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To whomever it may concern,

This petition is created in an attempt to stop the dishonest company, VECTOR MARKETING/CUTCO CUTLERY, and prevent the company from scamming any more innocent college students (victims).
I was actually one of the thousands and thousands of victims that have almost been apart of this ridiculous excuse of a company.

If you have been a victim (or know anyone who has been a victim) of this very dishonest company and their ridiculous ways of marketing, please sign this petition and get the word out to as many people as possible. Those people will also tell all that they can (much like Vector's very own pyramid scheme or Multi-Level Marketing tactic). The more people that know about this company, the less that will be apart of this "brainwashing cult"

Even if you haven't been employed at this company, and wouldn't like your friends/relatives to be part of such a company, please sign this petition.

Even the vector managers (if they were smart) wouldn't sign this!! if there are comments that defend Vector on this petition, you will know the people are Vector/Cutco "spies" as this is a petition 'Against' Vector. So Please keep a look out.

(Some of the following information has been transcribed from , a very informative website about the scamming ways of Vector/Cutco Cutlery that I strongly advice that everyone should check out before reading any further)! This website is admittedly, mostly one-sided. Use the following text at your own discretion:

To take a quote from 'The Complaint Station' from a person who works at a student employment office at a college in the US,
"Vector managers and former employees, including those who post at this site (The Complaint Station - ) are masters of 'spin.' If you talk with these folks, or read their posts, you'll see that any objections raised are answered with the same pat responses. But as is frequently the case, the truth has many pieces to it, and Vector's employees have mastered the art of 'choosing the truth, carefully.'
Well, enough from me. Look at these websites for complete information and make a wise decision. Don't be fooled by the trolls who defend Cutco here at The Complaint Station. Even if they are telling some version of the truth, they are the VERY small minority who do well with this.

Now, My opinion (along with many others) is that Vector Marketing is a SCAM. They might send you letters in the mail, put ads in the newspaper, on your campus bulletin, and in other creative places all boasting work usually for $15+ an hour. Vector targets people just out of high school and maybe a couple years older in college because young students generally are trainable, ignorant of corporate practices, non-threatening to potential customers, and don't have many other work options. When you call up they probably won't tell you exactly what type of work you will be doing, but they will most likely say that it is not telemarketing or door-to-door soliciting. Telemarketing AND door-to-door soliciting is, however, what this COMPANY is all about, they just have had a miraculous way of disguising it.

The job is selling Cutco knives at peoples' homes and they probably want as many people as possible to sell them in order to sell as many knives as possible. You yourself have to fork out money for a set of knives too ($175, supposedly discounted from $650), in order to display them to potential customers, and they are incredibly expensive. Not only that, but they only give you one day to buy it at that price before they double it ($350). If they were to tell you all of this straightforward and right away, they would probably have a more difficult time recruiting. But the knives are good, but not the best, and relatively NOT worth the high price. The knives most people have in their home are perfectly fine anyway, and they would only be throwing away cash on something they don't need. Besides, if they wanted new knives, they would go to the retail store and buy some, they don't need salespeople hunting them down and bothering them about it.

I also suggest that you check the following website for information regarding the performance and more regarding Vector/Cutco:

You do NOT get paid for training and throughout the job you will probably be forced to attend workshops (that are a lot like sale pitches) and meetings you don't get paid to attend either (some of their conferences you even have to pay to attend)! Many sales reps complain of needing to constantly check in to their office, which they aren't paid for either. Some people have even reported their office closing down and not getting paid at all. Some people even lose more money than they gain.

In order to get a regular (40 hour a week) full-time paycheck you must somehow manage to get to 40 or so homes a week (8 appointments a day, this may take at least 16 hours of work per day) which is almost impossible. Altogether it would take at least 2 hours (not to mention time spent training, checking in to the office, attending meetings and conferences, and more that you don't get paid for). Vector does not pay for knives, clothes, gas, phone calls that are involved in a typical sale. There are numerous occasions where the company doesn't even pay the employees if they do not meet certain requirements. It turns out most of the time, that a minimum wage job will earn a great deal more amount of money than being a Vector representative, not to mention there is a huge amount of time, money, and stress saved. With a normal job, you are guaranteed a paycheck, with Vector, you are NOT!

How many companies have a whole message board dedicated to complaints about their company? Vector probably pays people to seek out these message boards (The Complaint Station - ) and defend their company and it is one of the most popular complaint message boards around, none of their competitors seem to have one. What can one expect from a company that hires mostly young inexperienced people to sell knives, especially to their friends/family! Vector claims that the students will feel more comfortable, but actually friends/family are more likely to buy it from you than a stranger would. Think about it, the students are going into strangers' homes with a bag full of knives, doesn't that sound just a little bit suspicious and dangerous?

Vector defends their program and calls people who quit within the first two weeks either lazy or poor sellers. Finding out the truth about a shady company and quitting does not necessarily make a person 'Lazy.'

This page only covers a minor fraction of the MANY topics about the corrupted ways of marketing of Vector/Cutco Cutlery. But you get the point. I do not want to sound like a broken record, but please remember to check as not all topics were fully covered here.

So sign this petition and support our cause if you do not want your child/friend/relative to fall into this scheme. The more names, The Better!

Thank you for reading

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