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There is no question that many of us in this world have a sense of humor, and find in our own way several things amusing. That is only one facet of being human that makes us whole.

However, when a message board such as comes to stooping low enough to make fun at the expense of other people based on physical and mental disabilities, their ages, parents with critically/terminally ill children (with the addition of posting messages that the parent(s) that have stated that said parents are exploiting their own children for the parents own benefit without physical proof to back up such a claim) the plus sized community and those that are part of it, it is crossing the line.

This is not humor; it is downright malicious and blatant discrimination against these groups of people being targeted.

In addition, there have also been incidents where printed works and photographs--many of them copyrighted materials by their respective owners--have been stolen (and in some cases altered) and printed on this board without the owners knowledge nor consent.

Both the site administrator and at least three moderators have also abused their positions by tracing IPs of members with the purpose in mind of invading the privacy of targeted members by gathering personal information via search engines to obtain home/employer addresses, home, work and cellular telephone numbers, information on family members and other background information.

With this information obtained from specific search engines (i.e.: Google) on several members, when there was no probable causes on their part at all to obtain such information, with the exception for the purpose of stalking and/or harassing and defaming the targeted subjects of such searches.

Some of these people were national/area celebrities, and then such information received was printed on the boards for public access, allowing the chances of the safety and privacy of both victims and their families to be compromised and the victims to have to take extreme, immediate action to protect themselves from possible danger.

However, these posts that contained such information has since been removed once the owners were notified of such practices happening, but the damage had been done, in addition to members being harassed and non-members having defamatory and remarks leaning toward discrimination against them printed about them still continue.

At least two victims of this unethical practice have retained counsel to pursue legal action. Such offensive posts of this board nearly cost one of these members their job until it was proven to the employer of the victim that the allegations printed were indeed false.

There have also been items printed on this site pertaining to the story of two moderators that is adult in nature, as well as photos, also adult in nature, that can easily be accessed by children, in addition to many untruths printed by the same persons that have been, upon confirmation by many very reliable sources, also proven to be that--untruths.

Still, another member was informed by the site administrator that if the member to print anything concerning a specific topic, it had to be truthful.

Yet this same administrator condoned, and continues to condone, the confirmed falsifications authored by the two moderators in question to be printed on the site, as well as socialized with them, in addition to blatantly ignoring the complaints of said moderators from other members of the site about these posts and their inappropriate and malicious behavior in general.

In light of all this, it is the mission of this petition to be forwarded to the site owners, who may or may not be aware what is happening, and to have the offensive moderators and administrator either terminated from their administrative/moderating positions and permanently banned from the site, or have the site closed altogether.

Discrimination of specific groups and the printing of malicious and false posts should not be tolerated by ANYONE and needs to be

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