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Stop sanctions against Iran

It is for 30 years that US imposed unilateral tough sanctions against Iran. Sanction against a nation who performed a revolution against a regime that had brought to power by USA as a result of a coup designed by USA in 1953. The students who stormed the US embassy in 1980 did it because they knew the role of US in 1953 coup and when they occupied it they found out that the embassy was in fact a base for CIA in Iran.

After the Irans revolution in 1979, US supported Saddam in his attack on Iran in 1980. US even took part in the war against Iran. Even worse US shut down an Iranian civil airplane above the Persian Gulf in 1988 killing 290 innocents. Unfortunately US and some EU members supported Saddam by giving him materials to be used to make chemical weapons against Iran during the war.

After the Iran-Iraq war, Iran started to reconstruct itself but this time US started a new game by accusing Iran of developing nuclear weapons.

It is good to know that after the revolution, Iran decided to complete its nuclear power plant in Bushehr which was left incomplete by Siemens because they know the oil will be soon finished and they have too look for new energy sources.

Again due to the US sanctions, they could hardly provide equipments needed to reconstruct this power plant and although they were a member of NPT and NPT should provide them with the facilities to easily complete that plant, they were unable to purchase nuclear equipments form the international markets so they decided to learn the technology themselves without the need to western countries.

The problem of Iran with Israel is that they just want Israel get out of the occupying lands once UN issued a resolution for that. They never want Israel to be wiped off the map. The just want what UN urged Israel to do by various resolutions ignored by Israel for years.

There are many Jews living in peace in Iran. They even have a member of parliament.

Iran was never after nuclear weapons. Pakistan has it but does it solve the problems in Pakistan? The accusation of Iran for nuclear weapon is just a joke to be used to justify keeping the unlawful sanctions against Iran which was started 30 years ago unwisely.

International banks are closed to Iranians. They can hardly get Visa to enter to many countries. Hi-tech technologies are restricted to Iranians. Many Internet sites are closed to Iranians. They can not even find the name of their country in many sites drop down lists while they are entering their information in them.

Iranians are peaceful people like to live in peace with all human beings. The first human rights were declared by Iranians. They never took part in any recent terrorist attack in any part of the world. They never sponsored any terrorists. Recent conflicts in Iran are just their internal issues and will be settled down by themselves.

Iranians respected and became sad and were in sympathy with Americans when they heard about the 9-11 events in 2001.

Now it is the time for US and others to stop sanctions against a nation who just want to be independent and not to be in war with anyone. Anger and embargo is not the key to peace.

Now it is the time of change to a better state and the time to draw the hands of peace toward a nation who tolerated the pressures for the sake of his independency for 30 years.

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