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The below signatory agrees with the following principles respecting our nation's children and encourage America's leadership to develop policies which reflect and support these principles.

"Children thrive with the active involvement of Both Parents.

Children and parents should be encouraged to spend substantial time with each other regardless of the parents' present marital status. I, the undersigned recognize that absent issues of abuse, neglect or abandonment, social and government policy must be structured in such a way as to promote and maximize the opportunity of all parents to contribute to the social, emotional, intellectual, physical, moral and spiritual development of their children."

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Latest Signatures

  • 24 May 201456. Rich1online2 (unverified)
    I support this petition
  • 31 December 201055. kevin
  • 15 December 201054. Steven
  • 13 December 201053. Barbara
  • 12 December 201052. wayne
  • 12 December 201051. Sanjay
    PAS should be officially recognized as a form of abuse. The psychological damage done to our children takes longer to heal than broken bones.
  • 09 December 201050. Barry
  • 08 December 201049. Craig
    Equal parenting now. Anything else is child abuse. Stop the child abuse now.
  • 08 December 201048. Russ
    STOP THE UN-FAMILY COURT SYSTEM FROM RIPPING FAMILY'S APART AND COLLECTING THIER TITLE IV-D MONEY FROM THE BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS OF EVERY AMERICAN FAMILY! The Judges, lawyers, and counselors involved have failed to uphold their oaths and should be imm
  • 08 December 201047. Robert
    I would fully agree with the concepts of this petition with one significant exception. Unless the afformentioned governments can come forward and Aggressively pursue accountablity accross the board then these governments should have absolutly NOTHING to
  • 07 December 201046. John
    Without the interaction of both parents in a child's life, a child will NEVER grow understand where he or she comes from and have a cohesive bond to either parents. They neither will be able to see what each parents truly is if only receiving information
  • 07 December 201045. mary
  • 07 December 201044. John
    God Bless America... World Peace begins at Home.....Kids Need Dads...
  • 07 December 201043. Clarence
    Petition should mention presumptive equal parenting in cases of divorce
  • 07 December 201042. Don
  • 07 December 201041. Garvie
  • 06 December 201040. Darryl
    I strongly OPPOSE Senate Bill 2334. I definitely support Bill of Rights for Children in Divorce and Dissolution Actions which was created by the NJ-AFCC .
  • 06 December 201039. chris
    Father for Equal Rights
  • 06 December 201038. Jack
    Lets take this bill seriously!
  • 06 December 201037. Karen
  • 06 December 201036. Gustavo
  • 06 December 201035. Tim
    A paramount of research shows children always...ALWAYS do better with both loving parents. We hear - "for the best interest of the child" in our family courts. Why then is the judicial system, advocates turning their back from fact? It is time to let go o
  • 05 December 201034. Chrissy
  • 05 December 201033. Leisha
    Both Parents should have equal rights to their children. Parental rights need to be protected and repected. Children need both parents in thier lives.
  • 05 December 201032. lynne
  • 05 December 201031. William
  • 05 December 201030. Karl
    This should be paramount. Children need both parents.

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