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Dear Smackdown players!
Dear fellows at THQ & Yukes!

I've been playing the Smackdown games for years. I especially enjoyed the online mode, as it has always been fun to me and friends, but this year, that has changed. There are several issues I myself encountered, and there are a few more that I've heard of on different message boards that're focusing on the WWE games. Let our voice be heard, just read the stuff I've found, and if you want to change it, just leave your name by signing the petition. Optionally, you can also add your gaming platform and a comment. The purpose of this petition is to make THQ/Yukes think twice about releasing a real patch that'll solve all the matters that make online playing with Smackdown vs Raw 2009 a lot less enjoyable.


>>> Create-A-Finisher

Oh my god. This must be the worst feature ever included into a Smackdown title. It looked really nice on paper. You would be able to create your own move, customize it the way you like, being able to both create all-new moves just like maneuvers from Ex-WWE or independent stars. But in the end, this well-intentioned bonus led to what we had to expect, considering the mass of lamers online... finishers like the choke-hold, which consists of lifting the opponent with both hand and from then on, its just the same choking animation over and over again, until the whole players bodys red. So the online-matches on SvR2009 are pretty repetitive at times your getting hit with a few fist of furys (more on that later), and once the lamers momentum has filled, he will be sure to use his choke-hold and in 9 out of 10 matches, hell win the match without any real effort. Its the same with some other things alot of people have seen online. Finishers who include getting kicked in the balls 5 times, then receiving 3 powerbombs, being finished with an RKO. Of course, the speed is turned to the max, this is pure realism! ;-) One more thing with the choke-hold is that once someones used it on you, you wont be able to stand up for a long time. Therefore, lamers often choose to player either cage- or last man standing-matches easy wins. The CAF-mode needs to be revised and the possibility to instantly turn someone red after one move is just ridiculous and takes the fun out of it.


>>> Fist of fury

This whole abuse of FoF (fist of fury) is ruining much of the fun in the game and on the same time, it provides the perfect basis for the choke-hold (see above for more on that). The first of the three consecutive attacks is pretty often very hard to block, because itll either be very fast (breaking your own, mostly slower move or attack, so you dont get to attack at all, the Elbow Smash is the perfect example) or they are hitting with a great delay, there are kicks in the game that I cant block until this day, just because of their shitty, long animation. Thing is, the FoF is unblockable from the moment you dont block the first of three attacks. And lamers from all over the world love to place that dizzy-hit to the third place, itll make your superstar stagger, and youll be unable to block anything. So the lamer just spears you or hits a few more FoFs, until his momentums full and its choking time! I fought guys who would repeatedly use FoF on me, like about 20 times its a joke! THQ/Yukes should consider making all three hits blockable and they should also take out that staggering which disables your moving and blocking. It plain sucks and doesnt add to the realism or fun.


>>> Unblockable glitches/moves

If you ever played against a real lamer, youll already know the things I talked about above. But its not all, not by a long shot. There are several, seemingly unblockable attacks in the game. Ever tried to block a spear? You know that headbutt where the lamer drops to his knees and seemingly pushes you away, again making you stagger? They will do anything not to break the 2000-hit-combo. Moves have always been blockable in some way or another, but in this years game, it plain sucks.


>>> Crowd glitches

Another type of glitches is the crowd glitch. A few times, I would play online Tag Team matches with a buddy. Our opponents: London/Kendrick. Oddly, the guys rushed out of the ring and started rolling towards the barrier. Just after every roll, they used their ability for the crowd taunt, and after a few tries, they got the right timing for the evasive roll and moved right through the barrier into the crowd. The tactics easy from now on: Just wait for the other team to disconnect. We played as the DX, so no rolling, nor getting into crowd. At least we didnt know of/wanted to use any glitches to do so. Just as annoying is the fact that some guys think its funny to repeatedly use the crowd taunt, making a proper match impossible. Why has this stupid ability even been included? It sucks, it doesnt really add any fun. Its just used by those who find it funny to do it all the time until the others disconnect. Easy win, again.


>>> Create-A-Wrestler

Whats this?? Are you serious? Last years game was awesome when it comes to created superstars. You could design them in any way you want, make others laugh or impress them because your character looks so impressive. I wont even bother talking about the limitations that PS3-users have (32 layers instead of 64, as one the 360 for the second year in a row!). I wouldnt even need all those extra-layers! You know why? No matter what, I still wouldnt be able to create my beloved Spider-Man character. Because since this year, for some reason you cant use designs on head/torso, only tattoos. Just great. No, THQ/Yukes, why dont you go online and take a look around! Last year, there were so many colorful and extemely well-made CAWs, this year, there are just a few gangsters with shitty Tribal-tattoos, wearing hoodies, jeans and sporting yellow eyes. They look plain shitty. Shitty gangsters. And all of them have maxed stats. I wonder how they do that playing through such a boring and badly implemented career mode (although I wont talk about that, as youve already announced the release of a patch thatll solve this problem). This is the most important critic on the game for me personally. I wanna play with cool CAWs, why limit the gamer, when the last iteration had it all in pure perfection??


