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To Congress and the President of the United States
From the below signed Sovereign people of the United States.

WHEREAS the Constitution of the United States clearly authorizes the federal government to only own such land as is necessary for a seat of government and such land as is necessary for the erection of forts, docks and shipyards, etc.: (See the United States Constitution, Section 9, paragraph 17),

Yet the federal government has seized and continues to seize vast areas of America, placing it off-limits to our Sovereign people. Consider that:
The western areas of the United States have been raped by the federal government. Vast stretches of valuable mineral producing land, pasture and grazing land have been stolen from the states and people who live there, and held under federal domain.

Few Americans outside the western U.S. are aware of the amount of federal land seizures in the west. Alaska, with a total land area of 365,481,600 acres, has seen the federal government seize 166,513,594 acres nearly 46-percent. The federal seizure of Alaskan lands is nearly equal to the entire land area of Texas. Or, if you prefer, an area nearly twice the size of California. Now, why do you suppose the federal government wants Alaskan land? Well, Alaska has more forested land than any other state. Gold has been discovered in large quantities in at least three areas of the state and Alaska sits on tremendous oil reserves.

Nevada, with a total land area of 70,264,320 acres has access to only 1,610,862 acres for private and state use. The feds have seized 54,159,458 acres, roughly 77-percent, of Nevada land. This is not meant as a put-down, but anyone travelling across Nevada knows there aren't too many scenic vistas. So why did the feds grab the land? Abraham Lincoln said, during the Civil War, "The gold and silver in the region...has made it possible for the government to maintain sufficient credit to continue this terrible war for the Union..." Enough said?

And what of Idaho? With 52,933,120 acres of land area, the federal government has seized 32,071,048 acres or 60-percent of the state. Why? Would it give you a clue if we mentioned that Idaho has large silver reserves, the world's largest stands of white pine and the world's largest phosphate reserves?
Consider also:
Arizona 72,688,000 acres with federal seizure of 30,190,227 acres or 41.5-percent
of the land area. Leads the nation in copper production and non-fuel mineral
California 100,206,720 acres with federal seizure of 44,689,648 acres or
44.7-percent of the land area. California has vast untapped gold reserves and mercury
Colorado 66,485,760 acres with federal seizure of 23,904,445 acres or 36-percent of
the land area. Colorado produces 60-percent of the worlds supply of molybdenum
and contains oil shale that contains five times more oil than all the worlds oil reserves
combined. Also has considerable gold and silver reserves.
Montana 93,271,040 acres with federal seizure of 25,688,895 acres or 27.5-percent
of the land area. Montana is rich in gold, silver and vast, shallow coal deposits along
with millions of acres of timber and grazing land.
New Mexico 77,766,400 acres with federal seizure of 26,325,860 or 34-percent
of the land area. New Mexico leads the nation in the production of potash and in the
production of dry ice from carbon dioxide wells.
Oregon 61,598,720 acres with federal seizure of 31,930,738 acres or 52-percent of
the land area. Oregon leads the nation in reserves of standing timber, timber
production, plywood production, nickel production and the greatest profusion of agates
for gemstones.
Texas 168,217,600 acres with federal seizure of 2,346,012 acres or 1.4-percent of the
land area. (The land seized by the federal government seems small, but is greater in
area than the entire states of Delaware and Rhode Island). Texas leads the nation in
helium production, sulphur production, petroleum refining, asphalt production, cotton
production, and produces the most chemicals from seawater.
Utah 52,696,960 acres with federal seizure of 33,258,253 or 63-percent of the
land area. Utah leads the nation in the number of useful minerals found, and produces
petroleum, coal and copper. Much of the federal holdings have been designated scenic
Washington 42,693,760 acres with federal seizure of 10,272,658 acres or 27-percent
of the land area. Washington provides 10-percent of the nation's timber needs and
30-percent of its hydroelectric power.
Wyoming 62,343,040 acres with federal seizure of 30,206,194 acres or 48-percent of
the land area. Wyoming holds the largest coal reserves in the nation and the
country-side is dotted with oil wells.

