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Dear Adjudicators,
This letter to ESPNSTAR underlines the uncontrollable circumstances which created a huge roadblock for Sourav Ganguly fans for not being able to reach the finals of the Prestigious Champion of Champions 2008 Contest by a miniscule margin with all the screenshots taken along with the links to further solidify the case of Sourav Ganguly losing under abnormal circumstances without an equal platform being laid out which he shouldnt have.The signatures by a legion of Sourav Ganguly fans would resurrect the purpose of this letter and the outburst waiting to happen which has been channelised in a fruitful manner in anticipation of a fair result.

December 24th,is the day Indian cricket fans would remember for not being able to return back the favour to their heroes which left Sourav and Sachin fans in a feeling of distress and disbelief when Both the,we realized that a couple of factors led to Sourav Ganguly not qualifying for the finals of the Inaugural Champion of Champions 2008 Contest.Winning and lose is part of the game which we have ingrained in our blood since watching our Batting heroes take the bowlers to the cleaners for over a decade thereby enjoying cult following among billions of cricket fans.

There has been a feeling of indignation and extreme displeasure as the irrepressible set of facts and circumstances that was beyond the control of Sourav Ganguly fans was operating as a victory against Nicol David seemed an impossible target to accomplish.The amazing dexterity shown by the ever increasing Sourav Ganguly fans in motoring their fingers towards clicking and voting their Hero towards victory could leave anyone ruminating with a pertinent questionHow could Sourav Ganguly Lose Let alone Not handing a crushing defeat to Nicol David as we crushed Kobe Bryant and Dhoni before and which was also aired On Sporstcenter India?

Such was the gargantuan assemblage of Sourav Ganguly Fans Also known in the corridors of cricket as Dada Army in various 100 plus communities in orkut with an average member strength of around 50000 and also other fan websites of Sourav Ganguly,that it was next to impossible to lose a Prestigious and Credible Champion of Champions 2008 Contest conducted by the venerable ESPNSTAR Group which has given cricket fans in India a dedicated cricket channel Star Cricket thereby creating a cult following for itself and thereby satisfying the insatiable appetite for legion of Sourav,Sachin and Indian cricket fans.

According to the reliable website,One cannot ignore that 67\% of the traffic is attributed By India and mostly Indian cricket fans notwithstanding the 9\% of the Pakistan cricket fans and also the Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan fans who love the game of cricket and the players associated with it which then contributes to 80\% of the traffic generated by South Asian cricket fans.In contrast ,Malaysian nicol davids fans contribute 3\% and Manny Paquaio fans from Philippines contribute a paltry 0.8\% to the traffic of ESPNSTAR.COM.

Also,Sourav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar combined has over 20 lakh fans in various communities of Orkut notwithstanding other fan sites and the general tendency of a legion of Indians to vouch for Sourav and Sachin in any Credible and worthy Online Contest where the sports fans have the power to vote their sportstar towards victory.

These are eye popping figures that cannot be dismissed and can make and did make Nicol david fans leave the battlefield before 20th December when Sourav Ganguly was leading 67\% to Nicol Davids 33\% and the Dada Army was gearing up for a complete rout.

However exactly Two irrepressible macroenviromental set of circumstances beyond the control of Sourav Ganguly fans caused us to lose by 0.5\% of votes over Nicol David.

Factor 1.On December 20th,2008 Three undersea cables were cut which affected a huge proportion of traffic in India according to National papers and online news portal like the Economic Times ,The Telegraph and also several other regional dailies and the severity of the problem was so huge that even BBC published in their Online portal with the link and the screenshot given below.Fans of Sourav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar and cricket fans complained of Server Problems and The Page of ESPNSTAR not being able to load which caused severe distress among fans the Day after the Hit in traffic was reported .The minor irritation transpired to intense rage as Fans couldnt register a single vote for hours and Many Sourav Ganguly fans had to take an extreme step of visiting Local cafes to register as many votes as possible.However to the dismay of Fans across India ,the Server and the slow web speed was felt in the Cafй s leading to widespread resentment.

The Fact that Post December 20th where the Semi finals of both the Indian superstars was declared open caused a abnormal and monstrous spike and interest in the ESPNSTAR.COM traffic which is further elaborated by the screenshot below taken from conveys the frustating thoughts that many Indian fans harbour within themselves.

