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We, the concerned Indians /people of Indian Origin /well-wishers of AID, urge the media and the society at large, to protest the ongoing intellectual violence in the name of "Terrorism", and the subsequent hate campaign started by the anonymous owners of and their hate-mongers against the Association for India's Development (AID).

Association for India's Development (AID) has been working since 1991 towards sustainable solutions for problems faced by the poor in India. AID has always been inspired by the Gandhian ideals of nonviolence, pluralism and sustainable development and the philosophy of "Sarvodaya through Antyodaya", or service to all through service to the last person.

In recent days, a number of people have begun a cowardly campaign of slander against AID. Preying on peoples general concerns about use of charity funds, this smear campaign is trying to exploit the crisis of tsunami by making false allegations about AID hoping that they will simply be forwarded by neutral, well-meaning people. These are either completely fabricated or based on distortion and misrepresentation of information from AIDs own website (publicly available because of the open nature of AIDs functioning). AID has supported more than 400 projects, and its website has more than a 1000 pages; it is easy to search out a few and engage in deliberate distortion.

AID volunteers have always welcomed questions from its donors and well-wishers, and have gladly and patiently explained our work. However, a deliberate slander campaign requires to be countered directly, because such a campaign is a disservice to the donors and the community in general, as much as it is to AIDs work for the people in India.

We have printed factual responses - & - to specific false allegations that have been made against AID and are being spread through a couple of websites - and We don't wish to engage in a shadow battle with these websites. Our purpose is to use our time in a way that best serves the people in India, not to keep issuing point-by-point rebuttal to such deliberate propaganda. Based on the points made here, the reader can draw conclusions about AID's work as well as the falsehoods that are driving the negative propaganda campaign.

AID is grateful to the community for its generous help to the people affected by the Tsunami. AID has responded with alacrity to this disaster using your contributions, and over 50 field reports from our ongoing work are available on our website. We, AID volunteers, promise that your trust is sacred to us. We invite you to join us as volunteers or donors, and interact with us at our regular meetings.

Kindly sign the petition and show your solidarity.

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Latest Signatures

  • 18 December 201550. Gam Bk
    My Lal Salam Comrades at AID! I thank AID for financial and moral support to our revolution in Nepal! I am amazed at our comrades' hard work to collect millions of dollars from capitalist USA. Please keep it up. Disregard the from imperialist supporters.
  • 16 December 201549. Madhavi V
    I support this petition
  • 10 November 201548. Stalin A
    AID is shining beacon of light. An insipration for left, progessive forces. The right is attacking AID's "nationalism", what they do not realize is that nationalism itself a outdated concept and India herself is an artificial concept held together by the
  • 27 August 201547. Sanjay Lutz
    I support this petition
  • 16 August 201546. Ashfaq T
    The running dogs of imperialism are showing their desperation. Nothing can stop the revolution. Lal Salaam
  • 03 August 201545. Surash M
    I am a member of CPM and was a naxalwadi in the past. I can't understand what the fuss is about? AID is supporting DYFI and SFI and other communist organizations. I am proud that we do this in order to save India from the clutches of imperialist BJP and f
  • 30 July 201544. Anand N
    I fully support this petition. lal salam
  • 20 July 201543. Srinivas P
    What about the slander campaign that you naxalite types waged against IDRF. Down with all communists. Support IDRF
  • 05 June 201542. Narasimha R
    I support this petition
  • 29 May 201541. Sangeetha S
  • 27 May 201540. P T
  • 14 February 201539. Sohan S
    Down with fascist forces -- long live revolution
  • 13 February 201538. Michael Witzelstephenf
    I support AID (Aryan Invasion Dogma). How else can the fragmented heathens of India have obtained civilization? We need more crematoriums like we built in Easter Europe, for all these Yindoos.
  • 20 December 201437. Shobhon A
    AID is an inspiration for the South Asian community.
  • 06 December 201436. M A
    AIDS is a nice commie outfit. Khamakha these bourgoise capitalists are sullying its fair game, (exploiting the poor).
  • 20 October 201435. Vasundhara A
    I support this petition
  • 14 October 201434. Li T
    Lal kile pe lal jhanda maang raha hai hindustan.Long live chairman Mao.Down Down Fascists.
  • 16 September 201433. Vikram Ss
    Exploitation cannot be warded off without peoples struggles. For that reason AID has identified Sangharsh as of the means of fighting exploitation. Most of the NRI's belong to the Hindu uppers castes, a section that has been traditionally exploiting the u
  • 09 July 201432. Bhaskar N
    I support this petition
  • 06 July 201431. Trikhan B
    KBP, should it not be Pukistan Puinabad, rhyming with the squeal of a dog with his tail between its hind quarters? AID, tussi to great ho, we need more вSouth Asiaв blather from you folks, puki-india equal-equal stuff.
  • 27 June 201430. Zainul H
    I support AID. Lal Salaam
  • 28 May 201429. Blaahji S
    AID is a terrorist organization. STOP FUNDING AID, STOP FUNDING TERROR
  • 23 April 201428. Elango M
    I support this petition
  • 18 March 201427. Deepak Shah
    I support AID. I want to breakup India like sandeep pandey. Go AID go. TAle peace marches to pakistan and organize "talks" in cosstliest US hotels by "indian celebrities like Mr. Pandey", financing them with tens of thoushans of charity $ to "AID" India i
  • 01 March 201426. Dyfi N
    Jo Bengal aur Bihar mein Gaandu, woh Maryland aur California mein bhi Gaandu. Support AIDs!
  • 12 February 201425. Aslam Sheikc
    So nice to see the outpouring of love for AID. It recognizes correctly that AID is to India what AIDS,SARS (okay h-pylori too) and other virulent strains are to the body, they kill from within. They should meet the same fate. Aisa apna sochna hai. All thi
  • 31 January 201424. Amarja D

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The Indian and American Communities, Media and Corporations graciously supporting Association for India's Development (AID)


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