Telangana State - A Justified Demand - Based on SKC Report sign now

Government of India,
Ministry of Home Affairs,
Central Secretariat,
New Delhi.

Dear Honorable Home Minister,

as you are aware that SKC summary report came out with 6 options, it is mentioned that first four options are not feasible/workable solutions to the issue.

Remaining two are option 5 and option 6 which are more or less feasible as per SKC, Also SKC stated that option 6 is the way forward.

Sir, if we look at these options closely.

About option 6: It is advised to setup Telangana Regional Council & advised to provide constitutional or statutory measures to address the socio-economic development this means SKC accepts that there is discrimination towards Telangana Region in terms of finances, irrigation water and politics etc.

How can Telangana people get convinced with this option, SKC might ignored the Gentleman Agreement of 1956 which clearly advised to setup the following things already
1. Regional Standing Committee
2. Domicile Rules - Hyderabad Mulki Rules
3. Proportional Distribution of expenditure between Telangana & Andhra Regions
4. The Cabinet: (Minimum 40 \% of Cabinet with CM OR Deputy CM)

The signatories of Gentleman Agreement were B. Gopal Reddy [Chief Minister Andhra State], B. Rama Krishna Rao [Chief Minister Hyderabad State], N Sanjeeva Reddy, KV Ranga Reddy etc. Even when the high profiled dignitaries agreed Regional Standing Committee above in 1956 , but failed to implement the same in united state of Andhra Pradesh.

Based on Implementation of Gentleman Agreement of 1956, how can a committee believe that this option is the best way forward?

How can people still believe in safeguards for Telangana after 50 + years of Betrayal?

How can anyone in the world believe another safeguard [Regional Council for Telangana] when the government failed to implement Supreme Court Judgment on Mulki Rules (1972), 6-Point Formula (1973), Constitution 32nd Amendment to Article 371-D (1975) and the Presidential Order AP Public Employment Order (1975)?

This option is not definitely a way forward, Please do not repeat the history and this definitely do not satisfy the people of Telangana - there fore issue continuous & becomes never ending story.

About option 5:- Committee feels that this is the second best option & also accepts that demand for separate state has some merit and is not entirely unjustified and it is mentioned that separation is recommended only in case it is unavoidable.

Sir, based on the historical facts like failed promises & safeguards, Telangana movement in the year 1969 & the year 2009 it can be concluded that the formation of Telangana state is unavoidable.

This is the best possible peaceful option to implement; also there will be several positive outcomes in this option, for example separation leads to development of both the regions new capital/new infrastructure/more employment in Andhra Region.

Now, its time for us to focus on the development plan in both the regions after the formation of states, Vishakapatnam or Vijayawada are having bright chances of becoming another good city in south India, Making a new capital itself generates huge number of Job opportunities in any region, any capital city will get a good Industries and the medical facilities.

Therefore we request the Government of India to implement option 5 from the recommendations of SKC report.

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