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To: Jala Talabani Iraqi president
Massoud Barzani The president of the Kurdistan region

Stop violation of human rights in Kurdistan

According to recent reports received from Kurdistan the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) have kidnapped and arrested many political activists in an attempt to create an atmosphere of fear and to gag dissenting voices of protest.

In the last two months waves of protests and demonstrations have erupted in Kurdistan over the lack of basic amenities such as water supplies, electricity, fuel and the growing corruption of the KDP and the PUK officials. These protests and demonstrations have spread to most cities and towns across Kurdistan.

Instead of meeting the demands of the protestors, the PUK and KDP continue to try to suppress the demonstrations by shooting at the demonstrators and arresting political activists or anyone thought to play a part in organizing the protests. Many political activists are being held in the notorious prisons of Akre, Kany goma and Qalacholan. Often they are released several days later with no charges against them.
On the anniversary of the notorious so-called Anfal campaign by the Baath regime, which claimed the lives of thousands of people, the PUK has created an atmosphere of fear in the region of Garmian to prevent the relatives of the victims from protesting against corrupt officials of these parties who take advantage of sympathy for the victims of the Anfal campaign, while relatives of victims grow poorer and more deprived.
The PUK armed men, to go from house to house searching for activists who are engaged in organizing demonstrations on the anniversary of the Anfal asking for basic services for the families of the victims. Hussein Salih, a member of the WCP of Iraq and also a well-known figure in labour movement and Zmnako Aziz, and member of the Politburo of the WCP of Iraq was jailed in order to foil these demonstrations and gag the protests.
On Thursday morning 27 July 2006 the workers of the Tasluja Cement Factory in Suleimanya took part in a peaceful protest demanding a pay rise and the reinstatement of fellow workers who had been sacked. The PUK shot into the demonstration and 13 workers were badly injured.

On 7 August Chamchamal, 7 August Shorsh, 9 August Darbandyxan, 5 August Kfry, 10 August Kalar, 7 August Zarayan, 12 August Kirkuk, 13 August Sulaimanya

Thousands of people have participated in these demonstrations. Instead of listening to the protestors the PUK opened fire on them. As a result both Aryan Mahmoud in Kalar and shkar Amen in Darbandyxan were killed and 60 people were injured. Reportedly, about 2000 young people have been displaced in a week. Over 400 people have been arrested
These oppressive acts of PUK and PDK are completely against the interests of people in Kurdistan. They amount to the violation of the basic rights of these people. They are in contrast to all claims made by the officials of these two parties in regard to flourishing political freedoms and freedom of expression in Kurdistan. They are an attempt to consolidate the oppressive rule and terrorize the people of Kurdistan.
At the same time, we call on all human rights and refugees organizations and progressive parties and groups to support our struggle to defend the basic rights of people in Kurdistan.

Yours in Solidarity
Dashty Jamal

International Federation of Iraqi Refugee

[email protected] Tel: 07856032991

We the undersigned call on Jala Talabani Iraqi president and
Massoud Barzani the president of the Kurdistan region:

1. To stop the PUK and KDP forces oppressing people for taking part in political activity.
2. To recognize the right to demonstrate, express opinion and engage in political activity as basic right human rights of the people in Iraqi Kurdistan
3. All political activists and those arrested during various demonstrations in different parts of Kurdistan to be released immediately.
4. The PUK and the KDP meet in full the demands of the protestors and negotiate with the protestors chosen representatives.
5. .For Water and electricity be supplied equally to everybody

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