"Shaolin Intangible World Heritage Status" sign now

depth and vastness of a Millenary Tradition
to the service of personal growth and development
for men and women
- of all races and cultures and at all stages of life -
in the XXI Century.

The Millenary Shaolin Culture is the cradle of all Martial Arts in the world, training and inspiring the greatest Masters and kung-fu athletes in the past and present; itвs both an authentic and complete expression of Chinese Culture and patrimony of history and art, medicine and spirituality, martial/therapeutic technique and theory, revelations and experiences becoming a precious pearl for all those who approach it.
Nevertheless, the diffusion of the Millenary Shaolin Culture throughout the world cannot be reached only by individual efforts: the support of the Institutions and, above all, the recognition of the UNESCO as "Immaterial Patrimony of the Humanityв are necessary in order to integrate Shaolin Arts in the Ministerial Program of Schools all over the world: in this way, itвll be possible to educate people, since childhood, to the art of nourishing life for preservation of personal and collective health, with the purpose to contribute in creating health for society on a physical, psychical and spiritual level.

UNESCO Convention for Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage
Approved October 17, 2003 by the UNESCO General Conference
Entered into force on the 40th ratification, April 30, 2006
Ratified by Italy on September 29, 2007 (Act No. 167)
Italy is and will be a member of the Intergovernmental Committee of the Convention until 2012

The main purposes of the Convention for the Safeguard of the immaterial cultural heritage consist in: safeguarding the elements and the expressions of the Immaterial Cultural Patrimony; promoting (at a local, national and international level) the awareness of their value as a basic component of traditional cultures; assuring that such a value is mutually appreciated by communities, groups and singles; encouraging the relative activities of cooperation and support at an international level (article 1). According to the purposes of the Convention, the intangible heritage is described as: "practices, representations, expressions, knowledge, know-how as well as instruments, objects, artefacts and cultural spaces associated therewith - that communities, groups and, sometimes, individuals recognize as part of their cultural heritage "(Article 2).
The areas of intangible assets are the following (Article 2.2):
a) oral traditions and expressions (including language as a vehicle of intangible cultural heritage);
b) performing arts;
c) social practices, rituals and festive events;
d) knowledge and practices concerning nature and universe;
e) knowledge and practices connected to traditional crafts




