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STOP Child Protective Services From Destroying Families

In this country, over two million families per year are affected by the intervention from the Child Protective Services. Have you ever had a gossiping neighbor who enjoys finding problems and embellishing on them and then contacts CPS with these lies? Do you realize that social services largely obtains their information from hearsay and that the majority of the cases they handle in court do not have any actual witnesses or any charges or crimes involved? Then during the trial process, the parents may go to several hearings, and the social worker has no witnesses or evidence, so she asks for a continuance. This happened to us. By the time four months of this court crap and continuances had gone on, my husband and I were emotionally exhausted and depressed to the point of not functioning, desperately wanting to get our kids back, and we couldn't make it to the next continuance. On the basis of not showing up for a court date, we were found guilty. This happened to me and my husband in El Paso County, Colorado Springs, CO, back in 1996.

When children are taken out of the home by police and social workers, often times the only complaining persons are family members, such as a husband and wife involved in a divorce bickering and saying hateful things about each other, such as their lack of parenting skills. After the children are taken out of the home and placed in foster care, then the main idea within the court system is, "you are guilty until you prove otherwise." Once your children are in the system, the families are required to go to parenting classes, counseling, and weekly visits to the visitation center to see their children.

Pikes Peak Mental Health in Colorado Springs, CO have counselors who actually take negative information from these parents during counseling sessions and relay it back to the social workers, so the social workers can build cases. Often to save the counselors time, they will cut the counseling session short and write a letter to the social worker in the presence of the client. This happened to me- that's why I can explain this nightmare so vividly. My counselor told me that I was in denial of my mental illness and problems and that this had to be relayed to the social worker. He also said he was going to explain a few of my psychotic episodes to her.

In parenting class, that bitch says bad things about parents and she knows little about the cases, but she jumps to conclusions thinking all of the parents are bad people. Once in awhile, you run into someone who is truly abusive and needs to be there. However, most parents who are involved with social services are good people and good parents, but they have some problems they are tackling with, such as mental illness, or alcoholism, and instead of approaching these families with compassion, these families are torn apart and every member of the family suffers. This suffering usually goes on for a minimum of two years to a lifetime. The suffering goes on with parents who have lost touch with their kids due to a nasty divorce and the dealings with CPS, or some other unfortunate event. This suffering doesn't end when CPS closes their case file- it goes on in the minds and memories of each family member, who can remember the horror that was inflicted on their lives. Healing takes years. Fortunately, my family has healed now, except for myself, I am still healing and in therapy 10 years later. Those incidents made my mental illness worse. By the way, there are millions of people in this country who have mental illness, including counselors and social workers.

In our case, my husband had to get a loan and pay thousands of dollars to find a decent attorney, which allowed our family to move to another state, about 3000 miles away, so my husband could work at a new job. The case was transferred, but the state we were living in was a parental rights state. We still had to deal with a couple of abusive social workers and counselors, but it was not as bad as dealing with El Paso County workers. This happened back in 1996, ten years ago, and I am still in therapy trying to overcome these memories. My kids grew up in our home and they are happy adults today. My daughter is successful and working for the federal government and my son is attending college, working towards being a lawyer in the human rights field. If they would have grown up in foster care, they would probably be drug addicts or in jail now. There is a lot of abuse in foster homes and the foster parents do not care for those kids like their own children.

In the courtroom, you become acquainted with various legal vampires, such as a juvenile judge, your attorney, and the guardian at litem, who always seems to go along with the social worker. I can remember being in court, waiting for my hearing, and a young woman, around 20, was waiting in court to find out what actions the judge would take since she had gone to the visitation center and picked up her baby, running away with the child down the street, fearful for what her child would endure in her life being tossed around from foster home to foster home. This woman was an alcoholic and she had not been charged with any crimes of any kind. When the judge saw her, he looked at her and said to the woman, "You took your baby from the visitation center. This goes against our rules. You will receive 9 months in jail and you have lost for parental rights. Next!" Then he smiled and looked at the social worker and said, "I'm ready for another trial." If the judge has appointed you an attorney, you might as well forget about getting any help, since they do not want to argue and fight against the system. They sit back and listen to everything and do not get involved.

The people who work in the courtroom including the attorneys, judges, social workers, and not to forget the counselors and parenting teachers involved, are vicious, evil people who enjoy punishing other people to build themselves up. Most of the time no police come to the court hearings since no charges or crimes were actually committed. These people have no sense of morality, justice, and have no godly qualities such as a conscience or compassion. These government workers and the people who work along with CPS are going to a special hell.

To Barbara Drake, coordinator of all the social workers, and to all those government workers and others involved with CPS, I say to you- from all of the families you have destroyed, and for all of the children you have separated from their parents, I pray you will suffer twice as much as the pain you have caused. Go to hell.

Our story had a happy ending and we were able to raise our children into adulthood in a state 3000 miles away from Colorado. A parental rights state. We were lucky because the angels were looking out for us. Thank you angels for watching over our family.

Pamela Stokely

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