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The misinformation on Ayaan Hirsi Ali's application for asylum is not a new tactic for desperate refugees, nor is it new about Ayaan, however the Dutch government has just recently decided to use this public information about Ayaan as a pretext to advance its political agenda.

The rights of citizenship for Ayaan can not be denied. However, to publicly announce the revocation of her citizenship sends a powerful message that also exposes the political agenda of the Dutch government which is to threaten and silence all opponents of Political Islam and defenders of secularism.

The Dutch has an anti-human rights policy against immigrant and refugees. This is the same government that declared Iran with its Islamic regime, as a safe country and deported asylum seekers back to Iran then and now. Its action against Ayaan Hirsi Ali once more proves it's discriminative and anti human policy against immigrants. Indeed Ayaan is a victim of such discriminative policy

We believe the Dutch government is submitting to the demands of Political Islam and is trying to improve its relations with Islamic countries as well as Islamists' groups both nationally and internationally. We oppose the ambitions of Political Islam and denounce the willingness of Western governments to comply and submit to their demands. The Muslim regimes use their economic and diplomatic power under the guise of multiculturalism and cultural relativism to advance their agenda in the West and to silence free thought and expression.

We call on all progressive organizations, all defenders of women's rights, all protectors of human rights, all freedom seekers and all progressive individuals to condemn this vicious attack by the Dutch government against Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who is a well-known women's rights activist, and a persistent and passionate fighter against political Islam.

By signing this petition we not only support Ayaan Hirsi Ali globally for her firm stand against political Islam but also oppose Political Islam and Islamists' terrorism and their supporters be it be the parties in power or in the West.

Homa Arjomand
Cooedinator of International Campaign
against Sharia court in Canada
[email protected] AzarMajedi Chairperson of Womens Liberation-Iran
[email protected]

Jocelyne Clarke
Secretary-general of the
Union des Familles Laпques ( UFAL)

June Callwood
Writer, journalist and founder /
co-founder of over 50 social action organizations

Maryam Namazi
Writer,Journalisy &
Secularist of the year 2006

Irshad Manji
Author, The Trouble with Islam Today
Fellow, Yale University

MilaYounes Agente de communications et de relations publiques
Fйdйration des femmes canadiennes franзaises Jalil Behroozi Spokesperson of campaign
NO to Islamists Oppression, No to the USAs Aggression
[email protected]

Ann Campbell
The Brampton branch of the "University
Women's Club" (CFUW-Brampton)

Paloma Saavedra Ruiz
Red Ciudadanas de Europa/Women Citizens of Europe Network (RCE)

Hamid Taqvaee
Worker-communist Party f Iran

Awatef Rasheed
Iraqi Al-Amal Association/ Canada
MinaAhadi Coordinator of International
Committee against Stoning

JocelynBйzecourt , WriterJournalist

ParvinKaboli International Campaign for defense of Womens Right in Iran
LeroyAnne Profession Psychologue France
KhayalIbrahim Coordinator of Womens Liberation-Iraq
[email protected]

Chaliand Minces Juliette
Writer Women in Islam &

ShirleyGillett "Women Won't Forget"
Йlaine Audet & Micheline Cpublishers of Sisyphe

Mahmoud Ahmadi
One of Spokesperson of no one is illegal
[email protected]

Nabile Fares
Psychanalyste, Paris

Bill Broderick
Humanist Shannonville, Ontario, Canada
Yves Scheller
Prйsident de l'Association suisse pour la laпcitй

Anne Zelensky
Prйsidente de la Ligue du Droit des femmes

Diane Lequet-Slama
Chargйe de mission internationale

Michele Vianes
Prйsidente de Regards de Femmes France
[email protected]

Nadine Sidhu
Member of Amnesty International
Burlington Group

Farshad Hoseini
International Federation of Iranian Refugees(IFIR
[email protected]

Samia Labidi
President association AIME

Hugo Van Offel

Nelly Sayagh
Prйsidente de l'Institut pour la Dйfense de la Dйmocratie
(President of the Institute for Defense of Democracy)

Dave Bleakney,
Canadian Union of Postal Workers

Kim Pate
Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies (CAEFS)

Mohan Ashtakala
The Himalayan News

Mary-Lou Zeitoun

Michel Virard,
Association Humaniste du Quйbec,Canada

Karen Kawawada
Journalist & Reporter

Benjamin Mayer
Paris, France

Mohan Ashtakala
The Himalayan News

Monique M. Kelly,
PROGRAMME co- chair
with Lynn Dobson

Mary-Lou Zeitoun

Michиle Brognetti
traductor of persian language

Popelin Mireille
182 rue Francis de Pressensй

Stephen Pender
English, University of Windsor.

Pierre Cassen,
Animateur du journal en ligne Respublica (France)

Paul Scot
Historian Writer of the book
"L'Etat chez lui, l'йglise chez elle"

Huguette Chomski Magnis
Prйsidente du mouvement pour
la Paix et contre le terrorisme

Nicole Durand
Secretariat LEOM
Ecole Centrale de Lyon

Manolo Guillйn
Program Manager
San Diego Youth & Community Services
B-SAFE Human Trafficking Program

Hanna Wallsten
Writer & Journalist

Ron Tomlinson
HAC Director
VSHA Director

Ron Hart

Tracy Harris,
Publisher, moxi femme magazine

Mounia Chadi,
Journalist radio de Montrйal et agence
de presse Syfia International

Lorna Dueck
Executive Producer
Listen Up TV
Christianity and Culture Journalist

Banglar Islam

France Dombrowski
Writer and Journalist

Montrйal (QC)

Caroline Fourest
writer and journalist

Nabile farиs,
psychanalyste, paris

Ann Campbell
Equitable CFUW

Aimйe Toulgoat

Marie Claude Rideau

Secrйtaire Direction.

Catherine Carroll
Concern citizen

Janet Ritch

Martine Ruppй,
Prйsidente du Comitй Ornais de
Dйfense de la Laпcitй

Ophelia Benson
Butterflies and Wheels

Asqar Karimi
Secretary of the WPI Executive Committee
[email protected]

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    Hirsi Ali is an opportunist
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    Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God
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