Factor 2.Handing over a Defeat to Nicol David fans was a walk in the park for Dada Army where on December 20th , Sourav Ganguly was leading by over 30\% reminiscent of the crushing margin handed over before qualifying for the Semis.However a Big Conundrum awaited us and which was that Manny Paquiao fans ENVISAGED that Sourav Ganguly would be a Nightmare as quoted by Manny Paquiao fans in their forum in the finals if they were able to go through Sachin Tendulkar as they knew Sachin fans would unite with Us and hand a crushing defeat to them in the Finals.The area of concern doesnt lie If the Manny Paquaio fans vote against Sourav Ganguly ,BUT it lies on the use of Unfair Means By Paquaio fans used to deter Sourav Ganguly in the hope of having a very very easy Final from qualifying from the finals which is illustrated in the screenshot below taken from their forum called .They had used Pac Voter Version 1 and 2 wherein votes and clicks automatically registers which negated the continous votes of over 4 lakh online fans of Sourav Ganguly although Sourav Ganguly fans had to overcome their Massive server difficulties by the sheer commitment and the sheer volume of the Dada Army Brigade

The Above factors wherein with due respect ,Nicol Fans were really too paltry in comparison to Sourav Ganguly and also the usage of the very efficient Voting tool used by Manny paquaio fans can be exemplified by The Final Voting Percentages as of 24th December 12 pm IST .
Manny Paquaio 92\% in comparison to Nicols 8\%.

Sourav Ganguly fans were very close in overcoming the

1.Piffling effortsof a tiny group of Nicol fans
2.The Massive Server Problems as reported by the Widely respected BBC to showcase the severity of the abnormally low traffic speeds
3.The Turbo Auto Voters used By Manny Paquaio fans consistenly against us and increased their intensity against Sourav Ganguly on 23rd December with full effect to negate the huge Sourav Ganguly fan base and Determination to not LET DOWN Sourav Ganguly and Gifting him a Perfect Gift for New Years in the Form of a Title called Champion of Champions 2008

and to lose by just 0.5\% .

The letter is packed with the invisible indignation that Sourav Ganguly fans harbour towards a repertoire of Factors that led to Sourav Ganguly fans towards writing this petition .We do not demand Anything from ESPNSTAR as we know we can always expect a fair and consentaneous judgement and action to be taken by the adjudicators of ESPNSTAR Champion of Champions 2008 Contest and we know the adjudicators will also take into consideration the emotions of millions of fans of this Stalwart from India.
The only Emotion and conviction that is being reverberated across Sourav Ganguly fans are that Sourav Ganguly wouldnt have lost in any manner possible and I am sure after reading the letter ,ESPNSTAR will also air the same views.

The Link of the screenshots:

1.Alexa Traffic Rise and contribution by India and Philippines



2.Massive Server Problems:



Indian Major Newspapers :

Manny Paquiao Fans Discussing about the Server problems which also was shown as snippet views on online dailies of a Philippines Daily.


3.UNFAIR VOTING By Manny Paquaio Fans against Sourav Ganguly



4.The Clear Fact that Nicol had very less fans and that Paquaio fans utilized their advantage of UNFAIR VOTER TOOLS and Indias Huge SERVER Problems To get Nicol to the Final and defeat them by a enormous margin.


All the screenshots is proved to be unclear can be provided on mail if ESPN considers responding to this PETITION

Moderator of Sourav Community

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    No other fighter in my years in managing fighters is as revered and loved. The Philippines comes to a virtual stop whenver Manny fights. Rebel insurgents and Government troops hold truces during Manny pacquiao fights. To sum it up best let me quote Sen. J
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  • 13 October 2015884. Jim L
    Here's my opinion. I think it was a smart strategic move by the PacFans. It says nothing on the rules that you cannot vote others. The only rule was vote as many times as you want. So I say, the better fans who were more strategic won. Hands down, they ar
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    It's your FAULT stupid DADA fans! If you just didn't vote against us and then we should have atleast one indian in the Finals! Want proof?! Go to sachinism website two of your members attacked us. Should ESPN give a fair judgement No
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