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To: Smart UK customer Service

This petition has been created to bring public attention to Smart UKs growing problem with customer care and support.

The issue stems from the companies poor attitude to its existing customers and their enquires, being unhelpful, inflexible and lacking in product knowledge. Smart need to address the second class citizen effect felt by many Smart customers at Mercedes outlets.

There is a desperate need for better-trained dealership based staff; call centre staff and Smart UK need to start acknowledging the existing problems with current vehicles.
They are numerous but include the following most prevalent,

Roadster roof leaks
Four For Navigation system-stating features, which are non-existent
Four For Wheel nut and brake discs corrosion issues
Inconsistent communication with regard to vehicle recalls

I personally purchased 2 Smart cars and have had problems with both.

Many Smart customers are suffering the same problems with their cars and it is this, which is hurting the sales of your Smart cars in the UK more than anything else.

I am asking that all owners of who have an affected Smart Car or who have experienced poor service to sign this petition. We are asking for Smart to take action and repair/replace parts affected in our cars, free of charge and regardless of warranty status.

We also would demand a statement from Smart or parent company Mercedes-Benz, as to why so many of us have received such poor levels of customer service and what steps are being made to improve this situation nationally.

We all love our cars and many of us are very loyal to Smart as a brand but you are jeopardising future ownership by your constant failings to us your customers.

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Latest Signatures

  • 22 novembre 2015100. Kevin A
    I support this petition
  • 14 ottobre 201599. Katie F
    I support this petition
  • 04 settembre 201598. Kimberly W
    Purchased from Smart of Lincoln Car Model Passion Cabriolet Year Of Manufacture 2003 Light package faulty. Six trips to dealership for replacement bulbs. Light Package switched off at third attempt. Engine timing belt seriously worn at 24K due to manufa
  • 30 luglio 201597. Tim R
    Purchased from Private dealer Car Model For2 Pure Year Of Manufacture 1998 I would just like to say that I always receive bad service whenever I make an enquiry. I feel like I am putting someone out by asking them a question
  • 10 giugno 201596. Richard G
    Purchased from Birmingham Car Model Brabus Roadster Coupe Year Of Manufacture 04 this is my second Roadster, both leaked, i am losing confidence in the Smart brand.
  • 07 giugno 201595. Mike A
    Purchased from smart of Bristol Car Model forfour Year Of Manufacture 2004 The Multimedia Navigator has been a source of trouble since day one. It should be withdrawn as hardly anything works and what does is in error. smart uk response is "hear what you
  • 28 maggio 201594. Neil S
    Purchased from Dartford (Smart Of London) Car Model Roadster (82bhp) Year Of Manufacture 2003 Still a Mercedes owner so same respect.
  • 22 maggio 201593. Rrowles Singh
    I support this petition
  • 10 gennaio 201592. Paul C
    I support this petition
  • 29 novembre 201491. Colin C
    Purchased from private Car Model pulse Year Of Manufacture 2001 new owner who wants good service
  • 31 agosto 201490. Matt E
    Purchased from SMART NOTTINGHAM Car Model FORFOUR Year Of Manufacture 2004 My constant letters and phone calls the Smart UK have proved fruitless and no one seemed to care!
  • 29 agosto 201489. John B
    Purchased from Smart Birmingham Car Model ForTwo Passion Cabrio Year Of Manufacture 2004 Too many broken promises
  • 11 agosto 201488. Graeme W
    Purchased from Smart Of York Car Model Roadster Bluewave Year Of Manufacture 03 Dealer is first class no problems there, but there is a rattle from the steering and wind blowing though he speaker grilles should this be allowed on a 17k car i dont thing a
  • 02 agosto 201487. Steven C
    Purchased from Smart Manchester Car Model Smart Roadster Year Of Manufacture 2004 Very very poor customer service when trying to buy the car, I have a letter 3 pages long full of complaints about how the actual sale went, I know people say this all the t
  • 10 luglio 201486. Richard B
    I support this petition
  • 07 luglio 201485. John C
    I support this petition
  • 26 maggio 201484. Lee W
    Purchased from smartsrus (nottingham) Car Model roadster Brabus Year Of Manufacture 04 terrible service from mercedes, smart r us have been superb, getting me a high car when Merc main dealers couldn`t be bothered. The roof is leaking but again little o
  • 04 maggio 201483. Jj K
    Purchased from Private Car Model Pulse Year Of Manufacture 2000 Smart dealers are the most un-knowledgeable and expensive people I have ever had to deal with. Apart from Smart Perth, they have been a mixed bag.
  • 22 aprile 201482. Paulene F
    Purchased from smart manchester Car Model city coupe, Passion Year Of Manufacture 2000 I had problems in the past, with MB in Belfast, when they first set up here. But since then they have been reasonably o.k.
  • 16 marzo 201481. Adam W
    I support this petition
  • 02 febbraio 201480. Rebecca C
    Purchased from Smart Of Wolverhampton Car Model fortwo Year Of Manufacture 2005 Awful services, very very poor!
  • 20 dicembre 201379. Rob K
    Purchased from Smart Canary Wharf London Car Model four two coup'e MK6 Year Of Manufacture 2003 Yes we are second class citizens.
  • 29 novembre 201378. Dave B
    Purchased from Surrey Smart Centre, Croydon Car Model Pulse Coupe Year Of Manufacture 2002 Indifferent service from main dealers
  • 25 novembre 201377. Michael H
    Purchased from Mercedes Benz and smart of Lincoln Car Model Brabus Roadster Coupe/Fortwo Passion Year Of Manufacture 2004/2004 Problems with both cars from new, some resolved, some not. It really is 'Get Your Act Together' time DCUK. How can a 'quality'
  • 10 novembre 201376. James F
    Purchased from smart newcastle Car Model 4-2 Year Of Manufacture 03 wake up smart!!!!!!!!!!
  • 08 novembre 201375. Jackie M
    Purchased from John R Weir (Aberdeen) Car Model Smart Roadster coupe Year Of Manufacture 2004 Problems since day 1 with leaks, in spite of roof replacement and sets of new seals, still leaks. Has been in 6 times but to no avail. Currently seeking refund.
  • 05 novembre 201374. Matt A
    I support this petition

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