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Our Country, The Republic of India, has been a source of attack from extremists coming in from Pakistan for quite a few years now. Right from the time we achieved Independence, Pakistan has been attacking India on the pretext of claiming Kashmir.

Why do these terrorists attack countries? Who are they? What religion do they belong to? What is their Nationality?

No amount of justification can be given for these heinous crimes. They are faceless people who do not have a religion and a Nationality, but they are backed by people of a certain religion and a Nationality. They are backed by people who are cowards and are scared of coming forward and committing the crime. They are spineless people who refuse to take responsibility when a finger is pointed towards them.

Everytime they spread violence in a city of India, whether it be Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Guwahati, Jaipur, Varanasi or Mumbai, it directly affects the citizens of this country as well as the spirit of this Country.

Every attack on Mumbai makes the World sit up and notice. Because it is not only an attack on the city, it is an attack on the country as a whole. The sole reason being It is the Financial Capital of India.

When our country is attacked, our politicians make the same kind noises that one hears on television. So much so, that the average citizen knows what the politician is going to say next, even before he has said it.

When our country is attacked, we look at the gory pictures on our television sets and wonder what our leaders would do to stop this mess? A week passes and everything is forgotten.

The opposition starts pointing its finger towards the government. Politicians start taking rounds of the places where the crisis is still on, hence hampering the proceedings. They start announcing cash rewards for the deceased heroes who gave up their lives fighting to save ours. All this while the crisis situation is still on. And for what? Just to gain some brownie points.

It is this attitude that makes us vulnerable. It is this attitude that makes us sitting ducks. It is this attitude that makes us easy targets.

The latest attack on the two five star hotels in Mumbai was not an attack on our city, not an attack on our country, but it was an attack on the entire world. Innocent citizens from India, America, Great Britain, and Germany were directly affected. They were killed for no fault of theirs.

Who is responsible for all this? Who will stand up and say that we will change things?

We keep asking ourselves this question? Who will make a difference?

The answer lies within you. If you want the scenario in your country to change, you must stand up and say I WILL DO IT. I AM THE CHANGE. I WILL MAKE THE DIFFERENCE

Many a time we fall short saying HOW?

Well, this is your opportunity.

This petition drafted is directly addressed to the Honourable President of India Mrs. Pratibhadevi Patil.

Let us get together and sign this petition. Let us show our solidarity as the citizen of this country. Let us make her aware that we are sick and we are tired of empty promises and we want the changes to be implemented. As citizens of this country:

We want our democratically elected leaders to take action before more people die.
We want our keepers of the law to fast-track the cases relating to terrorism so that it does not take more than a decade to bring justice to the innocent.
We want our leaders to know that the average citizen of this country is very angry and frustrated and seeks the change in policy towards terror.
We want the Intelligence Agencies to be more alert in the future.
We want the new Home Minister to ring in the changes that the previous Home Minister only spoke about.
We want the bunch of younger ministers to take charge and want the veteran ministers to a take back seat and act as advisors
We want that the money kept aside for the Armed Forces, Police Forces and ATS should be well-spent.
We want that Government employees should be accountable for everything they do
We want our Prime Minister to stop giving excuses and wannabe Prime Ministers to stop blaming the Government
We want the politicians of all parties not to fiddle while terrorists burn, then seek to appease our anger with platitudes and pointless 'resignations
We want (demand) all political parties in India at the state and central level abandon their narrow concerns and come together immediately to formulate, and announce, a consensual national policy on the subject of internal security
We want that all parties pledge to uphold this national policy irrespective of who is in power
We want to mark Wednesdays as our days of national shame, grief and rage, from now until we are satisfied that our lives will be secured, that our grief and rage has been heard and acted upon. We will keep up this pressure, we will build on it, until concrete action is taken


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