Dear THQ,
We, the consumers of your fine products appreciate the great work you do on the Smackdown series. But like all games there are always things that you can improve on. Include on here are a list of things we would like to see add, taken out, or expanded on. Please take these ideas into consideration during your work on the up coming smackdown game set 4 release next year. I hope that this list gives you some incite into what we, the gamers, would enjoy.


Energy Bar

wouldnt it be cool if there was an energy bar that shows how much energy you use up it would replace that charisma bar that they have this year.

here is how it works the more energy you have the easier it is for you to pick up heavier people such as Big Show but if I do not have level 8 or above in strength I cant pick him up and the less energy I have the harder it is for me to go on and if I have just enough energy to do my special I will do it and lay down while the ref counts to ten.

Body Parts
when you are injured in the arm area lets face it the chances of you doing a show stopper are slim so when your arm is red you cant do certain pick up moves this goes for arms legs and back.

Limb Injury
when you get an injury on your right arm your left arm doesnt hurt so why is it that when one arm is injured the other is injured too.

your strength should be broken up into 2 categories upper body and lower body (kicking, Grappling)

submission should be broken up into 3 categories 1 ability to apply reverse and endure submissions.



clothesline from hell

kanes chokeslam

smoke bomb

eddy's frog splash


tombstone pin

rock bottom


angle slam


the Rumpshaker 2 with pin

hip drop with pin

running RKO

Kanes tombstone from WWF attitude

a complete Hogan hulk up from him on his knees 2 the big boot and the leg drop as a 1 move finisher

a wake up move 4 the chokeslam

any cage specific move n the regular cage matches

Less repetitive and a lot longer sort of like shut your mouth. Have some unique storylines for specific wrestlers. Also many of us were extremely disappointed that there were no legends in season mode and that you couldnt edit theyre stats unless you made them in Create-a-wrestler.
We would like some kind of story like in Day of Reckoning where you start out in like OVW or something and as your superstar points go up u get to b on heat or velocity and then Raw or Smackdown and PPVs. More stable interaction with your story One more thing on this subject before I go off on another subject is that we would like 2 have legendary storylines involving legends like the $10,000 body slam challenge with Big John Studd

It seems as though you added voiceovers you took out several modes that we enjoy. That would be the hardcore time limit which was very fun. But for this to take place we will need more backstage arenas like in Here Comes The Pain. Another mode that was taken out was the 2 on 3 handicap match which was also entertaining. Also I have a question about the TLC match why cant you have a triple threat tag team TLC match but u can have a one in ladder match mode. The cage match. We would like 2 have interaction with the cage like in hell in a cell. This could happen when you perform a move on a opponent who is hung up on the rope

Take out the wrestler voiceovers but keep the announcers and the commentary during the match maybe add more 2 this since you will have more space without all the wrestlers taking up the space

We want a more accurate and up to date roster. Also we would like the entrances 2 be better 4 some and leave others alone. I think Triple H, Kane, and Taker r the ones that need the most concentration. Especially Triple H, his entrance hasnt been right since Shut Your Mouth. The legends were good this year but as usual there are complaints. Beefcake????? How did he make it in when there are greater legends you could of put in. these legends I believe are wanted the most there are * next to ones that are a long shot

Hulk Hogan( I dont know if youll b able 2 put him in but his chances are a lot higher than some others)
Demolition( ax, smash, crush)
Ultimate Warrior*
Randy Savage*
Rick Rude
Razor Ramon*
Bobby Hennan
Mr. Fuji
Freddie Blassie

Not to much needs to be improve in create a wrestler all that needs 2 be done is that the shirts seem to be painted on. Also everybody would like some old school tunes for there entrances. Some songs like maybe Owen hart, or randy savage. Even better maybe some WCW tunes like now black and white and wolf pack. old school entrances would be nice too. The only thing about the PPVs is that we would like 2 be graded on the ones we make and maybe earn money from them. All I have to say about the create a belt feature is that you have to be Ted Dibiase to make one. Lower the price and give some more options.

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