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Mr. Kofi Annan
Secretary General
United Nations

CC: Mrs. Mary Robinson, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
Mr. George W. Bush, President of United States of America
The Congress of the United States of America
The Office of the Commonwealth
The Office of the South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation
Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee, Prime Minister of India
Mr. Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of the Indian State of Gujrat
Mr. Jiang Zemin, The President of China
Mr. Junichiro Koizumi, the Prime Minister of Japan
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Mr. Parvez Musharraf, the President of Pakistan
Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe, the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka
King Jigme Singye Wangchuk, the King of Bhutan

Subject: Stop atrocities on Muslims in India by World Hindu
Council and Bharatya Janata Party.

Dear Mr. Annan,

We, the undersigned, as the people of this planet, call urgently on you,
Mr. Kofi Annan, the Secretary General of the United Nations, to set
up a committee to investigate the massacres on Muslims in India by
the World Hindu Council and the Bharatya Janata Party.

Hindu zealots are on the verge of fanning a religious civil war
against India's 130 million Muslims. The last time Hindu militants
unleashed violence against
Muslims was in 1992, when they tore down a 16th century mosque in
Ayodhya to make way for a temple to the Hindu god Ram.
Over 2,000 people, mostly Muslims, were killed in 1992
Christian Science Monitor, March 05, 2002].

The demolished mosque is known as the Babri Mosque. Which was created
in the 16th century and was named after the great Muslim Mughal
Emperor Babur. Whose dynasty also created the World Wonder Taj Mahal.
As part of planned destruction of Muslim heritage in India, the
World Hindu Council, an organization of Hindu zealots, and the
Bharatya Janata Party, an organization of Hindu fundamentalists
carried out the destruction of the mosque in 1991 and 1992.

World Hindu Council has vowed to begin construction of a Hindu
temple on the ruins of the 16th century mosque in Ayodhya.
Attempts to build the temple on the 16th century mosque have
brought an unbearable amount of carnage and mayhem in India.
Where, victims are mostly Muslims [Beth Duff-Brown,
Associated Press, March 3, 2002].

The recent effort to bring temple construction materials
from different Indian states to the site of the 16th Century
Mosque has claimed over 900 human lives. 91\% of all victims are
Muslims. Many of the victims were burnt alive.

a) On February 27, 2002, mob set fire to a train resulting in death of
58 people. This took place when World Hindu Council workers returning
from the site of the 16th century mosque got into a conflict with the
local people at a train station near Godhra in the Indian state of
Gujrat [Beth Duff-Brown, Associated Press, March 3, 2002].
b) In the morning of March 1, 2002, 65 Muslims were burned to death
as they slept in a slum in the neighborhood of Naroda, Ahamadabad in
Gujrat. "The carnage at Naroda Patia was the handiwork of a mob
of 6,000, which was led by Babu Bajrangji, Kishan Kosani, T.J. Rajput,
Harish Rohit and Raju Goyal," said a report written by N.T. Bala, an
assistant police sub-inspector. "These people, possessing deadly weapons,
led the mob of about 6,000, all belonging to the Hindu community,"
said Bala's report. It details how the mob set fire to 24 homes,
killing the 65 Muslims inside. Jaideep Patel, the Gujarat state joint
secretary of the World Hindu Council, confirmed all five men were local
leaders of World Hindu Council. [Indian police "First Information
Reports (FIR)",].
c) During the night of Thursday, February 28, 2002, in the Gulbarg Society of
Meghaninagar, Ahamadabad, 42 Muslims were burned to death as they
slept in their homes. Also burned alive was a Muslim former Parliament
member, Ahsan Jaffrey, in his home. A local Bharatiya Janata Party leader,
Deepak Patel, lead a group of 22000 Hindu zealots to carry out the carnage
[Indian police FIR,].
d) Most of the remaining 735 victims were also burned to death.
e) The carnage is continuing. The president of World Hindu Council recently
told reporters in New Delhi that his organization plans to start
construction of the temple on March 15, 2002 [Beth Duff-Brown, Associated Press,
March 3, 2002].

Response by the Indian government, and the state governments are weak
[Christian Science Monitor,].

We, the signatories of this petition, call on you, Mr. Annan, for the following actions-

1. Set up a committee to investigate the massacres of Muslims in India.
2. Demand and ensure the resignation of Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee,
the Prime Minister of India.
3. Demand and ensure a ban on the World Hindu Council.
4. Rebuild the 16th century Babri mosque in its original location, and
ensure protection of all mosques in Indian cities.
5. Determine the role of the Bharatya Janata Party in the massacres on
Muslims in 1992 and 2002 and ensure its accountability.
6. Demand and ensure the arrests of the President, and the Secretary of the
World Hindu Council. Ensure their accountability for the continued massacres
of Muslims in India.
7. Send a clear message to India that destruction of Muslim lives, properties,
and places of worship are not acceptable to the world community.
8. Demand from Indian government, and put an immediate end to harassment,
racial discrimination and religious intolerance against minority Indian
citizens and guarantee them to exercise their legitimate rights to freedom of
expression, freedom of association and freedom of religion.
9. Demand from Indian government a willingness to respect the rights of
Minority Indian citizens by proceeding quickly to implementation of the
International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and the
International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR).

In India, in every few years, live burning of Muslims, destruction of Muslim
heritage and places of worships, raping of Muslim women take place.
Events of enormous carnage and mayhem took place in 1947, 1951, 1992, and 2002.
To live a life in a Hindu theocracy is a challenge everyday to a non-Hindu.
In such a grave situation human-rights groups, media, intellectuals, and
governments of civilized nations remained largely silent for unexplainable

We urge you, the secretary General of the world body, to please act
swiftly and firmly so that the Indian Government understands that the
world will not accept such gross violation of human right even in countries
as powerful as India.

Thank you very much.

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