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Andhra Pradesh a state in India which is an arrangement between Telangana and Andhra. It is a conditional arrangement formed against much protest from Telangana is now facing serious issues. For last 50 years Telangana resources, jobs, land and rivers are exploited. Several Hundred Thousands of Government jobs are knocked off by the Andhra people who were in power always, much against the merger conditions. Last 50 years movements are crushed either by force or lure to leaders who represent Telangana. Inspite of clear stand in the merger conditions that Telangana has to remain separate entity, as when the people of the region wants it, which constitute the 42\% of AP state population with almost 45\% land in Republic of India. There is 50 year struggle to kick Andhrites out to remain as a separate Entity. At this background, this petition is made to represent the atrocities by AP police who at the behest of Andhra/Rayalseema rowdy politicians and people arrested a prominent Telangana leader in his own constituency in Telangana.

AP state is currently headed by the Y.S.Rajsekhar Reddy who is factionist and thus unfit event to head a colony but the religious card is played, with Sonia Gandhi at center. It is alleged that huge sum is paid to congress exploiting Hyderbad, the Telangana jewel and gem.

This petition in general is to seek support for Telangana and in particular to send a strong message to the State police to behave as they should in democracy, to be fair and not to under pressure and also to send strong note to Federal/Central Government in India that whole of Telangana is united to fight any powerful force and the arrests and harassment will not deter their determination and will power. This is urged to Central Government which is headed by same political party to reign in on the Factionist, Street Rowdy and cheap Andhra/Rayalseema politicians in using the police force and trying to harass leaders who speak on behalf of Telangana.

A petty incident of road rage is blown out of proportion, the Rayalseema rowdy politicians along with their Andhra friends who shamelessly staying in Telangana have gone to the extent of filing cases of attempt to murder against prominent leader of Telangana who was tying to leave the residence of his daughters house celebrating the house warming ceremony.

Knowing fully well about the Telangana stand of PJR, CMs brother who claims is not politician and his son who allegedly has other cases against him, not only heckled and misbehaved which led to the clash.

The police acted in the following way which is against democratic and civilized norms of high conduct of professionalism and ethics.

1. Ignoring that Person involved is prominent local representative, in his own constituency, not taking the humanitarian thought that it is the function he visited was dragged to court along with his wife, son and son-in-law.
2. They were charge sheeted on sections which are condemnable, attempt to murder Sec 370 of Indian penal code and series of other sections, on the behest of Chief Minister who is son of x with allegations, father of y with alleged neck deep involvement of murder of opposition TDP activists, just because persons involved are his brother and niece.
3. Police followed all the procedures of prosecution on Telangana leaders son and son-in-law and his supporters where as the actual perpetuators of crime are made weak case with less important charges, just to ensure they are bailed out.
4. Police while summoning the prominent local leader to the police station, visited CMs brothers house to record statement in democratic India is disgusting and shows discrimination.
5. Police went out of way and which they shouldnt (that is very serious) that crime history and charges against CMs nephew are petty. On whose behest you are talking Mr Commissioner?
6. This incident coming days after arrest of Telangana student leader and he too was attempted to charge under attempt to murder when there was none. Only with full pressure from Student unions, he backed off realizing trouble.

We The Telangana people condemn these atrocities and 5 decades of excesses and exploitation and give a call to these Andhra/Rayalseema people to quit Telangana.

We want justice and we want our Telangana leader PJR and other Telangana leaders safety and withdraw all charges and apologize for this incident from Y.S. Rajsekhar Reddy(a factionists of cuddapah, Rayalseema).

We demand immediate removal of This CM and want our Telangana state, the way it was earlier.


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