Taylor Lautner SHOULD and NEEDS to Be Jacob in all the Twilight movies, and the New Director should NOT Recast Jacob! sign now

This is a petition for all Twilight fans (whether just the books, the movie, or both) who thought Taylor Lautner was PERFECT as Jacob (even if you are Team Edward, you have to admit he was amazing) and of course all Team Jacob/Werewolf fans.

As you know, Catherine Hardwicke is not the director of the next movie, New Moon, and the baton has been handed to Chris Weitz. Well, Weitz wants to re-cast Jacob because Taylor does not have enough "physique". Well, anyone who's seen him lacking a shirt knows he has enough physique!

Weitz is looking at some guy named Micheal Copon to be Jacob (who is SO not Jacob-esque, doesn't look a THING like Taylor, and has man boobs! I guess if Taylor got man boobs, they'd cast HIM. jk, jk) Anyway, this Copon guy is gunning hard for Jacob, but Lautner's agent (God bless him or her) is still trying hard to keep Tay on. They're using the Benjamin Button makeup artist to show them how I digitally modified Taylor would look. And, if that happens to fail (or if in fact, it works) just to be on the safe side, PLEASE sign this! Even if you don't love Taylor, it's stupid to cast him for someone who plays a major role in the series and then decide to cast someone who doesn't even look like him for the next! So sign, if only to defy Weitz.

(This is sad, I actually want Hardwicke back, and I used to hate her!)

Team Taylor forever!!!!!

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Latest Signatures

  • 05 October 201550. Pete Ho
    I support this petition
  • 30 April 201549. Jessica Hawkins
    Taylor Launter is perfect for Jacob!
  • 31 March 201548. Kellie S
    I support this petition
  • 18 January 201547. P Sawyer
    Taylor is perfect for it
  • 21 December 201446. Pete R
    I support this petition
  • 28 August 201445. Ashley Yoder
    Keep Taylor!
  • 01 August 201444. Lina Moody
    Taylor is awsome and so hot!!!
  • 02 May 201443. Alex R
    Special effects, makeup, costume, hair, ETC can all make taylor look perfect! DONT REPLACE HIM! It'd be like Zac Efron playing Harry Potter. Not. Cool.!
  • 18 January 201442. Hollie Mora
    Team Taylor Forever!
  • 11 October 201341. Megan Stewart
    I support this petition
  • 31 May 201340. Natalie W
    Taylor IS Jacob! No one will take it away from him!
  • 20 January 201339. Emily C
    I support this petition
  • 13 June 201238. Taylor Banks
    hesss HOT
  • 21 May 201237. Ashley Stout
    Don't change characters. Taylor is awesome! And I'm Team EDWARD! That is saying something
  • 20 May 201236. Em Buckley
  • 12 April 201235. Morgan W
    Don't recast Jacob Black!
  • 03 November 201134. Nadia C
    dont do it !!!!!!!!!!!
  • 18 September 201133. Lindsey R
    i love team jacob forever and they alreday scrwed twilight up i will die if they screw up new moon
  • 12 July 201132. Cristina Mc
    This is just not right. The new guy doesn't even look like Taylor.
  • 16 June 201131. Radwa Cisneros
    Taylor is the shizz.
  • 18 May 201130. Cara G
    He is an awesome Jacob
  • 20 March 201129. Caitlin P
    taylor lautner has to be jacob or im not watching new moon!!!!
  • 16 December 201028. Tommy Valencia
    I support this petition
  • 08 May 200927. Jess Browning
    I support this petition
  • 07 January 200926. Jennifer Welch
    actors who try to replace taylor lautner are stupid posers (sorry but rage took over) :(
  • 08 October 200825. Joanna Haynes
    Taylor has the perfect 'baby face' that Jacob is described as having in moon.
  • 11 September 200824. Brittany Gonzalez
    I really think that they need to keep taylor an not recast him with some ugly old man. Taylor is perfect for the part of jacob and I think he deserves to stay with the movies for the WHOLE run of them and not just the first one.

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Chris Weitz, Summit Entertainment


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