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To All Harry Potter Fans:

My name is Christina and I believe based on the facts presented in book six of the sixth Harry Potter book The Half-Blood Prince that Harry is in fact the final Horocrux. The sad truth of it is, there are just too many things that make this a possibility though it breaks my heart to think of it. I therefore submit this petition to see the many different views on this. My decision is based on the following facts:

1. We'll start from the beginning. The prophecy clearly states that Harry will be marked as Voldemort's equal. I know that it can be true that Harry is his equal because of his ability to love, believed to be the power the Dark Lord knows not, but how likely is it that Harry could become his equal at such a young age without outside influence?

2. To clear up the fact about why Voldemort kept trying to kill Harry if he knew hw would be destroying a piece of his soul. Simple. There are many reasons for this starting with the fact that he may not know. When he possessed Harry in the Ministry of Magic he wasn't exactly looking for that in particular was he? His main goal was to possess Harry so Dumbledore might kill him.If he had looked farther wouldn't he know that Harry had been close to Dumbledore and that he wouldn't kill him, not to mention the fact that Snape was teaching him Occlumency? Another reason is he might not even care. After all, after he kills Harry and destroys his Horocrux what's stopping him from just making another one? And as one person pointed out,if Voldemort truly wanted Harry dead, he would be dead. In the six book he didn't even care about Harry.

3.The transfer of powers. Now I know that in the book there are no other examples of someone living after the killing curse hit them, but really even with a mothers protection to bounce the killing curse back why did Harry recieve some of his powers (ex:parseltongue, link to each others minds, shared emotions)it is just not concievable.

4.Also the fact that Voldemort was planning to kill Harry in a ritual spell to make his final Horocrux attracts your attention to the fact that the ritual was disrupted. So what were the reppercussions of that? We never heard Dumbledore talk about of anything strange related to that happening. Why should the ritual have not suceeded? Voldemort did in fact kill someone, himself. What if the horocrux spell having needing something to latch onto, chose Harry in the form of his scar. My reasons for this are: Shared emotions(they can feel each others strongest emotions), they can see into each others minds, Harry was possessed, and when Voldemort was fixated on the prophecy in the Department of Mysteries Harry felt a need to find it to, not even knowing what was. All this happened through the connection between Harry and Voldemort through a connection in the form of his scar.

4. Brother wands. This could just be coincidence or it could in fact be something more. I say they had to have some connection of some sort because they're complete opposites, how did they get connected wands?

5.The Dementor Factor: First of all I don't get that talk about how people with especially bad pasts fall victim to Dementors easier. What of Neville? His parents are insane. Dumbledore? He fought in the Grindelwald war and must have seen his share of death and horrors. Face it Harry's past was by far not the worst of the bunch, though it was up there. So why do Dementors torment Harry so much more? Because he has more "soul" in him (his own and a piece of Voldemort's), and we all know about the Dark Lord's past holds more terrors then even we know.

6. How Dumbledore convieniently mentioned the fact that Horocruxes could be living things, though it can be a problem due to the fact that they follow their own emotions and can make their own decisions, which can be a huge disadvantage for the maker. Harry's scar burns when near Voldemort, and reacts hugely to his touch. I also believe it is part of the reason Harry deflects the Imperious Curse so well. Being a Horocrux may also be the power the Dark Lord knows not.

7. My final thoughts. I believe that even if Harry is indeed a Horocrux he doesn't have to die. What I believe about this stems from what I believe about the Avada Kedevra Curse. I believe that this curse kills you by disconnecting your soul from your body and essentially sealing a part within the wand of the Caster hence the Echoes from Book Four. In order for my deductions to be true, they would both need a part of each other for the link to be two way, hence the "Equals" part of the prophecy. I believe that when the curse hit Harry, his mother's protection cancelled out the most part of the spell, and it might have entirely if it weren't for a third influence: the Horocrux spell. In my theory Voldemort's soul fragment tried to latch on to Harry by becomming a part of Harry's soul, and to do that it took advantage of the Avada Kedavra's influence to virtually tear of a piece of Harry's weakened soul so it could take the torn soul part's place. This piece I think has a huge factor in Harry's attempted Cruciatus Curse, because of Harry's good soul he wasn't able to cast it properly only causing momentary pain,but what prompted it in the first place? Voldemorts soul may have taken that piece into itself and hence the two way connection. Now that would explain the link and the reason that if Harry's horocrux piece(assuming he is one) were to be destroyed Harry wouldn't have to die. If Voldemort(or anyone) hit Harry with the killing curse it would essetially destroy Voldemort's piece of soul leaving his alone entirely. It's like having another life, and Voldemort would be dead for good, all soul pieces leaving with the caster.

This was way to long... Anyway sign if you think this even has an inkling of truth and feel free to comment upon it. I would be happy to see different view points. Sorry if this petition is a bit unorthadox.

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