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ATTENTION TO ALL STREETBALLERS!! This message is for any and all who have a love for streetball. No matter your skill level in streetball; whether your horrible, ok or amazing, this message is for you. So please take the time to read through it and sign the petition.

There have been alot of movies in the passed that have focused on popular sports and those movies have been quite successful once released in the box office. An example of some of those movies would be "You Got Served"(a movie based on urban hip hop dancing) and "Grind" (a movie about kids trying to make it into the skatboarding big leagues). I think its time that streetballers got the chance to shine on the big screen. Streetball as a whole has such a HUGE fan base that with the right amount of people pushing this, I'm sure some director out there will pick up on it and just maybe give it a shot. Imagine seeing ballers such as; Goosebumps, King Handles, Exile, Sauce, and yes, even Tru Baller up there on the big screen representing!!

So please, take the time to fill out the petition and make a contribution to something you love so much. Thanks for your time.

Keith Thompson AKA Scarface coming soon!

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Latest Signatures

  • 01 January 201165. Ryan
    Godd Luck guys!
  • 31 December 201064. ThE
    They better make a movie on wut we work on so much! -PEACE_
  • 20 December 201063. Andre
  • 04 December 201062. Daniel
    i love streetball man there needs a to be a movie to bring more fans into streetball coz right now its to underground. streetball has given people from the street a chance to shine and a goal to go for.
  • 27 November 201061. Yianni
  • 22 November 201060. Spencer
    I love streetball.
  • 20 November 201059. Noblefan33
    "My mind is a satellite."
  • 19 November 201058. Gerry
    we gotta get thiz goin yo...thiz movie if made can really let tha world c tha streetball aint jus a hobby itz actually a culture n a lifestyle..n sho fundamentalist tha streetball aint poison 2 basketball
  • 17 November 201057. betsy
    good luk
  • 17 November 201056. Mathias
    All i can say is that itz about time! Makin cheesy movies about street about street basketball! We dont git enuff recognition...our skillz r crazy...we excite crowds...and a movie...can do nuthin but help...HOLLA!!!
  • 16 November 201055. Michael
  • 15 November 201054. Ryan
  • 15 November 201053. corey
    its about time for a movie like this . i think it would do good
  • 15 November 201052. inchez
    We need this. Bad
  • 14 November 201051. Saif
    definitly wanna see dat!!!!!!
  • 14 November 201050. emosh
    great idea it would be a dream come tru 2 see a movie about streetball and nuffin but streetball.. i think itz every ballerz dream 2 see themselvez on tha screen or betta yet 2 see a movie about there favorite sport.
  • 14 November 201049. Tobysan
    Full support dude!
  • 14 November 201048. will
    (I'm From England ..It's really starting to catch on here -Loadsa kids are getting in2 it, and its getting more and morte publicity) Streetball Rules -best thing in the world
  • 13 November 201047. aman
  • 13 November 201046. Robleh
    good luck
  • 13 November 201045. Jonathan
    much respect.
  • 13 November 201044. Ralph
    great idea
  • 13 November 201043. Madhandles
    Good Idea fo sho i'ma represent for all of streetball and sign!
  • 12 November 201042. benny
    i love street ball i love the competition i love the trash talking
  • 12 November 201041. alan
    do it
  • 12 November 201040. Cecil
    Shoot ill send yall footage if yall need fa it or if yall need a hoopa in it I got yall
  • 12 November 201039. james

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