I have put up with this outrage long enough.

Please tell me, when was the last time you ordered something online and for $20 and had a shipping charge of $40? Never? Then you're one of the lucky ones. For those of you out there who know what I'm talking about, then you'll understand my arguments. Torrid (http://www.torrid.com/) is one company that doesn't seem to believe in other means of shipping. Some of their best products and offers are not for Canada, however, when you do buy something off of their website, the shipping ends up being twice the amount you're paying. Recent Christmas shopping led my family to realize this when the shipping charge for our order was the price of a pair of pants. Torrid/Hot Topic seems to only use UPS, when much more popular websites such as Amazon (http://www.amazon.ca or .com) May I commend this website on their fabulous shipping charges. Amazon's charges stay the same no matter what product you are buying. For example if one wanted to use express shipping their charges for Books/Audio books and Videos would be 3.95 per shipment and 1.95 per item (good no?) For CDs, Computer/Video games, DVDs, and Software it's .99 per item and 3.95 per shipment. Now let's look at Torrid/Hot Topic: Ah, yes of course " Your shipping price will be determined online by the weight of your order and the shipping destination. After the "Shipping Address" page, you will see the US Express Mail shipping price for your order." Well that's lovely, but that means my shipping charge could be ANYTHING. Now tell me, would you rather paaay..$3.95 for an order? OR $50 and up for an order? Keeping in mind of course that for international prices your country will have additional fees and so on. In my opinion I'd rather pay the $3.95. I would also like to look at the UPS shipping comments that they have "This has been a fast and reliable service for our customers. All orders being delivered to a US military address overseas will be shipped via US Priority Mail." Well that's fine and dandy, but I'll have you know that my package never gets here on time and as for reliable I'm not so sure. When you phone the Torrid staff they have no interest in listening to your ideas either, the only possible way to wave shipping is for your order to be completely deleted and not shipped or completely ruined. I don't know about others, but I'm tired of losing money over something as silly as shipping when it's blatantly obvious that there are tons of other shipping alternatives. They are not the only ones in the states that sells this kind of product, but they are one of the few, which means that they probably want to attract customers, not scare them away.

Unacceptable. Completely and utterly unacceptable. I will not be the customer of a store who believes in shipping prices that are twice the amount of the total order, it's disgusting. These are the kinds of problems that make shopping unpleasant.

I'm posting this petition so that there will be at least a consideration for another shipping option at Torrid/Hot Topic and so that people all around the world don't have to blow more money than necessary for shipping.

Please, if you care about your money and don't want to have to spend $50+ on shipping, than you'll sign this. I'm not making you, because I know that this may not be a problem for everyone...but it is a problem for most. Please consider the situation.

Thank You.

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