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On May 20, 2006 at the Preakness Stakes in Baltimore, MD the racing career of one of Americas brightest new athletes ended due to a horrific broken leg at the beginning of the race. His name is now etched in the American publics lexicon, that name is Barbaro.

While we will probably never know the cause of his injury, it has turned the spotlight upon his sport and exposed its cracked and flawed racing surface. Many factors, including aging tracks and the cost cutting methods of maintaining them have cost the lives of numerous heroic horses, and in some cases even their jockeys. This petition hopes to address the concern and the need for installing newer synthetic surfaces on these tracks.

*The leading synthetic track surfaces use a blend of fiber, recycled rubber, and silica sand coated with wax. It holds up well in all types of inclement weather, and drains effectively.

**An article on published in April 2006 states that at Turfway Park, Florence, KY where Polytrack (a brand of synthetic track) has been installed, the following statistics have occurred presenting the improved safety at the track:

3 catastrophic breakdowns from among 4,479 starters Sept/Dec
All source wagering (74.3 million) improved 37.7\%
94\% of the jockeys say the track is safer now
85\% of the trainers in Northern Kentucky agreed

***2005 saw 154 euthanized horses on tracks in California, up 33.9 \% over the previous year. According to an article posted on dated July 16, 2006, The national industry norm is considered to be about 1.5 deaths per 1,000 starts (or one per 667).

****During opening race days for July 2006 at Del Mar in Del Mar, CA there were unofficially 7 breakdowns, with 4 horses being euthanized as a result. This was only for three days of racing. We deem that this is too high a number for one of Americas premier racing facilities.

The California Horse Racing Board did decide on February 16, 2006 that California Racing Associations that operate meets of at least four continuous weeks would be required to install synthetic racing surfaces by the end of 2007 or they would face the loss of dates. Apparently this applies to Thoroughbred only tracks, harness and Quarter Horse tracks are exempt. It is our belief that Congress should recognize Californias efforts and improve upon them, making it mandatory that by 2010 all Thoroughbred Tracks nationwide, that fall within the California guidelines have a synthetic track installed as outlined above*. We also believe that Congress should make mandatory that by 2015 all Thoroughbred Tracks nationwide, regardless of racing schedule should have a synthetic track installed as outlined above*.

*****From the fans perspective they are beginning to watch the races with their hands over their eyes. From the Naperville Sun July 23, 2006 The horse was Easy Strider, a two-year-old colt in his first race at Arlington Park. It was a 5 1/2-furlong sprint (nearly 3/4 of a mile) to start the Saturday, July 15 card. A pair of workers brought out a white plastic sheet supporting by two wooden poles. Various men went behind it. At one point, the wind blew the bottom of white sheet up, and you could see the horse's still face for a second, his bay color covered in the track dirt from his first and only race. By then, he was gone. Sadly this is becoming an all to common occurrence on the racetracks of America.

Please help us keep these beautiful athletes safe. Barbaro has a new, more important legacy surviving against all odds. Perhaps in his unfortunate accident, the nation has become more aware of these incredible creatures that so willing risk themselves for our enjoyment. Its time to stand up for them now.

Please take a moment to read from our source material, here are the links:

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Careing Advocates Regarding Equine Safety (CARES)

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    Pleae help ensure the safety of these magnificent creatures and jockeys State Ohio
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    For Barbaro,who is still surviviing. For Gallant Secret. Blazing Sunset, JJ Jake & countless others State Alabama
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    If people so choose to use animals for entertainment purposes, they should be held responsible for their well-being. State Texas
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    These surfaces make it safer for both the horse and the jockey. State Georgia
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    Believe in miracles -- Believe in Barbaro. State GA
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    Please help keep our beautiful horses safe! State new york
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    For the Love of BARBARO State Fl.
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    Horse racing is a stealthy form of anmal abuse State Idaho
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  • 05 September 2015830. Ruth H
    If horse racing is to continue, please make the tracks safer for those dear sweet horses. They deserve so much better. State Pa.
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    Please help save our horses. State New Mexico
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    please do this! State north carolina
  • 12 August 2015825. Susan A
    The deaths of so many horses should not be in vain. Something needs to be done to stop these needless injuries and deaths. State Fl
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