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I am writing to tell you about how my friends & I feel about your magazine. There are many things that we feel should not be in there.
But first off, I would like to ask you this, why do you publish latest trends, when they are developed by sluts, and stupid anorexic skanks with NO BRAINS? I would sure like to know, as you seem to also publish things about how eating disorders are bad, and that you should respect yourself. Well then why is Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears & Nicole Richie [plus others] being published?? All they do is party, drink, take drugs and get trashed. You even have PICTURES of these celebs getting trashed. This is a disgusting thing to publish, why even waste money publishing such sick crap?

Secondly, the types of bands you have been publishing arent for SLUTS. So dont publish them. Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Bright Eyes, My Chemical Romance, are for proper FANS, not for you to publish, so little skanky hoes can go buy their CD. These bands arent EMO by the way, as you have been incorrectly publishing for some months now. There are hardly any emo bands around anymore, not that you would know, as you are all airheads who only care about which anorexic person is having sex with some man whore. The REAL FANS, arent happy that their bands are being published. Even if some girl [who will probably claim she is emo, although emo is NOT a type of person] will write in and say they are a fan. Ehh, they would be a fan of the LATEST ALBUM, and wouldnt even have a clue that there are OTHER CDs by that band, because only the most recent CD is in the charts. The REAL FANS dont even READ your magazine, because they, like my friends & I hate it. You start rumours- AKA.. PETE WENTZ IS GOING OUT WITH ASHLEE SIMPSON. No. theyre not dating. Pete actually has a girlfriend, that YOU DONT KNOW ABOUT. Another rumour is about The Veronicas being lesbian.
1. They are SISTERS.
2. They both had boyfriends at the time of that rumour being published
3. Even if they are, shouldnt you respect that, like you ALWAYS say, or is the anti-bullying stuff all for show?

its kind of weird how about 3 months ago there were about 30 comments on this picture asking him who the photographer was, and telling him that the picture really describes who he is, but now theres 200 comments of people telling him that they love him and that hes cute. something to think about
Thats what a guy said on the picture of Conor on the Bright Eyes Myspace profile. It is completely true, seeing as though YOU published them, thinking you could be really cool. Uhh, no. Now all the shows become infested with sluts. You like to ruin things dont you?

Many of my friends used to actually read your magazine, but slowly, by the things you wrote, they started to hate you. Another thing, is that in the Harry Potter series, Harry kissed Cho in the FIFTH book, not the fourth. Not that I would even expect you to know that, since obviously, you dont care much about the facts. All you care about is being slutty, and publishing shit.

Seriously, I cant even read your magazine anymore, because I get too angry when I read it. Your photo shoots are way to photo shopped for a magazine with a Feel Good About Yourself Campaign.

So please, if you beleive Girlfriend Magazine is twisted and disgusting, please sign this petition, and help spread the word.

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