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***If you wish to ignore this spiel on lyrical matters, then please scroll to the bottom for the actual petition statement. ^_^***

To many musical artists, freedom of expression is extremely important. They express themselves through their music, and show their feelings and emotions through songs and song lyrics. They convey their thoughts mainly through lyrics, which are the essential fundamentals of a song. Lyrics are very important to a music listener; they help the listener get a feel for the artists message. The listener understands what the singer or songwriter is trying to say, and can sometimes relate to the words.

However, not all people respect all song lyrics. Some people can find certain words obscene or profane. That is completely comprehendible; there are many popular musical artists today who can be vulgar and somewhat inappropriate. Nevertheless, one has to be fair to everyone if a rock song is uncensored, then a rap song has a right to be uncensored, too. People may be appalled at the music or lyrics they hear, but they just have to learn how to deal with it. Everyone has their own little pet peeves, and they are more than able to respect an artists message and try to listen. If a person doesnt want to listen to a song, then fine. No one is forcing a person to listen to music. They have rights not to listen, as well as their own rights to freedom of speech.

Censored lyrics today arent enormous problems, but there is still some ridicule and inequality behind all that censorship madness. Most lyrics are censored because of profane words. Does that honestly matter anymore, in todays society? Everyone cusses, admit it. When one hears a song with the word f--- in it, isnt it blatantly obvious that the word is fuck? Frankly, there is only one four-letter-word that starts with an F that Americans use to cuss. There is also the vulgar starts-with-an-S, rhymes-with-hit word, shit. What is the point of bleeping out these words when everyone plainly knows what they are? They may offend people and be inappropriate for younger listeners, but they are only words. They are commonly used as part of the English language, so it shouldnt be such a big issue to hear people swear, especially in songs. Again, it is only demonstrating the right of free expression.

In more recent years, swear words are starting to come out of the censorship shell. Words like bitch and ass are more common on the radio airwaves and MTV. Society changes and grows at a rapid rate; therefore, society should not have too much trouble adjusting to the common use of profanity, considering the use of profanity is very common already.

Censoring of lyrical content also includes the actual censoring of some complete songs. Some songs may have violent or disturbing messages that may shock or alarm people. Radio and music television officials sometimes feel that certain songs are not appropriate for the general public to hear. However, if one refuses to play a certain song, then that would be one of the lowest crimes of censorship committed. Every song and word should be heard not allowing a song to be listened to is a heinous sin. Artists have messages, and even though they are not always respected, they should at least be considered and heeded. Remember, no one is forcing a person to listen however, it would be the most respectable thing to do.

***This is where the fun begins. ***

Overall, this is a petition to encourage less censorship in terms of lyrical content in music and songs. There needs to be more free speech, and words and messages conveyed in songs should NOT be censored. This includes:

***Profane words (People are used to them already!)
***Any message that an artist wants to express (Freedom of expression!)

In general, no song should be changed from its original content! That is just utterly disrespectful to the artist! This petition is directed towards radios stations across the nation and music television channels, such as MTV or VH1. We are asking for more leniencies when it comes to displaying an artists creativity. After all, less censorship always allows for more expression. If major recording companies dont see this petition immediately, then it will be e-mailed to radio stations across the U.S. after at least 1,000 signatures, to promote the cause of less censorship. Please sign this petition if you feel that lyrics in songs DONT have to be censored, and if you still feel that you have freedom rights, as an American citizen.


Once again, please sign the petition. Your voice is what counts the most.

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