Internet provides an easy way to concretize marriages with foreign women. Out of 10 of these marriages 8 are so-called "gray" marriages, in particular with asian women (filipinas,thai,chinese), that is to say a fake engagement with husbands usually European or American who are unaware of the true purpose of the meeting which is money and U.S. or European passport.
Most of these women are making blackmail with the child's couple (inducing long lasting psychological stress effects) in order to enforce their financial plunder by diverting incomes and assets from the family holdings and property, generaly to purchase lands in their countries. It seems that the highest risk one could take in this kind of matter is with filipinas women because of the easiness to corrupt notaries in their country.
After a few years the family assets in the States are emptied completly and then the asian "bride" divorced and seek another opportunity... often with the help of her community.
In every case these ladies were backed up with the complicity of their family in Asia for whatever arrangements is needed or with family members already settled down in the States or with other people from their native community which in actuality represents their real family in the States.
It is purely and simply a plunder and a destitution of all the family assets perpetrated legally and silenced socially.
Once these facts are brought into light and that the husband is becoming aware of the critical situation it is too late and no legal remedy or specific help is available for the ruined family.
Consequently,it would be urgent to implement a specific regulation with an aim to maximize the defense of US citizens against this most despicable misdeed perpetrated by these asian women and their supportive network.
To this end it would be wise:
1. to set strict filters before these "brides" receive a
visa for "marriage"from the US Embassies ,
2. a legal control should be applied on the basis of a
declaration of assets before the marriage,
3. periodically,an audit of the household financial flows
should be carried out,
4. a social and psychological assessment
should be implemented before the marriage,
5. no automatic US citizenship,
6. a probation period of 5 years,
7. to train social workers into this kind of specific fraud,

8. to inform every potential US citizen interested in
this kind of marriage about the heavy risks involved,
9. to inform every asian "bride" of her obligations and
the consequences in case of "gray marriage", sign a marriage contract which is written
specifically for this type of highly risky

so that any marriage fraud could be detected or prevented as soon as possible.
In case of fraud it should be possible :
1. to file a complaint rooted in specific new legal
grounds ("scam marriage"),
2. a compulsory return to the country of origin,
3. the recovery of all the family assets fraudly acquired,
4. the loss of the american citizenship,
5. a legal child protection should be implemented once
the fraud is detected,

6. jail sentences for the worst cases ,

7. no new visa should be granted to them or any
member of their family,

8. the seizure of personal property acquired during
the "marriage",
9. an international public list of fraudulent marriage
scammers should be created and viewable on internet.
Call on your member of the House of Representatives to take action so that a specific legal protection is voted against this kind of "silenced" crime and that those unfortunate American citizens can defend themself legally and protect their children.
Make this petition known worldwide.

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