their lives. Takei though...

Whenever he's interviewed all he can do is continuously air his grievences against Shatner again and again. You'd think Shatner raped his poodle or something.

What is Shatner guilty of? Being the star of Star Trek.

What else is Shatner guilty of? According to Takei there was a bit in Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan shot where Sulu would have been promoted to captain. It was a two line bit and non-essential to the plot. According to Takei Shatner gave a bad performance in the scene causing the line to be cut. The rest of the scene remains in the movie however and Shatners performance in the scene is flawless. Without having seen the scene it is impossible to judge whether Shatner did indeed give a bad line reading but I doubt it. The scene starts with Shatner giving a good performance and ends with Shatner giving a good performance. Is he really going to flub a line and risk craptacular acting ending up on the big screen?

No, I don't think so. Shatner is a professional. If he had a major beef with the scene as written he would have nixed it with the writer before it made it to the shooting script stage.

More likely the director felt the line was nonessential and it was cut.

Logic, George! Use it!

This is the same George Takei who wanted the "Don't call me tiny" line cut out of Star Trek III because he felt it was demeaning to his character. Best scene in the first three Star Trek movies to feature Sulu and he wants it cut out.

What does Takei know about a good scene? He's bitching about the Sulu line and he wants a really great scene cut. The man was senile at such a young age.

Takei keeps banging the Shatner drum again and again. He ignores the fact that he had a great and very large supporting part in Star Trek 6 which actually showed him as captain of a starship. If Shatner was so bad he either would have refused to do the movie based on the Sulu subplot or he would have demanded it would have been written out.

No Shatner, no movie. Takei forgets that.

And I've never read or heard of an instance where Shatner even after all the abuse he has suffered from Takei has said anything bad about the man. Shatner was and remains a professional.

Takei is strictly amatuer hour. He's parading as a thespian but he's really a complete and utter wanker.

So I ask all of you reading this petition to sign it. Hopefully this will somehow filter back to Takei and he can stop the Shatner bashing. Stop your mindless bitching George, please. You are showing yourself to be a small, petty, vindictive little bitch.


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