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- President in office of the Council of the European Union
- President in office of the European Parliament
- President in office of the European Commission
- Prime Minister of Spain

Copy to:
- Vice Console Giorgio Bischeri
Consolato d'Italia
- Major of Puerto Real, Cadiz, (Spain)

Re: Animal Abuses in Puerto Real, Cadiz (Spain).
Dear Sirs,
We make reference to the recent arrests in Cбdiz where about 2,000 people demonstrated against the abuse recently uncovered at the dog pound located in Puerto Real, Cadiz.
The protest was called by El Refugio, a well known animal rights association who first reported the abuse and which led to four arrests last week: the owner and manager of the centre, a vet and an employee.
The representatives of El Refugio said the cats and dogs housed were killed by a method which induces muscular paralysis, and a slow, agonizing death by asphyxia.

One of the arrested is Simone Righi, who went last month to the beautiful town of Cadiz with his girlfriend Anna Fiori to attend an exhibition. Simone and Anna brought with them their three dogs, Olly, Vito and Maggie but, since the Spanish laws do not allow you to take them with you in the showroom, they were forced to entrust the dogs for three days to the dog pound located in Puerto Real near Cadiz.

But something went wrong. When they came back to take their dogs they found that Olly, the female dog, was dead and her body was kept into a freezer ; no trace was left of the other two dogs. They reported all this to the Spanish authorities and from the autopsy made in Siviglia it resulted that the female dog was injected with an emulsion which induces muscular paralysis and death by asphyxia with atrocious pains.

Afterwards Simone and Anna discovered the Puerto Real dog pound to be a dogs concentration camp in which the owner, the manager, a vet and the employees were used to kill off the hosted dogs with the most barbarian techniques and to burn them into a crematorium.
This cruelty has been discovered thanks to a big mistake. The vet of the Puerto Real and the employees did a mistake killing the Italians dogs instead of certain other Spanish dogs hosted in the horror pound. They were not supposed to kill the three Italians' dogs which were duly registered with an international passport.

Just for the sake of completeness, please be aware that few days ago Simone and Anna went to Cadiz from Bologna to participate to a demonstration against the dog pound located in Puerto Real whereby the Policia Civil literally attacked them and hardly beat with no reason Simone Righi and arrested him.

Given the above, We the undersigned are deeply concerned of what the animalist associations have found in the dog pound located in Puerto Real upon the investigations of the animalist eights association El Refugio.

Please check the video before continuing to read; dont watch it if you are too sensitive about dead animals, animals that are on the way to die and suffering:

They found dogs dead everywhere in all positions, left there for long time, killed with the most horrible injections, making them suffering terrible pains to death. In addition, they discovered that the aforesaid dog pound collects in thousands of strays from a number of towns in the province, and also gave the horrifying figure of just 35 euros needed to allow them to kill 10 tons of cats and dogs in this way.
This facts are simply unacceptable, especially in an European country.

* * *

Therefore, in consideration also of the fact that Spain has the most cruel traditions in terms of animals amongst the European countries (useless to talk about the corridas) We, the undersigned individuals, call upon the Spain Government to:
1. honor its responsibilities and duties in relation to the protection of the animals , including the protection of their life, health and welfare, with particular reference to (a) the manner of handling animals; and (b) animal protection requirements that must be complied with in the keeping and raising of animals, when transporting them, using them in experiments, at the time of slaughter or humane killing, when keeping them in zoological gardens and circuses, using them in performances and competitions of animals, when selling companion animals and handling abandoned and lost animals;
2. rapidly introduce severe laws in order to protect the animal rights in line with the European best practice and strictly prohibiting to kill animals, subject them to pain, suffering and injury, and intentionally expose them to fear or raise animals in a way that causes them pain;
3. promote animal rights throughout Spain.

1. Check the videos on:

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