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To The Government of Israel, the Israel National Council for Animal Experimentation. The Board of Directors at The Weizmann Institute, Rehovot:

In light of the 340,637 cases of animal experimentation that transpired in the year of 2007, and the increasing percentages of animals injured and abused indicated in the industries you are affiliated with politically and financially,

We, the undersigned, from every corner of the globe and from every persuasion, from every walk of life and from every political side of the equation, hereby BESEECH you, DEMAND in the name of All sentient beings, those walking on 4, those that crawl, those that fly, those encaged, those imprisoned in cages, those who have never seen the light of day. Those ripped from their mothers at birth, those who have endured untold agony at the hands of those entrusted with their well-being but who have forfeited that undertaking with devised methodologies in which to induce disease, impair senses, push the pain of the imprisoned creature to its furthest limit in stances of greed, power and ignorance -

That you completely and finally implement and UPHOLD the Law Against Cruelty To Animals in Israel - not by initiating by-laws and annotations to the Laws but to view them as viable and critical in establishing a sane, balanced and compassionate society, where violence, cruelty and bloodshed do not enter the equation called the Nation of Israel. In the law of reciprocity - also known in Physics - the Law of Cause and Effect, as it was said by Rabbi Hillel - "What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow: this is the whole Law; the rest is the explanation; go and learn" (Shab. 31a). For as we do to others so it is done to us.

Because we do not wish to continue to be faced with more violence, wars and acts of terrorism. Crime, delinquency, disease, unrest all of which have become our daily reality stemming from a core indifference to the suffering of animals, those who are voiceless and cannot speak out against the crimes perpetuated against them daily in the Land of Israel -

We DEMAND that you completely and finally CEASE to inflict bodily and emotional pain on these animals that you have imprisoned in your laboratories in Rehovot and at other locations around Israel, under other names and under various ownerships;

That you completely and finally CEASE to use any living creature in experimentation;

That you completely and finally CEASE to cage, contain, imprison any living animal in cages in your laboratories and that you release these animals immediately to safe sanctuaries both in Israel and overseas that will help heal them from the wounds you have inflicted upon them, or in the cases that their wounds are irreversible that you place them in the care of compassionate parties that will help them transition into death as free creatures as they were intended.

That you completely and finally CEASE to engage in experimentation that endangers all living beings and the environment, and that you begin helping to re balance the air, water and earth that your experimentations have polluted with toxins and that your institutes and industry begin to work in tandem with the Laws of Nature, sustaining, enlivening and producing life-enhancing products that do no harm to any one or thing on this planet.

And in this, all of this, we place our signatures, the citizens of Israel and from every corner of this globe,

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