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We in South India watch the turmoil in the island of Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon) with increasing alarm. The international news media and the international establishment have characterized what is going on in Sri Lanka variously as internal conflict, insurgency and war on terrorism.
However, a nuanced understanding of the conflict would show that what is really on in Sri Lanka as a struggle of an oppressed people for their fundamental rights. The Tamils of Sri Lanka faced discrimination and brutal repression in the hands of successive post (1948) independence governments of Sri Lanka. All peaceful protests were faced with brutal military repression. Having endured this for over thirty years, the Tamils resolved to fight militarily for their right to self determination.
Every post independent government systematically and progressively, marginalized the Tamils with a view to establish Sinhala-Buddhist hegemony in Sri Lanka. In their vision the whole island belongs to Sinhala Buddhists, despite the Tamils having a traditional homeland and over 2500 year unbroken history in Sri Lanka. When Tamils got in the way of that vision brutal repression verging on genocide followed.
In the post thirty years the Sinhala state engaged in systematic multi-pronged attack on anything and anyone got in the way of their vision for Sri Lanka. Some of the many examples are as follows:
Killing of over 400 fisherman from Tamil Nadu, India in the international waters.
Declaration of Sri Lanka as a Buddhist state in the 1972 constitution
Destruction of churches in both the Tamil homeland and in the south of the island
Kidnap, torture and murder of several catholic priests including Rev. Father karunaratnam of the North East Secretariat on Human Rights.
Murder of democratically elected Tamil parliamentarians
Indiscriminate bombing of Tamil areas with lethal weapons including cluster bombs.
Exclusion of the NGOs and Aid Agencies from the Tamil homeland.
Strict economic embargo on the Tamil areas
Encirclement and starvation of internally displaced persons
Exclusion of international media from the Tamil areas
Strictly supervised access to foreign diplomats
Rape and murder of women and school children by armed forces
Killing of over 100,000 Tamil civilians
Character assassination of anyone articulating the Tamil plight abroad.
The current Sri Lankan regime of Mr. Rajapakse is but an extreme example of the post independent governments. The only difference being the posture not the vision. Mr. Rajapakse and his coalition partners make no secret of their intention to complete the project that was initiated by their predecessors. As a concrete step the president has unilaterally abrogated the ceasefire agreement. Which was negotiated with international facilitation.
The sinhala Buddhist hegemonic mindset in Sri Lanka runs so deep, that the entire press and media, almost every political party and the academics subscribe to that vision and fully support the Genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka. A handful of sinhala objections were intimidated into silence or left the island for personal safety. Even the protestations by protestations by political leaders of over 60 million Tamils in South India have been discounted with contempt by the politico military leadership in Sri Lanka.
The post 9/11 posture of the international community categorises all armed struggles as terrorism and has given succour to brutal regimes like Sri Lanka to continue their genocidal war against their own people with impunity.
The current regimes has shown no inclination towards any other approach, but the military defeat and annihilation of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka. The international community or the established churches have made no meaningful condemnation of the Sri Lankan regimes genocide against the Tamils. It is noteworthy that the other perpetrators of genocide in recent years had only succeeded, when the international community and the Churches ignored overwhelming evidence and did nothing till it was too late.
The New York-based Genocide Prevention Project has included Sri Lanka as one of the eight red alert countries where genocide and other mass atrocities are underway or at risk of breaking out. The Current situation in Sri Lanka requires urgent attention from the international community and the Churches to step genocide and find a lasting solution to the conflict. Without delay the international community and the Churches must put pressure on the Sri. Lankan government to stop the war and recognize the Tamils right to self determination as enshrined in the Articles of the Charter of the United Nations.

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