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To LucasArts:

The Knights of the Old Republic series has won many awards, notably for their amazing plotlines and character build-up. It comes to attention that you have canceled production for Knights of the Old Republic 3 and instead began production for a multiplayer web-based game titled as The Old Republic instead.
Personally, I dont mind this, but I dislike the fact that this new game takes place over a few hundred years later, and the characters from the original series are dead. Yes, the fates of Revan and the Exile may be revealed in this new game, their identities by canon, but many of us fans dont like that. We prefer choosing their gender and the side of the Force they chose, not canon, because this option gives this series a what if factor, and we would like to play a character who discovers and possibly meets Revan and the Exile, rather than playing a game where all of the characters are dead and finding out years later of where Revan was hiding. The timeline is a huge problem for the main plot lines from the first two games.
I would also like to point out that this could be very profitable, as there are thousands, perhaps millions, of fans who would love to complete this trilogy, and bringing in more future fans who may also get into the storyline. You may realize this or not, but many of the Knights of the Old Republic fans actually didnt like the Star Wars movies, but the games, thus getting their attention to the Star Wars franchise. The Old Republic has fees while Knights of the Old Republic is a game that you only pay once to have. Most gamers dont like having to pay more than one time to play a game and causes disagreement with your conditions.
The second Knights of the Old Republic was not as great as the first one because you rushed Obsidian into completing it in one year, so in effect, only thirty percent content was unveiled. Many fans would be satisfied if you could release a finished version of the game. I understand there are mods to restore the game online, but not all of us have the PC version of the game, nor want to risk viruses ruining our computers. A restored version of the game for both Xbox 360 (plus many other gaming consoles) and PC, would in effect, decrease the frustration of many players wanting to know what the completed version would be like instead of looking up videos online for fan-made videos and mods that dont guarantee spyware frying hard drives.
On another note, we would also like to learn of what happened to the other characters, such as Bastila, Carth, Brianna, Mical, Visas, Canderous, Mira, Atton, HK-47, T3, and others. The fact that the humans and aliens are dead while the droids are deactivated in The Old Republic gives a very empty feeling. Or perhaps they were killed at the end of the second game. We may never know what exactly happened to them. The Knights of the Old Republic series has been discontinued, and gives the same feeling as someone whose favorite book series or TV series has been canceled. Imagine what would have happened if the second trilogy of your movies never came out. We would have never known Obi-Wans life as a Padawan, Anakins back story, Padmes death, or the reason why the Jedi Order were killed.
As you have read above, the cancellation of the Knights of the Old Republic series has caused a great rift among players. If you ever decide to begin production again so that the trilogy will actually be a trilogy, this would be more profitable and soothing for fans so it is actually complete and we know what happened to the characters in the first place. Revan and the Exiles legacies shall never die.
Upon people signing this agreement, this may help us bring back Knights of the Old Republic. Please sign this so the series may be restored without the main characters deaths of old age or a battle we never knew about.

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