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The undersigned want Ohio State, Kent State, Northeast Ohio University
Colleges of Medicine, Harvard, Yale, University of Texas, University of
California, University of Southern California, Cornell, Princeton,
and all other vivisection facilities to stop researching on cats, primates,
dogs, turtles, cows, sheep, pigs, mice, and all other sentient beings.
The witchcraft of pseudoscientists' inflicting pain on feeling animals is going to stop. (or htm)

[email protected] Dr Wm Kirwan, president of Ohio State,
was first president at the University of Maryland during the time
that Frank Perdue gave millions to the university and in exchange the
university began rabbit production classes, with students expected
to kill and skin their own rabbits at course end.
While some vivisectors assert that the pig
or the primate is closest to humans, OSU
vivisectors seem to be virtually alone in
asserting that the cat is closest to humans
in biophysical property.
In actuality, FLV, feline leukemia virus,
BLV, bovine leukemia virus, ELV, equine leukemia
virus, PLV, porcine leukemia virus.. are
all the same disease.. as manifested in
different animals.

The president of S. Africa has joined a growing
number of scientists and government officials
publicly questioning the origin of AIDS.
Pierce Wright, science editor of the London Times, in the early
reported on the astounding fact that 17 countries with the most
incidence of AIDS matched exactly
17 countries in the same order with the most
smallpox vaccinations. The first four were Zaire, Zambia
Brazil and Haiti. The odds of a 17 sequence
exact match are 1 in quintillions. In the meanwhile, American gay
men were
being solicited for hepatitis B testing in
New Jersey through newspaper ads In addition there is research that
the Sabin vaccine
developed on monkeys
has been a cause of
AIDS. Anthony Fauci, NIH vivisection
director, commented at a press
conference that there
was a correlation
between the
consumption of monkey
meat and AIDS in Zaire
and Zambia
(as cannibals who eat
human brains contract
kuru, a rare
brain disease).
It seems that the more
conscious the eaten
animal the more
devastating the effects.
Is there cures for AIDS? AIDS is a form of leukemia, or
immune deficiency. If a horse has AIDS it is called Equine
Virus or ELV. If a cow has it BLV for Bovine Leukemia Virus,

3 causes of immune deficiency are
a. the eating of animal products
b. sexual contact
c. depression

Every eaten animal places stress on the immune system, as the
body reacts to the many ecoli (colon bacteria), salmonella,
thousands of other intrinsic and added organisms in the flesh
and products of animals and fishes.

Researchers at national AIDS conventions have been queried.
There are virtually no vegans with AIDS.

Why is it that 20\% or less of those exposed to AIDS contract
the fullblown disease? Strong immune systems.

We also want an end to tax subsidies for 4H on campus. 4H clubs
teach children to feed, care for and love an animal and then to
give him or her up for slaughter.

Leonardo Da Vinci: One day the world will look upon research on animals
as it now looks upon research on human beings.

Whever the animal rights community has boycotted, the effects have
been permanent. Every corporation has had a loss in capital.
The AR community is presently boycotting besides the above, Iowa Beef Processors, Tyson's, Buckeye Eggs, and all factory farm products.

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