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The Judiciary is passing rather stringent orders in the matter of demolition of Jhuggi Jhonpri clusters, demolition of illegal building constructions and sealing off shops in the residential areas while the Executive is sleeping over the problems thinking that they would be solved automatically. The Judiciary is active while the Executive is passive allowing things to happen of course taking bribes for illegal buildings etc. and getting away with it. The attitude of the Executive is that let everything go on so long its pockets are filled up. When somebody files a PIL, the Judiciary wakes up and passes some orders to clear the mess
created by Executive but its orders too become impractical and the Legislature gets in to pass laws to protect the masses from the Judicial activism. Thus there is a vicious circle.

Now, illegal constructions and Jhuggi Jhonpri clusters have been building up with the connivance of the Executive. The Policy makers i.e., the politicians and the Legislature and the Planners did nothing to have a clear policy in this regard. Now Supreme Court orders the removal of the Jhuggi Jhonpri clusters by a certain date and sealing of all commercial business establishments in residential premises. In my opinion, this is an impractical order of the Supreme Court. Where will Jhuggi Jhonpri people would go? If one says that let them be thrown out of Delhi, then who will do the work which these people are doing like cleaning the houses, providing rickshaw pulling facilities, mending and repairing things including scooters, cycles etc.? Where will the people who had built commercial establishments in residential premises with the connivance of the Executive, go after their shops are sealed? Of course, one can say that let them be thrown out of Delhi. But this cannot be done. They are also performing a useful function of selling things to the people and people need them to purchase things.

The simple thing is that there are not enough houses in Delhi and enough shops in Delhi to cater to the needs of its ever growing population and this is the failure of the politicians, policy makers and the Planners who could not envisage that Delhi would grow at this rate and did not plan for its growth. One may say that shops have been built by DDA. But the space in these shops is inadequate for carrying on a proper business. So, it is lack of planning on the part of the Government, corruption on the part of the Executive and a somewhat rigid attitude on the part of the Judiciary. So, all the limbs need to awake and work in coordination with each other.

However, corruption must be rooted out to avoid such situations from arising. For rooting out corruption, national character needs to be built up which requires the spread of moral education. But is our Government which has tainted Ministers moral enough to root out corruption? In this connection, it may be mentioned that while recruiting a Government servant, a thorough police inquiry is made to see to it that he is not a criminal or has no criminal record or no FIR is registered against him. At the time of his promotion, vigilance department has to certify that no vigilance case is pending or contemplated against him otherwise he does not get promotion but in the case of politicians who become Ministers and under whom the Government servants work, no vigilance clearance or Police verification is required and they become Ministers even if some criminal cases have been initiated or registered against them. So, Government has to think over the matter and remove immoral practices at top level. The lower levels could then be easily reformed.

May I request you, Sir, to advise the tainted Ministers in your Government to follow in the footsteps of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, President, Indian National Congress and Chairperson of UPA who resigned from the posts of MP as well as Chairperson, NAC and resign from the Government? This would improve their image and raise the credibility of the Government and also help in rooting out corruption.

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