The educational value of Shaolin culture is validly expressed by the INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONAL STANDARD JITAKYOEI, which represents a suitable way to accompany the man from the earliest years of childhood to the age of reason; he will be formed over the time: his spirit will get free, reunited with body and mind, and all his creative potential will manifest himself in becoming of new realities. Unlike the current educational standards in schools, almost exclusively oriented to vocational training of the individual, the International Educational Standard Jitakyoei adopts the deeper meaning of the word "educate", defined as: "Educate to face reality in a responsible way" and based on the principle "the others and I together in harmony." According to this International Educational Standard, recognized by the European Parliament, a correct lifestyle would be based on a better use of Physical/Spiritual Energy and resources applied to every human activity, allowing to live in freedom, dignity, humanity, cooperation, respect of cultural identity and acceptance of oneself and others, for the universal growth of mankind in harmony and progress. The educational dimension of Shaolin Culture is a в360В experienceв in physical, moral, intellectual and spiritual empowerment that takes towards a social responsibility, where the convinction to be healthy and efficient represents the main mean to be useful to oneself and to others in the family, school , work and society.
вSHAOLIN: THE MARTIAL ART IN THE SERVICE OF THE SPIRITв. The Millenary Shaolin Culture contributes to improve the human society starting from childhood.
-CHILDREN : as far as the education of Children is concerned, the Shaolin Training appears like a game: starting from the knowledge of body, mind and respiration, it aims at integrating these elements getting the full expression of oneвs own personality with respect, humility, perseverance, gentleness, purity, devotion, honesty, cooperation and compassion.
-BOYS and GIRLS: further to martial skills already included in the working system of Shaolin Kung-Fu, Sanda and Qin-na, there are many purposes referred to the psico-physiological and social growth of Boys and Girls, oriented to an integral development of their personality.
1) the improvement of the motor harmony
2) the strengthening of metabolism and the consequent growth of health and longevity;
3) concentration, motor, sensorial and emotional control,
4) awareness of oneвs own body and psycho-physical energies
5) the mastery of oneвs own inner energy;
6) self-esteem and confidence in oneвs own individual capacities;
7) a serene orientation in society;
8) the symbiotic relationship between wisdom and impetuosity of youth,
9) the improvement of socialization;
10) respect, mutual help and acceptance;
11) respect for life in any way;
12) conservation of human energy;
13) living in harmony with nature and its elements.
14) the respect of moral principles and their application in everyday life
Moreover, the Shaolin Martial Arts, based on the philosophy of movement, teach not only external-physical techniques but also a motor education able to perfectly harmonize body and mind with the help of mental visualization. This method quickly develops the motor schemes and the mental maps bringing the body to a correct posture and effective action, giving serenity to the student, as every exercise is rich in connections to nature and horizons of peace and beauty of the inner world. So, the practice of the Shaolin Arts sustains the authentic Well-being of the man, concerned as an union of body-mind-spirit; it represents a precious approach to many social problems; it supports either the safeguard of the environment and every initiative aimed at preserving the natural harmony of creation.
-ADULTS (MEN and WOMEN): the modern frenetic society usually doesn't leave space to the expression of the deepest demands of an adult human being. In such a context, the practice of the internal disciplines of Shaolin, as Rou-Quan, Tong-Zi-Gong, Qi-gong and Chan Meditation, represents a valid integration for the modern man, because it implicates a work of harmonization, global organization and convergence of the fundamental components of the human being: physical body, energetic structure in the conscious barycentre of personality. This interactive dialogue between parties is fundamental in creating a harmonious whole, indispensable to bring out the latent faculties like the inner strength, intuition, sensibility, intelligence, creativity and motor efficiency, all qualities that satisfy the deepest needs, refining the psychomotor skills and the way to face life itself.
-ELDERLY PERSONS: Ayurvedic medicine considers the curvature of the spine as the primary cause of premature aging. In recent years, scientific research has also shown that irregular breathing with chaotic respiratory frequency is the main cause of psycho-fisical pathologies, especially in the old age. The Internal Shaolin Arts convey specific breathing techniques for a correct respiration and a suitable use of body and movement, improving metabolism and making the body more flexible and humour more stable, reducing stress, headaches, anxiety, depression, insomnia, affective disorders, allergies, back pain, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, cancer and tumor-equivalent. It also contributes in improving the quality of life for men and women over 60 years of age, making them better appreciate their own wisdom and culture.
The Shaolin Temple is located in the district of Deng-feng, 70 km southwest from the city of Zhengzhou, capital of Henan province, and about 600 km south of Beijing. It is considered a holy place among the most sacred of all of China. In the centre of the mountain, there is the Song-Shan "The mountain of the Centreв: for the Chinese, the center of the world. Shaolin Temple is both the historic cradle giving the birth to martial arts and the archaeological site of great beauty and priceless artistic patrimony,including:
в the living court,
в the entrance door,
в the Beilin-forest of steles,
в Bei-lang - the passage of the steles,
в Tang Chui-pu- the Hall of Kung-Fu,
в Dian-Taiwang ,the Hall of Heavenly Kings,
в Zhong lou, the bell-tower,
в Tai-zong Wenhuangdi Yushubei - three religions and nine schools,
в Gu-lou- the drum tower,
в Jinnaluo Tang- the the hall Kimnara
в Liu-Zu- Tang в the room of Six Saints,
в Daxiong baodian вthe room Daxiong,
в Cang-jing ge- the library,
в Fang-zhang- the Abbotвs room,
в Lixue Ting в the Hall of standing in the snow,
в Pilu Dian-the "Hall of 1000 Buddhas,"
в Dizang-dian в the room of Ksitigarbha,
в Talin Yua- the cortyard of the pagoda,
в Guan Yin Dian -the "Hall of the white dressв,
в Dian-Wenshu "the Hall Manjusri,"
в Talin- the Forest of Pagodas,
в An-Chuzu в the lodge of Damo,
в Damo-Dong в the Cave of Damo.
According to the Shaolin Masters every pathology, either physical or mental, has its deep roots in a voluntary or involuntary infringement of the laws of nature or the universal order (dharma) which underlies any balance. When we do not respect the dharma, claiming things for which the body was not designed, the immune system fails becoming very vulnerable. But when we have elevated thoughts and acts, the immune system is strengthened. When we become aware of our spiritual nature and cease to identify with the mind-body structure, we take possession of our valuable tools for self-healing. The Shaolin monks learn to draw on their inner resources, to activate the healing process that prolongs life and reduces mental and physical suffering. The body and mind, as the whole universe, are full of subtle energies, not directly perceptible by senses. There are no barriers between the physical, psychological and metaphysical levels : life itself is a combination of these three interacting dimensions of reality as also the Western science explains very well. Therefore, if we deal only in physical health, ignoring the mental one, we do not get lasting results, while those who become spiritually enlightened automatically activates the inner resources of self healing, able to exert influence on a mental and a physical level. Shaolin medicine indicates specific behaviors oriented to prevent and heal physical illness and psychopathology, by an appropriate absorption of energy from the universe. According to the physiology of yoga and traditional Chinese medicine, Qi exhausted (Xie-Qi) can be reintegrated into the body through three methods:
1. controlled breathing (Qi-Gong - Rou-Quan)
2. meditation (Chan Meditation)
3. the appropriate diet ( vegetarian)
вChan Buddhism and Shaolin are Oneв

The term зChan, referring to the Order of Buddhist Shaolin school , is the abbreviated form of the word Channa, a Chinese translation of jhana (in Pali), derived from the Sanskrit word dhyana, meaning "meditation."
In fact, the ChГn is part of a much larger spiritual context from which it had origin: the Vedic culture. Practicing meditation we gradually detach from all material conception. Then, with the spiritual mind and intelligence, we can realize the Supreme Soul and we can establish in samadhi (ecstasy). This method of spiritual realization was adopted by Lord Buddha and taught to his disciples as a way to achieve the Self. Shaolin Monks, inspired by the Spirit of Buddha, constantly filled with compassion, wisdom, honesty, courage and compassion for all living beings, actively operate for contributing to the education and formation of men and women of any race, religion and social level, to build together the вPure Landв of freedom and peace in this world.


O-MI-TO-FO! йїейд

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