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Secretary Hillary Clinton
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Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon
Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
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Madam Secretary Clinton and Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon:

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is in the news again. This time his public relations firm APCO is painting him as an administrator, who is working hard to bring about an industrial revolution in Gujarat.

The first time he was at the center of national and international news was in February 2002 when he was accused of engineering the Gujarat massacre that is widely regarded as a genocide, in which more than 2,000 innocent Muslims men, women, and children were mercilessly butchered and burnt alive. Overwhelming evidence showed Mr. Modi played an active role in planning and overseeing that massacre.

The "Concerned Citizens Tribunal", established by journalists, retired judges and intellectuals in India to investigate the riots in Gujarat, in its report about 2002 massacre, noted:

[The scrutiny of the evidence, which came before us, also reveals that there was systematic preparation for unleashing the violence all over the State. The attackers had with them the lists of persons and properties of the victims. The lists could not have been prepared without an access to government records and agencies like the state intelligence, the sales tax department, the revenue department and the state electoral rolls. The Muslim localities were identified before hand, as also the property and business houses belonging to the Muslim community.

Crime Against Humanity, Volume 1 - An Inquiry into the Carnage in Gujarat:]

Many countries, declared Mr. Modi a persona non grata while the US and Canada revoked his visa, banning him from setting foot in the North America. A letter to then U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice dated March 7, 2005 signed by Congressman Joe Pitts and 21 other Congressmen demanded that Mr. Modi be denied entry to the United States. Subsequently, a bipartisan resolution was introduced in the US House of Representatives by Congressman John Conyers (D-MI) and Congressman Joe Pitts (R-PA) which condemned Modis planned attempt to enter the United States. In 2008, when Modis supporters tried to get his US Visa reinstated, 32 US Congresspersons write letters urging the US State Department not to allow Modi into the United States.

Tehelka exposed the link between Modi, his administration, and Gujarat Police who allowed the massacre to continue ( ; ; ). More recently, the Special Investigation Team set up by the Supreme Court of India to investigate Modis role in the massacre of 2002 observed that Mr. Modi showed a communally partisan stand, rewarded the rioters, did not help the process of justice, and destroyed communication records that could have helped further investigations.

Mr. Modis hateful speeches inflaming communal unrest, during and following one of the worst sectarian massacres in Asia since the partition of India in 1947, are all on the record ( He continues to use the power of his office to deny justice to the massacre victims and protect those who engaged in killing the innocent Muslims of Gujarat. Under his rule, the perpetrators of the massacre are roaming free, while the innocent victims of the minority communities, including Christians ( ) are living under an atmosphere of perpetual fear and intimidation.

Mr. Modi and his supporters have repeatedly called Gujarat as the Hindutva Laboratory, which they want replicated all over India. Towards that goal, he is trying to move to the center as a serious Prime Ministerial candidate. However, his image of 2002 comes in the way of his national and international acceptability. He wants to change that image.

Historically, Gujarat has been a business friendly state with a record of high growth. Mr. Modi finds that business friendly environment of the state very helpful in his drive to find political restitution. Besides, business communities often disregard moral turpitudes of a leader if they are given financial rewards. Mr. Modi is promising a lot of such rewards to the business communities around the world lately.

Recent reports ( ) suggest Canada is considering inviting Mr. Modi. There are speculations that a US invitation may follow on the basis of the Canadian overture. Given that the US visa had been revoked earlier, granting Mr. Modi a visa now would be tantamount to exonerating him from the heinous crimes committed against the minorities of the state.

Canada and the US have always stood for liberty, freedom and justice. We have spent almost a trillion dollars and lost several of our brave men and women fighting the cause of liberty, freedom and justice across the world. It would defeat that high moral stand if, for a few billion dollars of business opportunities, we were to forget our ideals and shake hands with a fascist leader who has nothing but the blood of thousands of innocents on his hands, even if he has managed to escape accountability and justice thus far.

Our concern for religious freedom in Gujarat is reflected in the Annual Report of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom issued by the State Department. Both Canada and the United States draw millions of immigrants to their shores, because of the promise of freedom and liberty. To grant a visa to Mr. Modi, by either of these nations would be a terrible setback for human rights defenders in India that are working hard to bring Mr Modi and his cronies to justice. Some of Mr. Modis victims are American and Canadian citizens - living right here in the US and Canada.

Madam Secretary Clinton and Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon, we urge you not to invite, or allow Mr. Modi to set foot on our lands. We also urge you to use the power of your offices to demand from the Indian Government the long delayed justice to the victims of Gujarat Massacre of 2002, by punishing all those complicit in the massacres, including Mr. Narendra Modi.


Najid Hussain ([email protected])
Khalid Azam ([email protected])
Musaddique Thange ([email protected])
Attaulla Khan ([email protected])
Rasheed Ahmad ([email protected])
Firoz Vohra ([email protected])
Shaheen Khateeb ([email protected])
Nishrin Hussain ([email protected])

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