These 13 western states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wyoming hold a combined land area of 1,286,647,040 acres and have been forced by federal policy to give up 37.4-percent of their land, a whopping 481,397,220 of land illegally seized by the feds.


WHEREAS the original intent of the Founding Fathers or the Constitution was never for the federal government to supercede states rights,

In order to enforce the unconstitutional land grabs, the government has violated the spirit and intent of our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution itself, the supreme law of the land. Congress allowed it to happen by creating a still-growing federal bureaucracy.

Bureaucrats now write laws, a function the Constitution says belongs to Congress. Calling them regulations or policies, these faceless bureaucrats never face the voting public and an irresponsible Congress allows them to rule despotically over us.

The constitution has only served to slow down the federal government's spiraling growth which is most evident in the burgeoning bureaucracy. Other bureaucracies charged with administering the extensive land holdings of the federal government, in addition to the U.S. Forest Service, are the Bureau of Land Management, the Minerals Management Service, the National Park Service, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, to name a few.

Congress has, in fact, been derelict in many of its duties and responsibilities by creating these paper-shuffling monsters. In the process, about 25 to 30 percent of all workers in the U.S. are currently employed by some agency of government federal, state and local. There are now so many separate bureaucracies, it brings to mind the pointed comment our founding fathers made in the Declaration of Independence: He has erected a Multitude of new Offices, and sent hither Swarms of Officers to harass our People, and to eat out their substance.

Ignoring the complaint of our founding fathers, our own elected officials, Congress and various presidents, have through the years, erected scores of bureaucracies containing multitudes of offices and are sending swarms of officers to harass the American people and eat out their substance.

Often hiding under the guise of environmental protection, the elite power-mongers are stealing land and trashing the Constitution every chance they get. Whether it be setting aside land for National Parks, signing illegal Executive Orders to steal land, or involving the United States in treaties with the United Nations giving the UNITED NATIONS authority to grab our land, our heritage, security and peace are being disrupted by modern-day Sheriffs of Nottingham and believers in Kings Rights.

The unconstitutional federal land grab has reached unbelievable proportions. In 1997, the total surface area of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii was 2,271,343,360 acres. Land under federal control totalled 549,473,923 acres. Instead of the mere 10 square miles for a seat of government and necessary public buildings such as libraries, forts and military establishments the Constitution authorizes, the feds have laid claim to slightly over 24 percent of the land mass of America.

The unconstitutional seizure of the land also includes its resources including, iron, copper, gold, silver, uranium, and aluminum bearing ores, oil, gas, timber, coal, grazing land and water rights.

WHEREAS the Constitution does not authorize the federal government to set aside land for recreational purposes, or to seize land that should and does belong to the Sovereign People of the United States and to the individual states of the United States,

Much of the land was seized with Congressional approval under the Wilderness Act of 1964, the National Trails System Act of 1968, the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968, and began with the seizure of state lands now known as Yellowstone National Park by the federal government in 1872. National parks are now added by acts of Congress on an individual basis. Since the Constitution was never amended to allow this seizure of land, it appears all the acts and all the seizures have been unconstitutional.

WHEREAS the Constitution does not allow the seizure of American land or territory by foreign governments, including the United Nations, or any other foreign government or group of governments,

In 1998 America took place in a master environmental plan known as United Nations Agenda 21. About 450 delegates of governments, world environmental groups, universities and banks met in Rio de Janeiro to "map the future of mankind" through Agenda 21 which is also known as "Rio+5." The conference was a follow-up to the 1992 United Nations Earth Summit and spawned several treaties, each designed to destroy our national sovereignty under the guise of environmentalism.

One such treaty is the so-called Bio-diversity Treaty which calls for global eco-regions controlled by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), which is nothing more than a code word for organizations under United Nations control.

Since 1978, without Congressional approval, 47 U.N. "Biosphere Reserves" have been established on 43,560,254 acres (68,863 sq. miles) of United States soil. Two designations of 'international status' by the United Nations currently take place with no need of congressional approval: UNESCO Biosphere Reserves and World Heritage Sites.

