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Dear Mr. Kojima and team of Metal Gear Solid.

My name is Jeffrey L. Long, I am a big fan of your series and I have enjoyed Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, and Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance. I am writing to you a concern that I have for the new Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. It has come to my attention that Big Boss may be the main playable character in the game.

I personally think that having Big Boss as the main character is not a very good thing, To me, Big Boss is the mother of all Metal Gear bad guys, he is the one that had it built in Outer Heaven and Zanzibar Land. I am now gonna use a couple of excerpts from the Metal Gear Solid Manuel to help prove my thing of why I would not like to play as Big Boss.

Outer Heaven Revolt (1995)

A Small but powerfully armed nation known as Outer Heaven emerges deep from withing South Africa. NATO learns that they are designing a nuclear-equipped battle tank called Metal Gear, and they send in one of their best agents, Gray Fox. But, he is taken hostage, and they are forced to send in the newest member of FOX-HOUND Solid Snake. He rescues Gray Fox, and forces the surrender of Outer Heaven. As Solid Snake escapes, he is confronted by one man. Its FOX-HOUNDs commander, Big Boss! It seems that Outer Heaven was a mercenary company and Big Boss is the mastermind behind it. Big Boss had intentionally chosen his most inexperienced agent, Solid Snake, thinking he would fail, but he seriously miscalculated. After a fierce battle, Solid Snake defeats Big Boss, as Outer Heaven burns around him.

Zanzibar Land Riot (1999)

In 1999, Dr. Kio Marv, inventor of the oil refining microbe, OILIX, was taken hostage by Zanzibar Land, a heavily armed nation deep within Central Asia, ruled by a minority ethnic group. Zanzibar Land was planning to gain military hegemony over a world suffering under a world wide energy crisis. Roy Campbell, commander of FOX-HOUND, called Solid Snake, now in retirement, back to active duty to infiltrate Zanzibar Land and recover Dr. Marv.

Solid Snake made it past Zanzibar Lands impressive steel wall and penetrated deep within its interior. Once inside, he destroyed Metal Gear, which was completed after being transported from Outer Heaven, and defeated Gray Fox, former member of FOX-HOUND, and leader of Zanzibar Lands Mercenary Corps. He was also successful in retrieving the OILIX manufacturing process. Finally, he would once again meet his destiny with the man who is pulling all the strings in Zanzibar Land, Big Boss, he had survived Outer Heaven, and created Zanzibar Land in order to create a world rife with conflict and war, a world where a soldier such as himself would always have a place. After defeating Big Boss for the final time, Snake gave up on war and retired to peaceful Alaskan Wilderness.

I truly and fully understand that this is your game and you can create it anyway you wish. I just believe that A Metal Gear Solid game is not a Metal Gear Solid game without Solid Snake. To me the game is just so much better when you get to play as the series main hero Solid Snake. I hope that you and your wonderful team take this under advisement.

Yours Truly
Jeff Long

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