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Peoples Declaration on Climate Change


The planet is experiencing a climate crisis of catastrophic proportions. Drastic action is required to reverse the situation. Global temperatures have increased twice as fast in the last 50 years as over the last century and will rise even faster in the coming decades. Eleven of the last twelve years (1995-2006) are among the 12 warmest years on record. This is disrupting weather patterns, severely damaging the environment, and destroying lives and livelihoods - especially of the poorest and most vulnerable.

There have already been high-profile schemes for concerted action and co-operation to combat global warming. This includes the landmark 1992 Framework Convention on Climate Change (FCCC) and the succeeding Kyoto Agreement. Yet the problem has not been stemmed or much less reversed, indeed it has worsened as the limited targets and timelines set by the Kyoto Protocol have made no headway in reducing global emissions.

Significantly, the Kyoto Protocol does not truly involve grassroots communities and peoples who are worst-affected, especially in the South. It has grossly neglected the severe damage to their livelihoods, well-being and welfare. It does not consistently and coherently adhere to the vital developmental principles, especially peoples sovereignty over natural resources.

Statement of Key Concerns

We, the people, recognize that the Kyoto process:

a) has not allowed sufficient voice for the concerns of those communities in the global south which will suffer the worst impacts of climate change;
b) has to date failed to have a significant impact on reducing global emissions;
c) does not currently provide for sufficient binding targets or measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with the 2 degree target prescribed by the science as necessary to avoid runaway global warming;
d) has not provided a mechanism to facilitate the transfer of compensatory adaptation financing of the scale required by communities in the global south to prevent further impoverishment due to the adverse ways in which they are, and will increasingly be impacted by global warming;
e) does not provide sufficient mechanisms to ensure that efforts to combat global warming will not have a disproportionate negative impact on countries and communities in the global south;
f) continues to promote market-based solutions to climate change which prioritize growth and profits above the needs of the planet and its people; and to this end
g) does not address the necessity of bringing about genuine peoples sovereignty over natural resources which must be fundamental to the process of preventing runaway climate change

Statement of Purpose

In light of these crucial failings of the current international efforts to address climate change, we, the undersigned, declare the need to develop a Peoples Protocol on Climate Change with the purpose of:

a) providing the space for those peoples who will be worst impacted by climate change and yet to date have been excluded from the Kyoto process to voice their views on the current efforts to combat global warming; and
b) to highlight the key issues which must be meaningfully addressed in international efforts to confront the climate crisis



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