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Squid is the One True Ending for Watchmen

According to various accounts of the Watchmen film test screening and various interviews with Zack Snyder, the alien psychic squid has not been included and was never meant to be included in a Watchmen film.

In the original ending of the graphic novel Ozymandias creates a genetically engineered psychic squid creature which he teleports to New York City. The teleportation process kills the squid and in its last moments the squid gives out a psychic shockwave which kills three million people in New York City. The people of the world at the perceived extraterrestrial threat unite.

What has replaced the alien psychic squid is Ozymandias making a beam weapon that mimics Dr. Manhattans energy signature to attack multiple cities around the word and kill millions of people in what look like nuclear attacks. Dr. Manhattan is framed for the attacks. When Dr. Manhattan learns of Ozymandias plan, Dr. Manhattan accepts the blame and tells the people of the world to get along or else he will attack them again. Dr. Manhattan then leaves Earth for good.

Why the New US Nuclear Ending is Irrational!

1. Any perceived nuclear attack on the US and Russia would result in both nations launching all their nuclear weapons at one another.

2. Dr. Manhattan was the ultimate weapon of the US created by the US. Any attack by Dr. Manhattan on anyone outside the US would be seen as a US authorized attack. Why would the Soviets want peace with the US after the US weapon went rouge? Russia would automatically win the Cold War by getting the support of the rest of the world against the US. Even if the US could somehow convince the Soviets that they werent directly responsible, the US would still receive collateral damage for creating and not being able to control Dr. Manhattan which would result in the US being ostracized by the rest of the world.

3. Dr. Manhattan attacking the whole world is highly suspicious and can be investigated to the point that it will lead back to all the other superheroes.

4. According to the graphic novel in such an instance the US would call Dr. Manhattan a traitor who became a communist and put the blame for such attacks on the Soviet Union.

5. Dr. Manhattan's attack would make all superheroes public enemies of the world.

6. Rorschach's Journal now has an explanation that makes sense and can be proven.

7. The graphic novel states that the Soviet Union do not like to be pushed around and that any effort to do this to the Soviet Union would result in the Soviets striking back at their enemies, even if that meant the destruction of the world. Dr. Manhattan forcing the Soviets to be good, doesnt make any sense from the Soviets point of view as they will not surrender under force.

8. Ozymandias is a man of logic who cares deeply about humanity. Using to what amounts to nuclear weapons killing millions of people across the world doesn't at all fit his character. Ozymandias wanted to use an unconventional weapon of apparent alien origin to shock the world. He didn't want to use the standard conventional weapons that would fuel a war. Ozymandias also wanted to minimize casualties as much as possible, not kill millions of people around the world. Thus, this new ending changes Ozymandias character into what amounts to an illogical insane uncaring man.

9. Snyder says the new ending works better thematically, but this is flat out ridiculous. A giant blue man and a woman wearing spandex doesnt work thematically, yet is in the film. Thematically monsters have worked exceptionally well in films from King Kong to Alien to Cloverfield.

Why the Original Extraterrestrial Ending is Rational!

1. Several elements of the graphic novel tie directly into the alien psychic squid. These include the island filled with scientists, artists and writers, the Comedians investigation of the island, Rorschachs Journal, Moloch, and the genetically engineered cat Bubastis. All these elements would have to be considerably changed and in some cases thrown out stripping away at the core story of the graphic novel to make the Watchmen films new ending work novel.

2. Zack Snyder said several times he was going to be true to the graphic novel, but by taking out the original ending of the graphic novel Snyders past comments read not only as lies but as hypocrisy.

3. Rorschach's Journal with the original ending would be very hard to prove.

4. In real life former President Ronald Reagan was able to unite the world for one brief moment with the hypothetical invasion of extraterrestrials.

5. Contrary to terrorist attacks of the new film ending which have resulted time and again in an escalated war, a perceived extraterrestrial invasion is one of the only things that could unite the world.

6. In several films, a main source for uniting the world has been an extraterrestrial threat, thus there is precedent for an audience accepting the original ending.

7. In the graphic novel Ozymandias says that after the attack on New York City there will be a place for superheroes all across the world. This only works with the original graphic novel ending, with the new film ending superheroes will be targeted by everyone as enemies and hunted down.

8. Dr. Manhattan in the graphic novel leaves Earth because Ozymandias plan succeeded all appeared well for the time being for his friends and free of responsibilities with love for humanity Dr. Manhattan decided it was time for him to leave to create his own world of beings. Dr. Manhattans leaving of Earth only works with the original graphic novel ending, with the new film ending Dr. Manhattan has no reason to leave for the Earth for his stay would be essential to keeping the peace on Earth. Once he would leave, all the nations of the world would point their fingers at one another and create new weapons with which to fight one another.

9. The graphic novel states that Dr. Manhattan in the worst circumstances could not stop all the nuclear missiles launched from the Soviet Union. A large percentage of them would get passed Dr. Manhattan and destroy much of the world. Thus, it makes no sense for Ozymandias in the film to use Dr. Manhattan as a solution to a possible war, when if the situation gets out of control, Dr. Manhattan could not stop all nuclear missiles launched from the Soviet Union, much less from the US as well.

We, the audience demand that Warner Brothers and Zack Snyder treat us with respect and intelligence by giving us the true immaculate finessed ending involving a perceived extraterrestrial threat to Earth that unites humanity preventing World War 3 and not replacing the perfect ending with a dumbed down convoluted insane illogical ending using perceived nuclear weapons from a US superman as a way to stop World War 3 from happening.

Thank you for your time.

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