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Dear Principal of Sri Garden,

We, the undersigned, through this petition, would like to see improvement and hopefully an upgrade to the current ICT infrastructure in the near future.

While we applaud the decision to have a computer and projector in every class, the state of computers currently installed in the classes is unsatisfying and delays the learning process through a multimedia medium.

The computers were originally from the Computer Labs on the third floor of the academic block, and have been since replaced with computers of better condition. The said computers, which we assume are of a few years' old, consumes a long period of time to start. Teachers who are in a hurry, especially those who have only one lesson period, are known to get impatient and teach manually instead, since they cannot wait for the computer.

Besides that, since many of the computers are from the KS1/KS2 labs, we suspect that they have been infected with some form of malware, may it be a virus, Trojan or worm. This is supported by the fact that a few teachers found viruses, which were not previously in their thumb drives, after using the computers in the classes.

We think that the currently used antivirus program is quite inefficient at detecting the malware, and it has been well-known on Internet forums to use a lot of processing power, thus causing the computer to function slower than usual.

Besides that, the teaching method of ICT and multimedia in classes can be improved.

In any given class, there will be a group of students who are good in the IT field, and there will be another who does not possess an equal skill level.

This difference results in the two groups progressing through their lessons at a different pace, thus the teaching process is not smooth. We suggest the implementation of a teaching system similar to the Mandarin program, where students are grouped by skill. This way, the students who are skilled can be taught extra, while the students who are lacking behind can be given special teaching methods to boost-start their IT skill.

Students should also be taught full-round ICT education, unlike the current syllabus which just teaches the students how to use the computers.

They should also be taught on how to keep themselves safe from viruses, pornography, scams, frauds and other potentially harmful elements on the Internet.

In addition to that, the teaching syllabus should be upgraded. Students in some other countries are already learning to program PHP at Grade 7, whereas students in Sri Garden only learn to create basic HTML in Form 1.

There should also be more initiatives for students to excel in the ICT field, including but not limited to competitions, seminars, workshops and fun-filled co-curricular activities.

Several teachers fully agree with this suggestion after they were presented with it.

We would also like to highlight the condition of the computers in the library and the staff room. Many are lack of functioning mice, keyboards and other equipments, which causes inconvenience.

Also, the speed of the Internet in class during the day is appalling. It takes an extremely long time to download websites and multimedia content, which will delay the teaching process even further.

Many teachers have complained about this but do not see any improvements.

We hope you will look into this matter seriously.

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