United Nations bureaucrats have the final say over acquisition of Biosphere reserves and World Heritage Sites, and no public hearings in the United States are required. Third world and communist dictatorships decide what goes on in Americans' backyards, and our elected officials have nothing to say about it. The United States part of the Biosphere reserve program is run by a committee of ten federal agencies, with no congressional direction or authorization. Biosphere reserves in 1998 contained a total land area larger than the State of Colorado.

The United States now has 20 World Heritage Sites, 18 of which are national parks and include the Statue of Liberty and Independence Hall. Over 68 percent of our national parks, preserves and monuments are currently designated as a United Nations World Heritage Site, Biosphere Reserve or both.

WHEREAS much of the land seized by the federal government has been by Executive Orders bypassing the authority of Congress, without payment to the several states or by Congress itself without just payment to or consent of the governed,

The federal government makes it sound like they are doing all of us a favor by seizing the land. The issue, they claim, is that if the federal government doesn't preserve natural habitat for wild animals, and areas of scenic beauty, they will be lost forever. In reality, however, some of the land grab is purely political. Consider the 1996 federal seizure of land in Utah to create Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.

Grand Staircase was seized under an Executive Order by President Bill Clinton. The order placed 1.7 million Utah acres into the national monument, and since all known reserves of United States sulphur-free coal was contained in Grand Staircase, Clinton, with one Executive Order, effectively halted production of sulphur-free coal in the United States. The act placed United States coal-based industry totally at the mercy of Southeastern Asian nations the only other known source of sulphur-free coal. By coincidence or was it design Asian businessmen donated millions of dollars to the Democratic National Committee and Bill Clinton during the 1996 election. Many were invited to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom at the White House, and many believe that U.S. foreign policy was put on the auction block, including the decision to place our nation at the mercy or foreigners for part of our energy needs.

WHEREAS the Congress and past Presidents of the United States have allowed and encouraged the seizure of American land and historic American treasures by the United Nations, and;

WHEREAS the Congress has ignored the Declaration of Independence and erected scores of offices filled with bureaucrats who swarm over the people eating out our substance through illegal directives, regulations and rules, and frequently enforce them by imposing licensing requirements, fines, imprisonment and the use of other totalitarian techniques, effectively bypassing the legitimate law-making authority of Congress and often denying the Sovereign People of our Republic and the several states their constitutional rights as outlined in the Constitution and emphasized in the Bill of Rights;

WE THE SOVEREIGN PEOPLE OF THE REPUBLIC, THEREFORE respectfully request, beg, plead and DEMAND that all lands illegally seized by the federal government, whether by congressional Acts, Rules, Laws, Decree or Executive Order, or ANY OTHER MEANS under color of law, be returned to its rightful owners, the Sovereign People of the United States and to the several states.

WE FURTHER PETITION Congress and the President of the United States to disenfranchise and disband the multitude of bureaucracies that have sprung up to enforce the illegal seizure of our native land and its resources including, but not limited to: The Bureau of Land Management, The United States Park Service, The various bureaus of Wildlife and Fisheries, etc., and restore the rightful stewardship of the land to the several states and private ownership, in accordance with the Constitution of the United States.

WE FURTHER PETITION the Congress and the President of the United States to rescind, revoke and make null and void all Executive Orders, Treaties, Laws, Acts and Actions that have resulted in the United Nations seizure of Sovereign American Land, Landmarks, Public Buildings and other historical American Treasures.

WE FURTHER PETITION, beg, plead and DEMAND of the Congress and the President of the United States that no further Executive Orders, Treaties, Government Edicts, Executive Orders, Laws or Acts be written or enforced that would strip and deprive Sovereign American Citizens and the several states of their land, territories, and rights to own and use the land, be issued.

WE FURTHER PETITION, beg, plead and DEMAND that Congress and the President of the United States, read, understand and strictly enforce the Constitution of the United States and uphold your several oaths of office to defend and protect said Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

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