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Everyone loves cartoonsSome people grew up with Hanna-barberas Scooby-doo, Tom and Jerry, the jetsons. And ETC, Some grew up with lesser known characters like Mighty mouse, Underdog, Rocky and Bullwinkle. But most of all animation is Anime and of course its manga. But however theres one problem.A live-action movie based on a cartoonThat right there is just wrong. Because people grew up with the cartoons and there are many reasons why there shouldnt be any more live-action movies based on cartoons, anime, and/or MangaBecause they sometimes cant pull it off{Despite with success box office films such as TMNT, and Transformers} that were pulled off in live-action. But however They made a movie based on a hanna-barberas Scooby doo. The movie was given negative reviews. There are many reasons why they cannot do a movie based on a cartoon done in live-action. 1. Usually the plotline stinks, 2. The casting choices of the characters{Sometimes they dont get the right actors and actresses{they only picked Sarah Michelle Gellar to play the role of Daphne in the live-action Scooby doo movie was because she did a role of a vampire slayer. COME ON! That was the only reason why they picked her?? That right there is 2 thumbs down if you ask me.} 3. The movies are always on a high budget{I mean like whats with all that money used for anyway?} And 4. Sometimes they are not successfulLook at movies like Underdog and Speed racer{those were high budgeted and were done VERY poorly. Disney truly made underdog look like a 100\% loser. And the matrix creators made Speed-racer terribleWhy couldnt they do it in anime?} Its just wrong. The creators of Tom and jerry are dead and Im not happy that live-action movies based on their cartoons are being done in live-action{I grew up with hanna-barbera, and if there is ever should be a movie like Scooby-doo, the Jetsons, or even Yogi bearPlease make them 2D animated. NOT live action.} Im also not happy that more live-action movies based on anime and manga are into the making{Which are Cowboy bebop, Dragonball, and Lupin the third} They should just leave the classic cartoons, Anime, and Manga in animation.Not to be ruined in live-action So NO More live-action movies based on any cartoons, anime or manga. If there should be a movie based on a cartoon everyone watched it should be done in 2D animation {Why? Not that much 2D animation is out there much anymore} And besides the Simpsons got a movie that was fully animated that did wellSo why cant they make a movie based on a cartoon in animation? So STOP production and/or movies based on cartoons, manga, and anime and just make them animated. Please Just leave the classic cartoons, anime, and manga alone.And besidesCGI is okay to use to make an animated movie based on a cartoon. Just leave them in animation because nobody wants to see a movie based on a cartoon in live-action.

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Latest Signatures

  • 27 November 201550. Hasan N
    Oh God! They're so horrible,they've no idea what they are doing
  • 19 October 201549. Robert Heath
    I hold a grudge to this day at these scumbags.
  • 24 July 201548. Davo Wise
    I support this petition
  • 20 June 201547. Tommorow B
    Seriously this has been enough and has gone too far.... This has to stop like those old horror film remakes.
  • 04 June 201546. Paprikosen Brewer
    I support this petition
  • 12 May 201545. Nathan Tucker
  • 02 February 201544. Eric W
    Come up with an original ideas.
  • 15 November 201443. Cartoonguy Hampton
    Leave the classics alone!!
  • 12 November 201442. Jesse Odom
    Stop ruining our treasured childhood memories of shows we grew up on. It's insulting to the fans, the creators, and quite frankly anyone who goes to see this movie that can function on a basic human level. Don't believe me? Just go watch Dragonball Evolut
  • 09 September 201441. Anastasia S
    99\% of the time the people don't even look like the cartoon characters.
  • 26 May 201440. Ampjmb Miranda
  • 23 April 201439. John Holden
    I support this petition
  • 15 April 201438. Kiana Hensley
    i totally agree
  • 14 December 201337. Cse Casey
    I am a Hanna Barbera fan. I grew up with Hanna Barbera cartoons, like Dick Dastardly and Muttley, Top Cat, and Scooby Doo---and I was so disappointed in the movie version of the latter. I've watched Scooby as a kid (and still do), and that film was NOTHIN
  • 23 November 201336. Patrick Hammond
    You're pissing people off Hollywood. Stop it.
  • 28 September 201335. Xxthedethdealerxx Miranda
  • 25 July 201334. Amanda Keller
  • 05 July 201333. Luke Fletcher
    Stop ruining classic cartoon characters with CG verisons of them....I didnt like how the chipmunks or Scooby turned out.
  • 09 June 201332. Ryan Lester
    Amen brotha.
  • 28 April 201331. Nick Nixon
    If you ruin anymore classics EVERYONE will hate you till the ground.
  • 14 April 201330. Austen D
    I support this petition
  • 20 January 201329. Sarah Velazquez
    I support this petition
  • 12 January 201328. Dexter L
    Keep the cartoons the same, stop ruining them by making live-action movies
  • 20 September 201227. Al Sanford
    4 words to you hollywood....."Get A new idea"
  • 03 July 201226. Gagbonkers Fry
    This so needs to stop
  • 22 June 201225. Manuel Shepherd
    I support this petition
  • 17 June 201224. Gon Nielsen
    "This must come to an end" as the backstreet boys once said, so let's put an end to this stuff before they ruin something else we grew up on.

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"True Fans of classic cartoons, Anime, and Manga", Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox


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