for October 14th, 2008

To Prime Minister Stephen Harper

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0A6

cc. Stйphane Dion, Jack Layton, Gilles Duceppe and Governor General Michaлlle Jean.

We, the People of Canada, demand that an immediate referendum vote by the people in reclaiming their Canada and removing final powers of all decision making by parliament to be held in unison during the election day of October 14th, 2008.

The referendum is of necessity since the present and past leaders have made decisions behind closed doors without the priority consideration, consultation and transparency responsibility to the people of Canada and opposition parties.

The effects of Paul Martin and Stephen Harper continued hidden agenda and decision making under the Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement signed on March 25th, 2005 between Canada, the USA and Mexico is a detriment to the Canadian people health safety, welfare, freedom and protection of our resources and Canadian sovereignty.

John Diefenbaker 1960 Canadian Bill of Rights - "What will a Canadian Bill of Rights do? It will declare that the following rights and freedoms are in existence and that no Act of the Parliament of Canada in the past or in the future."

"It will give to Canadians the realization that wherever a Canadian may live, whatever his race, his religion or his colour, the Parliament of Canada will be jealous of his rights and will not infringe upon those rights."

"Henceforth, Canadians will know that their rights are not to be loosely disregarded and Parliament will have before it at all times the warning which is emphasized in this Bill of Rights, namely, that fundamental rights and freedoms, strictly within the federal jurisdiction, shall not be infringed by this or future Parliaments."

This type of blatant disregard for the People of Canada by Stephen Harper as well as the NDP. Liberals and Bloc Quebecois opposition parties inability to take a stand in protecting our rights is unacceptable as well as the disregard for the Green party participation to debates by the a ruling of the Conservatives, NDP Bloc Quebecois and the media who have allowed themselves more rights and power to decision making than allowing the rights of a political party leader and the Canadian people.

The Stephen Harper governments purposefully hidden changes to the Food Safety inspection along with trying to implement Bill C-51 and Bill C-52 removing our rights to chose or grow our own natural products and herbs including the privatizing the BC lakes electrical power even though the BC residents were strongly opposed. Stephen Harpers actions prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he does not care about Canada or Canadians.

These issues, including many other signed agreements and false war on terror under the SPP that were purposefully hidden is a criminal injustice towards all Canadians as well as sending our troops to war. The elected leaders and Parliaments primary duties were always to serve the People of Canada. They were not given the right to destroy the People and the country without accountability.

Since we can no longer trust our elected officials to protect us and our country, the time has come for we, the people, as being the major stakeholders of Canada to reclaim our rights as final decision makers in all aspects of Canadian national, provincial and international affairs as well as to abolish the Security and prosperity partnership agreement.

This agreement was negotiated without consent by the people and clearly indicates that the SPP, CFR and CCCE committee companies stood to financially benefit at the detriment of the people of Canada. Furthermore, the implementation of the RFID chip and the sharing of our personal information without our explicit consent with other countries goes against our rights and freedoms especially since our only choice is to refuse the RFID by forgoing our drivers license hinders the people of Canada's ability to operate a vehicle to effectively pursue and /or continue our employment or rights to travel.

Given the present circumstances within our political representative abuse of powers, it is imperative that a major change in Canadian history is needed otherwise we will be licensing our leaders to further do as they wish. Our next Government leaders should solely act as advisors, administrators and representatives of the Canadian people without final authority on any decision making.

Should any of the political parties protest the request of this referendum to be held in order to not allow the voice of the People of Canada to be heard and clearly understood, then the answer will be apparent in their indicating an obvious leadership misrepresentation of this country and its people in the upcoming election.

Therefore; We, the People of Canada demand a referendum to reclaim our rights as final decision makers in all Canadian national, provincial and international affairs including reverting all laws, standards and policies changes since September 11th, 2001 to accommodate the USA at the detriment of the Canadian peoples rights, freedoms and of our natural resources and sovereignty.

Addendum September 11th 2008: We further demand a nationwide televised debate in Parliament followed by our full authority in the drafting of the Referendum question before September 30th, 2008.

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