>>> No support

Where IS THQ? Who is overseeing the servers? Where are the tournaments with great prizes, where does the gamer get motivated to play the game? I guess there is no official league because THQ does know about the unfair way alot of people are playing. How about a few guys who represent the company, something like a game-master or global mods who you can go and complain about certain players or things?


>>> WTF? No bad words in the chat?

Helloooo? Im from Germany, I cant even use the word dass which doesnt mean more than that in a special contect. But the game just wont let me put it into the chat. Is that a bad word I dont know about? Think about it. About 50\% of all players are already using headsets on their console. They will still shout words like motherf****er or **** you, which you wont be able to filter. There was no word filter in the last game. I dont know why youre adding useless stuff like this. Think about todays kids, nowadays theyd know more curses at the age of 12 than Im knowing now, being 21.


>>> DLC (PS3/Europe)

Downloadable content. Yeehaw! This criticism only concerns the Playstation 3. Microsoft has learned a long time ago that not every average guy/player has a credit card at home. So they offered Prepaid-cards, making it possible to buy em in a store and use them to purchase game extras and stuff on Xbox Live. What about the PS3? Here in Europe, we dont have those fancy PSN Cards, which are the equivalent of the Xbox-Cards. Dont you guys wanna make money off your added content? How am I supposed to buy anything on the Playstation Store if I dont have a credit card? I guess this really doesnt directly concern THQ, but Sony. But still, its important for the game itself, isnt it?


>>> Minor bugs/issues

When fighting someone outside the ring, using the Ultimate Control-Backbreaker move on one of the ringposts once (just smashing him against it, still carrying him with you) will enable you to walk right into the crowd, through the barricades while still hanging on to the move

Burning tables:
The sound of burning fire stays, although the opponent has already been thrown through it concerning the ECW Extreme Rules Match

Chokeslam (online):
Especially often used in Triple Threat Matches: One player takes the ref into the Chokeslam (the one where you have control how the move will turn out) this move cant be aborted by attacking the player using the chokeslam and the ref wont do a thing to escape the choke

Create-A-Wrestler (game freezes):
After creating a wrestler, the game just wont work correctly but will freeze several times and when entering the Career Mode, the player experienced major graphical bugs

Sometimes, the addition of music and/or fireworks doesnt work properly. They just wont show up where they should, but a few days later, theyd work properly

Crowd looks (very) bad:
The crowd looks even worse than in the last iteration, especially if youre playing a match in the Tribute To The Troops arena

Elimination Chamber Match:
Whip-In doesnt work properly (when being thrown into the corner, the wrestler just keeps running towards it without stopping) this was reported by several players

Hornswoggle Bug:
If you attack Hornswoggle after you summoned him from unter the ring, he will not run away, but stay at the same place for the rest of the match. He also loses his weapon, if somehow tries to pick it up in order to use it, the character wont even attempt to touch the thing, but will freeze until he is attacked or grappled again

Manager bug:
When playing as a manager, entering the ring will sometimes turn the whole screen black without any reason

PS3: 6 Wrestlers on screen:
Works fine on the 360, but the game gets really slow and sloppy on the PS3, playing isnt enjoyable this way, same goes for the 4-player matches online and by the way, the game lagging is one thing, the crowd also looks way worse than e.g. in a 4-man match: less people, looking very bad (this isnt the case on the 360)

PSP Career mode:
After gaining two titles without any pause, trying to save the game after the second title win will let the game freeze, you cant even switch off your PSP, the battery has to be removed and re-inserted back

PSP CAW mode:
Belts are not shown on the superstar

Ranked matches invitation:
Why can I invite someone while playing a non-ranked match, but not in a ranked one? Huh?

Realism issues:
Bleeding superstars wouldnt bleed anymore after a match in RtWM mode, even after beating another superstar with a possum pin after a few minutes without enduring any damage, your superstar will always look so exhausted that it seems he fought for hours

Royal Rumble Themes:
When changing the music theme for a wrestler, it all works fine while playing normal matches but if the superstar enters a Royal Rumble match a few minutes into the match, the music wont play and hell enter the ring without any music

Tag Team Matches:
When entering the ring to aid your partner, the ref will even continue to count to 5 although you already left the ring at the count of 4 or below then he simply disqualifies your team although you fought within the rules

Wii Cage Matches:
Using a move as a signature that will catapult your opponent outside the ring (e.g. the Jericho-esque dropkick from the second rope into the corner) will prompt the opponent outside the cage. He is now able to walk through everything

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